Rachel Bilson Having Lunch At The Mustard Seed

Rachel Bilson has been keeping VERY quiet these days. I remember a year ago, so many of you were BEGGING me to stop posting pictures of her. She was my absolute fashion obsession. I loved seeing every outfit she decided to throw together and felt the need to share. Then, it seemed she just disappeared. Perhaps because there wasn’t a movie or television show to promote, and I moved onto Lauren Conrad and the like.

But the paps managed to find her today. Here she is with a friend at Mustard Seed Cafe in LA.

Oddly enough, I love the name of that restaurant… Mustard Seed. So simple and perfect. Another favorite of mine is Otto, Mario Batali’s famous trattoria in the Village. It took me a few years to figure out he named it so because the restaurant is on 8th street. Yeah, I’m slow like that. But if you are ever in town and are looking for a great pizza pie and cheese platter, head on over to that Crocs lover’s dig. You won’t be disappointed.





  1. Passerby says

    Well she’s an UBER HORRIBLE movie actress to begin w/ and should just stick on being a TV supporting starlet.

  2. Miss_M says

    I think it’s the combination of what she wears it, how she wears it and the fact that she just looks good, she’s very pretty and she has a gorgeous smile. I like her.

  3. Passerby says

    If you like Otto, try Lupa – another one of Mario’s restaurants in the city. Best gnocci I’ve ever had, simple and tasty menu. Plus it’s on the “affordable” side for Manhattan.

  4. Stephanie says

    Vera, I’m with you about Otto – a friend of mine used to be the assistant pastry chef there (I’m sure there’s a more formal name for it, but far be it from me to actually know what it is)… their desserts and cheese plate ROCK! ; )

  5. Ellie says

    I don’t get why so many people adore her style so much. Most people can put an outfit like that together, throw it on and walk down the street without anyone thinking that they look even remotely “fabulous.”

  6. Passerby says

    Yeah some can “throw together” this outfit, but she has porportion and color all right, most cannot do that.

  7. xmas caulfield says

    vera, pay no attention to the people asking you to ignore bilson. she is awesome and i totally voted for her as having the best fashion sense in your charity survey. i will forever treasure her performances in the o.c. – esp. in season 4 when she became an activist and adopted pancake the bunny.

  8. Passerby says

    She looks better at this weight. She was scary skinny not too long ago. I don’t get the focus on her fashion sense. I put on the same outfit last week.

  9. Passerby says

    @ Rachel Bilson has been keeping VERY quiet these days.

    Oh please get your facts INO, she’s been a media ho for 2 years now. Check out those rag tabloids!

  10. Passerby says

    jealous Hayden fans only hate her.

    she is beautiful & Im sure Hayden is hitting that. thst’s why he is out of sight so damn much!

  11. Passerby says

    She just looks good but beyond that its an overstatement as there are a lot of better looking & taller chicks in downtown LA.