Exclusive: Kyra Sedgwick On Motherhood

I had the opportunity to attend a screening for The Closer where Kyra Sedgwick was available for a ten minute group interview. Not how I expected her to be at all. I thought Kyra was this delicate little wall flower who was soft spoken and poised. Turns out she curses like a sailor, has a great sense of humor, is really down to earth and as honest as can be. Makes me love her even MORE!

The most shocking moment of the evening was when Kyra admitted she was an obsessive exerciser. I thought it was very brave of her to admit such a weakness to a crowd of women she didn’t know. Luckily for Kyra, she is successfully battling that demon and is watching her daughter with a careful eye.

I wish we each had some one-on-one time, but that wasn’t how the event was planned. Thanks to Role Mommy for passing along the invite.Here is all I could get off of my tape recorder from the evening. Each question was asked by a different person in the audience. I had two of them.

How do you remember your lines?

I do it by listening to a small tape recorder. Not a high tech digital one. I’m talking the old fashioned type. I listen to it as I walk everywhere. Even when I’m on the toilet and I’m not kidding. Women get that because moms are never alone when they go to the bathroom. I don’t take a bath without my tape recorder. I listen to it over and over again all day long while I’m working.

What do you have to confess?

I guess this isn’t a confession. But honestly, what I wish I’d done differently is that I wish I didn’t feel so darn guilty about working when I worked because I never worked too much and my kids turned out really well. Every time I got a job I felt so fu&*ing guilty about it. I mean unless you’ve killed someone, honestly, guilt is a useless emotion.

I wish I didn’t waste so much of my time feeling guilty.

How should we describe you?

Tall! Really tall! (laughs and lifts up her heels)
Tell everyone I’m just really tired and shut down.

As a working mother, how do you organize and manage your time?

That’s funny! I don’t. People literally walk behind me and gather everything I’ve dropped. I’m not the organizer. Organizing is great if you can do it but I can’t do it.

I’m in the poopy diaper stage of my life. But I know you’ve been married for 20 years. How do you maintain such a happy marriage?

The first secret is not to be naive enough to think that there is a secret.I think that’s a start. How do we all do it? I got lucky. I really like him. I really lust after him still which is a good thing.

I think we are both similar in our managing styles. As far as changing the poopy diaper – whoever smelt it first always got to do it. Also when one of us worked, the other kind of stayed at home which was nice. I got good at being a single parent. I have empathy for the single parent. There were plenty of times where he would be working and I would be home with the kids. Not that I didn’t have help. I was lucky enough to always have help.

I know you have a daughter. How do you handle making sure she has a positive body image?

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Its so hard. Welcome to America. It’s like portions are huge and we are suppsoed to stay skinny. I mean I don’t get that! How did that happen? We are supposed to be skinny and hot and changing a poopy diaper. My daughter is 16 and doesn’t seem to have any eating or exercise issues but I most certainly did. Its something I’ve worked on very hard. I used to be an obsessive exercise person. Now that’s a confession. I mean every day ‘OMG how am I going to burn more than I took in’.

It’s just the luck of the draw. She just doesn’t have that gene. And I talk to her about it and the insanity of it. A lot of her friends are struggling with the issue. Everything is tall, thin and skinny and how can we come out of it? We just try to talk about it. I really don’t have the answer.

How did you bounce back from your kids?


I was a compulsive exerciser which wasn’t proper. I spent a lot of time at the gym instead of being at home. I also had my kids very young. I had my son when I was 23 and my daughter when I was 25. I also breastfed – that was very good.

Dont expect the pounds to come off overnight. That is just not realistic. Damn those fu*&ing magazines with the before and after celebrity pictures showing them fully bounced back. What a great message you know?!

Its not their fault by the way. Its the magazine’s fault.

I’ve read a quote from you saying you give so much of yourself to your character that it’s hard to seperate from her at times. I can envision you going home to Kevin and asking a dozen questions.How do you break away from that?(Mine)


I wouldn’t say the interrogation part of my character is what I bring home. I would say it’s more of the darkness that I bring home. Because of the nature of the show, I can look at an object and think, ‘That can be used to suffocate someone.’

How do you unwind after filming? (mine)

I don’t unwind. For the 6 months of shooting I never unwind. It’s like being at the beach and enjoying the water. You see a big wave, get sucked down by it, recover and enjoy it… but then another wave comes and knocks you down again. That’s what it feels like to be on the show.

What is your schedule like? How often do you film? And what do you do on your downtime?

I film 6 months out of the year and when I’m not working I try to see my friends and spend more time with my family. All my family is in NY. I try to exercise and I also try to make a movie to be perfectly honest. I want to make sure my feet stay wet.

Do you want your children to become actors?

You know. It’s a totally narcissistic industry and while I try not to be… I try to stay outward focus. It can get complicated. You can
be very self involved. It can also be very insecure and as a mother you dont want your children to be told they aren’t right or perfect or good EVER.

You dont ever want them to hear ‘you aren’t going to get the job because of x,y and z’. You don’t want your kids to feel bad – not even for a day.

But our rule was to not let the kids work professionally before 18. That got blown out the water with Sophie and Loverboy. On the second day of filming she said ‘I think I am over this whole acting thing’ which was probably the best thing to come out of it.

Kyra ran out of time and the day was over. She walked out waving and smiling.

Thanks so much you guys. You rock!




  1. Passerby says

    Love the Closer and Kyra. So glad she didn’t disapoint! You people that can’t handle cussing need to go to “mommy” or “kiddie” sites & leave the adults alone!

  2. Passerby says

    Its not about “handling” the cussing idiot. You probably say that because you cuss like a sailor….classless!

  3. Kris says

    EVERYONE HAS CURSED!! If they haven’t they are freaken weirdos! PULEEASE!! you nuns! If you can’t handle cursing, you should not be on this website. Or anywhere else in this world for that matter. I do it once in a while myself. There is a time and place for class. And Kyra has plenty of it. So do all the other millions of people who swear sometimes. LOVE Kyra and Kevin!!! AND THE WORD IDIOT IS CURSING!! YOU F****** IDIOT!!!!

  4. momster says

    Thanks for the post, Vera! That was fun to read and probably a lot more fun to attend! Kyra seems really down-to-earth. And I have to say her husband is a hottie! I really tried to stalk him when he was filming ‘Death Sentence’ in Columbia, SC. I didn’t manage to do it too well w/ my 4 kids, but my single friend lived right down the street and was able to catch a few glimpses of him! My closest claim to fame and it’s not even mine!

  5. Passerby says

    So she curses like a sailor and we love her even more?……………well, NOT ME!!!!
    I hate to hear people curse, especially women, its so classless.

  6. Passerby says

    I love that she curses as well, she’s normal after all. It isn’t classless per se, I know a few people who don’t curse at all and are absolutely vulgar in other ways. I have always thought she was brilliant and now I find her even more fabulous.

  7. Passerby says

    Cursing is classless..it shows a lack of vocabulary, especially when done in a public format. Its disgusting, and should not be admired in any way shape or form!