Prince Charles Wants A Spice Girls Reunion For His Birthday

Guilty pleasure? Not for Prince Charles! He has no shame admitting that he loves the Spice Girls…so much so that he’s hoping for a reunion performance on his 60th birthday. A British television channel is hosting a birthday show for him so they’re trying to get all the Prince’s favorite acts together.

"Prince Charles’ 60th is going to be a huge party. It will be done with all the style expected for a royal occasion, but with a certain sense of humour.

certainly hoping to get the Spice Girls back together. It’s hoped they
will do it because it will be a lot of fun. Other acts Charles likes
include Status Quo, Tom Jones and even Kylie so we’re trying to get
them to sign up.

We’re going to pull out all the stops to make it a right royal and very British extravaganza."

Can you imagine?!? I mean, they started out as this little girl band, andmost of the 5 ladies are mothers, they’re some of the most powerful women in show biz, and they have been asked to perform for royalty! And for Geri Halliwell, this wouldn’t even be the first time, as she sang for him on his 50th birthday.





  1. melissa22 says

    The Spice Girls suck. I mean you cant even call that crap music. Enough with them already.

  2. cowgirl says

    they do not suz i think when they started singing that the was good music for kids to listen to if u do not like the music then do not listen to it!!!

  3. A Elite in Paris says

    I remember when I was a little girl… all the spice girls together with Prince Charles and Geri even pinched him on his bottom… :) J.

  4. Passerby says

    they are really good. do you know they open their blog on ………………………….. that is a hot dating club. they said they hope their fans support them.

  5. Miss_M says

    The Spice girls rock. I love their music although I was officially “way too old” to like their music. 😉 They have good tunes that make you sing with them and bring you in a good mood!

  6. hotSpice says

    I ADORE THE SPICE GIRLS! This would b so cool if they peformed for him like they did yearz ago! i wish they came to Australia for there reunion concerts, but o well. Geri shud pinch hiss bum again LOL!!!

    Thank god for the spice girls