Lily Allen No Longer Pink

Can we find out exactly who took care of this color job and extension work please? There is a certain someone out there in Hollywood who could use a little help in the hair department and I would love it if that information would get to her!

Lily Allen is back to brown. Not very newsworthy considering the singer was pink for about a half a second. But it’s a change and I wanted to share. What do we think about the new look?

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Passerby says

    she looks younger and much prettier with dark hair. plus … it’s also combed. the pink messy hair just isn’t for anyone.

  2. becks says

    lol, Vera- we definitely need to pass that hair onfo along to that someone who is still not quite up to snuff in the hair department!!

  3. says

    I liked Lily with pink hair, and no doubt she will change the colour many more times in the future, but I like her natural colour too.

    She looks much younger as a brunette and healthier too.

    I guess she could be looking so good because she is back with her ex lover?!