Love It Or Hate It: Mariah Carey

I mean… where did Mariah Carey even FIND that skirt? Who MADE it and how did it end up in her hands? What do you think about the outfit Mariah wore to TRL? Her body is unbelievable. There is no denying that. But is this what should be on it?

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. CapturingLife says

    She is in wonderful shape but must she dress like hooker Barbie all the time? I know she blathers on about being “eternally 12″ – I wouldn’t let my 12 year old dress like that. ROFL I seriously wish she’d cover it up a bit and maybe stop wearing stuff 3 sizes too tight. I used to love her years ago but she turned into such a diva snob. I just can’t stand her anymore.

  2. butterflies says

    Gotta love Mariah. She has the best skin. How old is she 38? So she had lipo, nose job, implants, botox… it doesn’t matter, almost every celeb has had something done. She looks great for her age.

  3. Passerby says

    Clearly the skirt is meant to be worn on the hips, not at the belly button like she has it. I guess the hemline wasn’t short enough! I do like the COLORS she is wearing, but the whole outfit is disgusting. Cover up, girl!

  4. Passerby says

    Damn. Grow the f*ck up, Mariah – this isn’t 1995 anymore. Please stop wasting money on plastic surgery to try and make you look 20 years younger, and spend the money on clothes that fit. I should say, clothes that fit you now, at this point in your life, at this weight and shape, not the size that fit you when you released Butterfly.

  5. greeeneyedwhwoman says

    I think that Mariah needs to accept Mariah. She also needs to learn to dress like an adult sexy instead of a teenager sexy, kwim?

  6. says

    Why are all the love it or hate its just blatant hate its? I feel like there are some high fashion looks that can be really polarizing with people on either side of the spectrum, but lately the photos in this category have just been pretty objectively awful outfits. I think we need an Olsen twin to spice things up!

  7. supia says

    as 90s as it is, i actually like the skirt =). MINUS the shirt and midriff. her midriff isnt even that good!they did a terrible job on her. you’d think a person with her bank account can afford a better surgeon and stylist, but you’d be wrong.

  8. supia says

    as 90s as it is, i actually like the skirt! =) MINUS the hideousness that is her midriff and shirt. i mean they did a terrible job on her stomach area. you’d think being mariah and having a bank account as big as hers can get better surgeons and stylists, but you’d be surprised at how wrong you can be. i love the 90s mariah with really curly hair and sings ’emotions’! now shes getting confused about who she really is. and she’s made nick a victim in helpin her find out.

  9. Irishgal says

    I hate the way Mariah dresses! She is 38 now, she needs to stop dressing like a teenager. I am not a fan of hers anymore, she was great up until 1997.

    Then she started dressing like a cheap hooker, the fame went to her head and she started singing r&b and hip hop. I love r&b and hip hop but Mariah is suited to singing ballads and pop only.

    I want the down to earth, humble Mariah back! She is soooooooooooo fake these days.

  10. Cristina says

    She’s forty,for the love of god!!!!Mini-skirts work better for young girls .She does have a great body ,but she shouldn’t show it this way.

  11. Miss_M says

    She’s not 40, she’s 38 😉 Not that it would make a difference, she’ll probably dress like this when she’s 70!!! This is a typical Mariah outfit. Too young and too revealing as usual. And hideous, too! Had to laugh about the “hooker barbie” hahaha, good one!

  12. Ernestine says

    Bless her heart. If Mariah suddenly began dressing her age, I’d be worried about her. Tacky, yes, but is ANYONE surprised?!

  13. Riviera says

    I think I may be in the minority here, but I like her outfit. Mind you, I would never wear it, but she pulls it off nicely. It’s Mariah after all. We expect nothing more of her, right?

  14. sweet kiddo says

    rainbow skirt !!!! i think we expect nothing more from her … but if she likes it that way well good for her

  15. melissa22 says

    Um she is 38 with no kids, personal chefs, a live in personal trainer she has a nose job, a boob job, lipo and botox. After all that crap the bitch better look good. AND may I ad LOTS of 38 year old women could look like this if they had any discipline to do basic shit like eat well and exercise. Shit is not rocket science.

  16. Passerby says

    Does anyone else find it super annoying that she is 40 something and always acting like a child in front of the camera…not to mention she is ALWAYS playing with her hair or her sunglasses!! This is one celeb I wish would just fade away!!! SUPER annoying!

  17. Booyah says

    Is it me, or does it look like her belly button is slowly sliding down her midriff? Bad lipo? And do I see implant edges?

    That is a fabulous skirt. For Cher. From Clueless.

    Meow, get me that bowl of milk……… I am done.

  18. xmas caulfield says

    implant edges or a really bad body make up job.

    showing mid-drift (save for while in a bikini) is never okay. i don’t care if you’re a teenager or if you’re mimi. it’s white trash. especially when the exposure results from tying one’s shirt ends together.

  19. J-Boogie says

    Oh i love that SHE loves her curves. But her style is SO tacky. Where does she find this stuff???

  20. Amy says

    I can’t believe she actually wore that(skirt only) somewhere besides highschool, 20 yrs ago!!!!!!!

  21. Passerby says

    Wow Mariah looks younger than she normally does. Something about her looks different but I can’t put my finger on it…..I’m too busy staring at that ridiculous outfit.

  22. Brianne says

    wow, flash back to the nineties when the huge daydream poster on my wall haha! yeah, her body looks great, but I dont ever think she’ll entirely leave the 90’s behind. Its kind of like those moms in the 90’s with the poof bangs of the 80’s!

  23. SeVen says

    I like the skirt colors… maybe if it was a longer flowy summer skirt type thing, the shirt color isnt bad either but the style is ….not…

  24. Passerby says

    She definately doesn’t know the rules of fashion. She’s far from 25 years old. Here’s a tip white trash, you aren’t supposed to wear mini skirts after 29. Why does she always dress like a hooker?

  25. Memmers says

    I think considering what she’s worth…she could afford a much better and classier wardrobe. Also she’s got to stay away from the spandex dress.

  26. operaghost says

    Girlfriend needs to grow up and stop dressing like the 12 year old she thinks she is.

  27. a.p. says

    do you really even need to ask???? she wears some ridiculous ish but this is quite possibly the worst.

  28. Passerby says

    Mariah Carey is a big fat slob with sprayed on muscle tone who dresses like a streetwalker. No, not a call girl. Not a “lady of the evening”. A streetwalker. A really weird, fat, old streetwalker. Her stupid flat hair annoys me. Her stupid fake smile annoys me. I would love to starve her & force her to run and make her wear clothes that cover her stupid, stupid self.

  29. sjade0 says

    Love her bling but the skirt makes her look like shes trying too hard to look younger than she is, it gets her the attention that she wants though.

  30. Guess Who says

    MARIAH! Great Artist/Great Singer. However, she’s always dressing like a tramp. She must suffer from “inner” beauty issues. Women who always feel the need to show more than what’s necessary often have problems in their own skin. Good luck

  31. CourtXO says

    no, no, no, no, no………..oh my. she needs to realise she is much older than 13 years old!

  32. Passerby says

    i can’t just being mean without drwaing your attention to her healthy ,well cared for shiny hair
    nice shaped,although slighty uneven eyebrowns
    and clear flawless skin that i can only dream for
    as for the “she’s certainly not as skinny…” comment
    this is proberly true,but give her credit,she is 38 afterall and is in fairly good shape for her age,her hands and wrists are even rather a little bit bony
    if i had a figure like that i’de proberly want to show it off too
    but she’s 38,and is dressing as though all her clothes were in the wash and nothing was left other than an old too big,too short schoolshirt,that shes decided to tweak rolling upthe sleeves and tying up the ends to fit her
    and an ever so slightly too tight mini
    showing legs and midriff was NEVER a g’look,plus the clevage oh dear!
    i think she believes that growng with age cannot be sexy,and shes using this outfit to cling to her youth,
    she should learn to dress with more taste to suit her figure
    shes dressing like shes just gotten out off the swiiming pool and needed to slip into somthing a little more modest to get to her hotel room
    she should get out of the whole,cute,hot,teeny lil skirt,mindframe.
    i dislike the whole tie dye,do it yourself look,
    she should wear things like sexy slim fitted,long enough shirts that flatter her waist
    A line skirts
    and if shes desperate for somthing cute perhaps some chic black thong sandals and a tasteful necklace/earring combo
    she should play around with textures and colours rather than shortnesss. 😛
    if shes just scared of looking bland,dreary,frumpy..then perhaps she shouldn’t waste time worrying and find a decent stylist to guide her,she should just take the plunge
    there are lots of nice empire dresses and floral prints around that are certainly NOT boring,her beautiful smile and confidence will shine through
    and i would wish her luck
    however i do not believe this time will come anytime soon :(
    its a shame

  33. hkn0wles says

    ew. she shouldn’t be wearing that stuff, isn’t she like 40? gross. shes a trashy woman.