Carey Hart Misses Pink

I guess when Carey Hart and Pink said their divorce was on good terms, they meant it. During the opening of his new Las Vegas club Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Hotel, Carey admitted that he deeply misses his ex-wife.

"We talk all the time and try to stay connected as much as possible. It’s a tough situation to be in but I love her to death.

"I miss everything about her."

So what does Carey do now that he is no longer with the singer?

"I became a workaholic.I work 19 hours a day. I’m not in any rush to get back into a relationship."

Photos by WENN

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  1. Jan says

    Have they divorced? I thought they only split up a short time ago. People do break up and get back together so it might happen. Oh and thats sweet of him to say even if its not true. Denise and Charlie could take a queue from these guys.

  2. aj says

    It’s bad to hear about it..they met each other on a tall dating site ” TALLMEET .COM ” everytime I saw their story on that site ..make me feel worse

  3. Passerby says

    awwwwwwwwwwwww. it was reported they divorced b/c their careers took center stage and thus they hardly saw each other. consequently, they drifted apart romantically (or it couldn’t be sustained long-distance. remember, they were together a long time before they got married and are FRIENDS above and beyond anything else.

    i love it when a man can state his true feelings.

    good for him.

  4. shallback708 says

    He’s handsome. I think I saw his pics on Ric h ki ss. c om. And the profile is attractive, sincere and sexy. Maybe it’s kidding. Maybe he’s lonely? Who knows the fact?

  5. suia says

    awww, thats sweet. i truly think they’e best suited for each other. get back together you two! =)

  6. sabine says

    aw, I thought they were such a great couple. I don’t get why they broke up. of course I don’t know what their situation really looked like. somehow I really hope they get back together again. here’s my suggestion: cut back on work and get back together!!! but I guess both of them love doing what they do best and want focus on it 100%.
    Have they acutally been officially divorced, does anyone know?

  7. Riviera says

    I don’t understand it: if they talk to each other every day and try to stay connected, then why didn’t they try to work on the marriage? It completely baffles me. Either break up or don’t, but don’t linger on like that. Weird.

  8. Passerby says

    they are the cutest couples. but i think p!nk wasnt really happy with him. he loves her and im sure she loved him in her own way but it was her decision to divorce. i dont think she would be satisfied with only him, there has been rumors and also some evidence that she had slept with plenty of girls before and after marriage. i kinda feel sorry for him. and if i didnt think that p!nk hung the moon i would call her a bitch. i luv her<3.

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