Amy Winehouse Wants 5 Kids

Amy Winehouse thinks that Blake Fielder-Civil will be an amazing father, and says that she is hoping the couple some day has 5 children together.

“Blake and I can’t wait to have kids. I want at least five kids. I want twins. Blake is gonna be the most amazing dad. When Blake was about we talked about it all the time.To be honest, I think kids have got a lot more going on than adults. They’ve got their heads screwed on a lot better.”

As she says all that, I wonder if she has any idea how much she has put, and is still putting her parents through?!?





  1. Ellie says

    Dear Amy, Please don’t have kids for at least 5 years… not till you get your head “screwed on better.” Also, with all the drugs she’s done and continues to do, it would be very hard for her to even conceive.

  2. Passerby says

    Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake will be in jail until 2010 so she’ll have to put those plans on hold, thankfully.

  3. Passerby says

    Maybe she will be the next Angelina. Remember Angie was into drugs and in mental institutions. Now with a famous actor and has like 6 children. Who knows. I really think that we need to quit being so hard on these people because you never know what they will be like a few years from now.

  4. Debby says

    I agree that she should not have kids for awhile, but unfortunately, it’s not hard to conceive while on drugs. That’s why so many babies are born addicted to crack, heroin, etc. I wish that it was hard to conceive while on drugs, but again, that’s not the case. Let’s just hope that Amy won’t conceive until she is clean and sober.

  5. greeeneyedwhwoman says

    hmmm, I’m not sure about comparing Angelina Jolie to Amy Winehouse, IMO that’s a bit of a stretch!!

    Lets hope that Amy gets sober before thinking of having kids.

  6. Callie says

    If he behaves he could be out in as early as 4 months. Lets hope they keep him the full extent.

  7. Ernestine says

    Oh, someone has to bring up Angelina in every single post, regardless of who/what the subject is. Just ignore it.

  8. Debby says

    I don’t think that “Passerby” meant anything negative in her comment about Angelina. I could be totally wrong (it wouldn’t be the first time and definitely won’t be the last), but I think she meant that maybe Amy will straighten out her life for the better like Angelina has. I don’t think Angelina was ever as bad off as Amy is though and maybe that comparison was a bit off.

  9. Ernestine says

    Yeah. You’re probably right. I guess I’m just used to Angelina hatred permeating every single post on this blog — even if the post happens to be about, say, Gossip Girl or a nice pair of shoes or something. The comparison IS kinda valid, in a way — Angelina’s openly talked about her past drug use, but she’s also admitted how truly self-destructive she WAS (emphasis on the past tense). She had probably calmed down a lot before she adopted Maddox. Idon’t know. We never shot up together. :-) But if Amy thinks she can A) get pregnant, B) carry a healthy child to term, or C) be a good, constructive mother, she really is insane.

  10. Passerby says

    Of course it’s obvious to the rest of us that she is unfit to carry let alone care for a child, but Amy is in a different place. One can only hope that this is just another example of her hyping it up for the media who constantly dog her. At least while her husband is in prison, she can’t conceive with him, but when she’s sky high on whatever, who knows what she gets up to. It’s not a nice thing to wish on anyone, I agree, but I too hope that she is unable to conceive for any potential child’s sake. It would probably end up being taken from her anyway, but that wouldn’t undo any damage she could do if she did drugs while pregnant.

  11. MiaWallace says

    OK, I know this sounds awful (it’s even scary to think about it, but I can’t help it). I truly think that some people should not be allowed to have kids. Something like having a IUD installed until they sort themselves out.
    Who knows what sort of things would happen to a baby in her care, if he/she even get to be born healthy, that is.

  12. Passerby says

    didn’t her husband just go to jail and doesn’t she smoke crack? God she has nerves! Maybe thats why she wants to have so many kids so she can populate the world with more crack addicts and she won’t feel so lonely and won’t be critizied as much.

  13. Passerby says

    A small problem would just be the fact, that such a skinny girl as her probably doesn’t have her period, which could make it difficult having a baby?

  14. AC says

    All I can think of this that movie “Train Spotting”. I’m sure there are lots of hard-core addicts who recovered and moved on to live healthy, stable lives and have kids…I’ve just never heard of any.

  15. gretel says

    And the addict skank in trainspotting let her baby die from her stupidity not to look after him.

  16. Passerby says

    WTF is wrong with all these celebrities wanting and having an army of kids? It just seems to be a recent craze;children as new fashion accessories. Millions of people have children. Why do celebrity children are more special? The most special child you have is your own. Take a good care of your own children inspead of oooing and aaahing celebrity spoiled brats.

  17. Passerby says

    totally right. amy is disgusting and she still has that skin condition….blake is a crack head also…amy…no kids girl. juts keep doing crack and leave it at that. every child should have a right to a healthy life……

  18. Passerby says

    hasn’t she considered that her children will most probably be born disabled or with many disfunctions, because of the sh*t she’s done to her body? what an iresponsible woman

  19. Moreaces says

    Dear God

    Please never ever let this crackhead wino, bring innocent children into this world, or any other world for that matter,,, Amen

  20. Miss_M says

    AC, there are lots of “hard-core addicts who recovered and moved on to live healthy, stable lives and have kids…”, the reason you haven’t heard of any is probably that they don’t talk about. Why would they? I can see Amy being a good mother once she is completely off the drugs.

  21. Passerby says

    Not a good idea at all.Children are not going to cure their addictions/illness.
    It’s very selfish to bring a child when parents are drug addicts.

  22. Passerby says

    If she is planning on staying with Blake, then she needs to check into sterilization instead of even considering having children. This just goes to show how messed up she really is.

  23. xmas caulfield says

    it also goes to show how selfish she is. she’d better hope she’s done enough drugs to be infertile – otherwise she’s likely to have a child with severe mental, physical, and emotional problems.

  24. gretel says

    I already feel sorry for those babies. Really. A hardcore drug addiction is difficult to overcome by itself, and having babies with those issues IS NOT AN OPTION.

  25. sabine says

    I thought the same. She really needs to get her act together before even thinking about having kids. The same for Blake. I fear for kids growing up in a totally screwed up world thanks to their parents..

  26. Passerby says

    agreed. i think everyone should have the right to have children, but really she does need to see that children have needs and in her current state she isn’t the best to fulfill those needs. she needs to concentrate on getting herself to a healthy state of mind.

  27. Callie says

    You know, there are just times where you wish something on someone. Doesn’t make it right or nice, but it’s human nature. At the moment Im deeply hoping that she’s physically not capable of having children. I know, it’s awful, but the alternative is a bunch of kids with two of the most messed up people ever as parents. Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have even voiced it. I just cant help but think that it would be soooo much better if they didnt reproduce.

  28. Ernestine says

    No. Don’t apologize or feel bad for ANYTHING. Good God. I’m so glad that someone else had the VERY first thought that popped in my mind. Amy is a monstrously selfish person; how DARE a drug addict want to raise a child — or five — with a fellow addict? She does NOT have her shit together, to say the least. I’d definitely say that sobriety is a necessary factor in being a good parent. Not to worry, though. I highly doubt someone as unhealthy as Amy could get pregnant in the first place.