Nail Polish Remover, Evolved!

One of my friends recently treated herself to a mani/pedi at the fancyPriti Organic Spa in New York City and was raving about the experience.I have yet to try the environmentally-friendly spa myself, but she is quite a legitimate source since she is frugal with her beauty choices!She loved the Soy Nail Polish Remover ($11 at the salon)so much that she bought a bottle, and I was quick to jump on the task of testing it out!Here’s the very short list of ingredients!:

  • Soy Ester, Corn Ester, Orange Oil, Vegetable Glycerin

So I’m hooked! The scent is a little strong in the bottle, but surprisingly, not on your hands (this solves one of my biggest pet peeves about nail polish remover in general — even when you toss the cotton balls, that scent lingers!).The orange oil acts as a moisturizer, soyour nails feel hydrated afterward.And here’s the kicker:one cotton ball was enough to rid all ten fingers of nail polish, so you’re not using as muchremover in the firstplace!

I’vewritten before that I’m not thegreenest gal out there, buteveryone can turn over a new leaf, right?(Pardon the pun, of course!!)




  1. Ames says

    this isn’t cheap, but i hate the awful chemical smell of regular nail polish remover- i think i’m going to give it a try. thanks for the great find, andrea!