Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith Are Opening A Scientology School

So, does this confirm the Scientology rumors about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith? I thought they were just being associated with the religion because of the their close friendship with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but if the L.A. Times is right, things go a lot farther than that.

Will and Jada are opening a school that will give grants to young people for arts and education. And 80% of the kids that attend their school will receive financial assistance.

The school says they have no religious affiliation, but,

"Some of its teachers are members of the Church of Scientology, and it
will use teaching methods developed by Scientology founder L. Ron

Some people think that the school isn’t fulling disclosing their connection to the religion. A spokesperson for a California Association of Private Schools Organization said,

"I know next to nothing about Scientology, but if you’re using some
method or technology closely associated with Scientology and
Scientology is characterized as a church or religious body, it raises a
question if they proclaim themselves as other than religious," Reynolds
said. He has not seen the school’s website.

"I don’t want to insinuate the school is failing to disclose anything.
But as a matter of good practice, if a school has an affiliation, it
would behoove it to expose it."

What do you think about all this? Does it change your opinion of Will Smith at all? Or are these rumors about Will and Jada being Scientologists just fluff?




  1. Passerby says

    I’m very sad and disappointed if it is true. Will and Jada always seemed to stand above the rest. Now it seems they’re just another Hollywood nut job.

  2. CapturingLife says

    I agree with everyone here – I will be disappointed if it’s true. I normally could care less what religious beliefs anyone has but Scientology isn’t a religion (to me), it’s a cult. I truly hope it’s all a bunch of crazy rumors. :( I read the website for the school over pretty well and nothing trigged any alarms as sounding “scientology related” – like terminology they use but the academy could have changed the wording recently to avoid the flak they were getting?

  3. Amy says

    What a shame. He used to be the man, back in the day. Now he is associated with Tom and scientology. I don’t think people will take him seriously anymore.

  4. missyfussy says

    Ah I’m just adding to the chorus. he was on Dave Letterman (or was it Jimmy Kimmel) the other night and so cute and funny and down to earth. I hate hearing this.

  5. Passerby says

    celebrities, most of them anyways, are like whores, they will sell their souls for money and fame. they will be catholics one day, judaist next, dabble in buddhaism, believe in satan, pray to allmighty dollar (well not anymore)-anything to stay afloat and look original to other people. Bunch of fucking idiots without any opinions or substance only invoved with themselves.

  6. missmarnip says

    i knew it! i wrote that on several other pages like more than one year ago and was even bashed for it. will is becomming a nutcase like tom! i KNEW IT!

  7. Passerby says

    just because his friend of cruise doesn’t mean they believe in the same thing. will is a good person a nice guy and brilliant actor. get off him accusing him of this b***s***t

  8. Jane says

    i love will as an actor and this does not change my opinion or my “like” of him! it’s idiotic to change one’s view just because of a religion. it makes no difference to me…he’s still awesome to me! what’s the big deal with scientology anyway? it doesn’t make them devils! get a life people! you probably hate atheists also huh?

  9. kimmy says

    scientology is not a religion, it’s a extremely right-wing cult (yes, a black man can be right-wing, too). and by watching/buying his movies in the legal way (cinema, dvd), you’ll be giving money to this cult.
    i used to love his movies, too, but you can always decide on your own if you want to show integrity by giving up/doing s.th. or just leave it because you’re too uninformed, lazy or scared.

  10. MelB says

    Who cares really? If you want to throw all your money into scientology that is your business… I think some forms of Christianity are pretty ridiculous, like believing in the Rapture and that man walked with dinosaurs (huge carnivores that would have devoured all human life in a minute), but hey I don’t really care cuz that is someone’s religion, and it’s not my place to judge… oh and whether Scientology is a cult, again who are you to say that, any religion is a cult when you think about it, because most involve telling you that you must live a certain way and do certain things, and even though Scientology does make a lot of money, your churches ask for money from you too… And lastly regarding the school, it seems like a place where a kid could get a good education, “focuses on students gaining hands-on experience, mastering subject matter before moving to the next level, and being taught not to read past words they don’t understand”… You can let the whole Scientology cult thing rule your way of thinking, but to me that sounds like a great concept for learning in school…

  11. Donkey Punch says

    To the people who say “so what” to the cult of Scientology you really need to get educated and do some research. Scientology breaks up families as the cult member is forced to “disconnect” from anyone who isn’t a Scientologist.

    They are an extremely dangerous cult.

  12. missmarnip says

    i visit this old new again just for the comments and i am amazed how people could say “so what”. seeing his movies in theatres and buying his dvds means giving money into that cult. just imagine, how those kids won’t be able to enjoy a weekend with their grandparents because the sciento-chiefs wouldn’t allowed it :(

  13. Passerby says

    after looking into some of the scientology information on you tube and other resources I am scared to death of scientology. And to know that key hollywood players are being blackmailed by auditing to stay in the cult and promote this tainted religion scares me. i think scientology actors should be boycotted. Save your money and put it on people less dangerous. I am so tired of letting the bad guys win with my money. BOYCOTT SCIENTOLOGY BASED FILMS AND ACTORS!!

  14. Anonymous says

    this is way disapointing that we allow this kinda stuff to go on. its a shame that people wont educate themselves and say that all religions are cults.. its a shame that jesus christ came and died on the cross for our sins and we can just say that it didnt mean anything, and that its okay for us to worship anything we feel as long as we are okay.. im very hurt to see that will and jada have been blessed by the almighty god and there way to repay him is by giving money to a religion that goes against all the beleifs of the bible.. what is this world coming to??

  15. LADEEB says

    i don’t agree with the whole scientology thing but i do know that unless you know for a fact that they are fully active in this religion, you shouldn’t just say screw them. I would love to know how many people on this page actually know them and can say for a fact that they are REALLY scientologist? And if any of you on this page are TRUE Christians, you should know that people in Hollywood need prayer too. They are human, not God. Jesus is LOVE and if we Christians showed more of the love of Christ, then maybe people wouldn’t go to “religions” such as scientology. And i say “religions” because it is about personal relationship with God not religion.

  16. Anonymous says

    I used to think that Will had some intelligence in him. I’ve come to doubt that when I heard that he and his missis are scientologists. Now, when I read about the beliefs of scientology, I want to laugh out loud: they can’t be for real! What kind of person believes in that? I suppose that he & Jada have finally shown their true colours. Are they aware how many people are killed by scientologists just trying to run away from them?

  17. Anonymous says

    financial assistance in the name of stupidity. These are just ways to show they are doing something. But actually everyone is running behind money and fame. That’s why they are showing themselves like that. free grants

  18. mevric says

    is missis are scientologists. Now, when I read about the beliefs of scientology, I want to laugh out loud: they can’t be for real! What kind of person believes in that? I suppose that he & Jada have finally shown their true colours. Are they aware how many people are killed by scientologists just trying to run away from them? high school

  19. says

    inancial assistance in the name of stupidity. These are just ways to show they are doing something. But actually everyone is running behind money and fame. That’s why they are showing themselves like that

  20. Passerby says

    I hope this is not true. I just get turned off when I find out that an actor/musician/whatever is a Scientologist. I love all religions, but this one is just STUPID.

  21. momster says

    If it looks like a rose (or supply other noun here), feels like a rose, and smells like a rose… well, it’s probably a rose.

  22. Passerby says

    Looks like his movie career is following the great money-tanking tradition of other actors’s once their association with Scientology come to light…too bad.

  23. Passerby says

    Another Xenu that always saves the world in every movie I see him in. I cannot bare to watch this idiocy.

  24. operaghost says

    Oh, Will! Don’t do it! Take a good look at the people associated with it, and take off those blinders!!!

  25. Ashlee says

    LOL! I could talk and type for HOURS on end about God, and about how these Satanologists are messed up and fucked up and sending their children to Hell, etc etc, but you summed it up in SUCH a concise, brilliant way, in only THREE words. ANOTHER BRAINWASHED PSYCHO! I laughed SO hard upon reading that post, because it’s SO true! These people are NUTS! They bring innocent children into this world, claim to love them,. and then school them in Satanic doctrines like Kabbalah, Scientology, Mormonism, Judaism etc, etc.

    If any of these brainwashed Hollywood psychos really loved their children, they’d get back to the Bible and raise their kids right! The absurdity and the idiocy of it all! Can you possibly imagine being a 45 year old man, like Tom Cruise, and ACTUALLY saying to your children “Yeah, my religion tells me that I was once something that does not exist called a Thetan, and we believe that we can become gods for some whacked out reason, and we might be some kinda aliens, and we participate in strange cleansing rituals, and we need lots of money from other Hollywood people, so we’ll just live this way and you have to accept it, okay? Forget everything you ever learned about God and the Bible, okay? That’s just wrong, and us alien/thetan people are normal. I love you.”