Nail Polish Remover, Evolved!

One of my friends recently treated herself to a mani/pedi at the fancyPriti Organic Spa in New York City and was raving about the experience.I have yet to try the environmentally-friendly spa myself, but she is quite a legitimate source since she is frugal with her beauty choices!She loved the Soy Nail Polish Remover ($11 at the salon)so much that she bought a bottle, and I was quick to jump on the task of testing it out!Here’s the very short list of ingredients!:

  • Soy Ester, Corn Ester, Orange Oil, Vegetable Glycerin

So I’m hooked! The scent is a little strong in the bottle, but surprisingly, not on your hands (this solves one of my biggest pet peeves about nail polish remover in general — even when you toss the cotton balls, that scent lingers!).The orange oil acts as a moisturizer, soyour nails feel hydrated afterward.And here’s the kicker:one cotton ball was enough to rid all ten fingers of nail polish, so you’re not using as muchremover in the firstplace!

I’vewritten before that I’m not thegreenest gal out there, buteveryone can turn over a new leaf, right?(Pardon the pun, of course!!)

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Love It Or Hate It: Mariah Carey

I mean… where did Mariah Carey even FIND that skirt? Who MADE it and how did it end up in her hands? What do you think about the outfit Mariah wore to TRL? Her body is unbelievable. There is no denying that. But is this what should be on it?

Photos by Bauer Griffin

Rachel Bilson Having Lunch At The Mustard Seed

Rachel Bilson has been keeping VERY quiet these days. I remember a year ago, so many of you were BEGGING me to stop posting pictures of her. She was my absolute fashion obsession. I loved seeing every outfit she decided to throw together and felt the need to share. Then, it seemed she just disappeared. Perhaps because there wasn’t a movie or television show to promote, and I moved onto Lauren Conrad and the like.

But the paps managed to find her today. Here she is with a friend at Mustard Seed Cafe in LA.

Oddly enough, I love the name of that restaurant… Mustard Seed. So simple and perfect. Another favorite of mine is Otto, Mario Batali’s famous trattoria in the Village. It took me a few years to figure out he named it so because the restaurant is on 8th street. Yeah, I’m slow like that. But if you are ever in town and are looking for a great pizza pie and cheese platter, head on over to that Crocs lover’s dig. You won’t be disappointed.


INO’s Hottest Summer Survey Results Announced

Here are the results for the fashion side of the survey. Enjoy!!

1. Worst Summer Trend

  • Maxi-dresses that are too loose, flowy with a loud pattern – 122 (10%)
  • Too much jewelry – 30 (2%)
  • Winter style scarves – 163 (13%)
  • Leggings with crop top – 397 (31%)
  • Behind baring Daisy Dukes with belly baring crop-tops – 560 (44%)

2. Hottest Nail Color

  • Deep navy or Mahogany – 266 (21%)
  • Beige color polish – 157 (12%)
  • French manicure is out for fingers & in for toes – 118 (9%)
  • Bright colors like Hot Pink or Orange – 373 (29%)
  • Anything as long as they are short – 358 (28%)

3. Hottest Accessory

  • Scarves in solid & multi-color print – also used as scarves & belts- 290 (23%)
  • Oversize sunglasses in white – 220 (17%)
  • Lots of bangles in multi-colors/prints, materials (gold to wood & lucite), textures (smooth, engraved, with imprint designs) – 270 (21%)
  • Bold gold jewelry – 148 (12%)
  • Large flower rings – 150 (12%)
  • Bold wood chunky bead bracelets (sometimes necklaces wrapped up the arm) – 143 (11%)
  • Chain link belts doing double duty as necklaces & link necklaces doing double duty as belts – 51 (4%)

4. Hottest Summer Bag

  • Balenciaga’s range of very large bags – 265 (21%)
  • Chanel classic chain in white or black – 151 (12%)
  • Hermes Kelly in summer colors – 187 (15%)
  • LV’s latest water-color prints by Marc Jacobs – 138 (11%)
  • The "I’m Not a Plastic Bag" canvas tote – 352 (28%)
  • Straw bags – 179 (14%)

5. Hottest Shoe Style

  • Gladiator flat or heels – 362 (28%)
  • Classic cork wedges – 177 (14%)
  • 70’s style buffalo sandals – 10 (1%)
  • Basic flip-flops – 311 (24%)
  • Mix of boot-sandals (like Chloe or Balenciagas or the inspired ones at Bakers – 25 (2%)
  • Old school prep-style keds in navy or white – 63 (5%)
  • Oxford heels with peep toe or multi-color- 73 (6%)
  • 1940 style pumps – 217 (17%)
  • Sandals with fringe (flat, mid-heel to stiletto) – 34 (3%)

16. Overall Hottest Summer Trend

  • Casual-Dressy (ex, cut-off shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops with a 3k bag; a designer dress with Old Navy basic flip-flops) – 526 (41%)
  • Tall motorcycle/fry boot style with shorts – 45 (4%)
  • Maxi-halter dresses in 70’s style prints – 446 (35%)
  • Fedoras in summer prints – 43 (3%)
  • Ruffles – 75 (6%)
  • Menswear Chic – 58 (5%)
  • Anything ‘vegan’ (which is not actually pleather, but made in a different way & can feel & look almost exactly like leather) – 79 (6%)

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Please excuse me for living under a rock — the only possible explanation for not knowing about this website until now!!So if you’ve got curly or wavy (anything but pin-straight) locks, go to right now!It’s a huge clearinghouse of information on everything curly — testimonials, pictures, tips, advice, salons, and (most importantly!), tried-and-true tested products for maintaining your curly mane.

My favorite feature is the "Frizz Forecast," where you enteryour zip code and get thescoop onhumidity levels for the day (know thy enemy!).Need help from the elements fast?Here’s some basic advice from one of the writers:

Use a leave-in conditioner — it becomes a barrier [to frizz-causing humidity]…If you have fine hair, mousse works well. For thicker hair, try styling creams."

For their full list of curly-friendly favorite products, go here!And for reader faves, go here!

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Sienna Miller’s Tooled Saddle Bag



Reader Request! a reader requested a find on Sienna Miller’s fab leather tooled shoulder bag. Here are some budget friendly picks under $100.

  1. Vintage Style Leather Painted Satchel – ASOS – $38.93
  2. Nica Button Front Over The Body ASOS – $54.08
  3. Flap Messenger Bag – Forever 21 – $23.80
  4. Leather Tooled Doctor Bag – Urban Outfitters – $98.00

  5. Scully
    Cheyenne Flap Shoulder Saddle Bag – eBags – $88.00
  6. Nelli Tooled Leather Bag – Bohemian Closet – $45.00

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Fashion Finds: Eva Longoria



Get Eva Longoria’s entire look for less than $125.

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