Gillian Anderson Confirms Bill Clinton Still Has What It Takes

For the record, Bill Clinton never did it for me. But I can’t TELL YOU how many people I’ve met who were head over heels in love with him. X Files star Gillian Anderson says that she now understands the pull after a recent meeting with our former President.

"We all, mostly women, lined up. And when he gets to you, he takes your
hand and makes eye contact. After he leaves and he moves on to the next
person, he looks back at you and seals the deal.

"When I got home, I expected to have a message from him, and I didn’t. I bet women across America expect it too."




  1. Passerby says

    ha ha womanizer all the way …… oh those “bad ” boys love `em or hate `em they will always be there!!

  2. Am says

    Yeah…I always thought Bill had sex appeal. Or maybe the right word is charisma. Especially when he had a fresh haircut.

  3. Passerby says

    Men who aren’t sexy probably don’t get blowjobs in the Oval Office from interns. Think about it. He may seem skeezy in his personal life, but Bill Clinton is more often than not described as one of the most charismatic and engaging people you would have the opportunity to meet. Even people who claim to hate him have said it is difficult to still hate him when you meet him. Someone that charming is probably difficult to resist. Throw in being the most powerful man in the world (at least he used to be) and it is a pretty potent combination.

  4. Passerby says

    if, in the course of human events, a democratic form of govt becomes established in Iraq, just that alone will be enough to rate “W” a place on Mt Rushmore, and he’ll deserve it, and the rest of the world will thank us for it.
    The same people who berate him at every opportunity were the ones who berated Ronald Reagan, and with the same weak and baseless arguments. How shocked they must have been to see the outpourings of love and respect from around the world at his funeral. George Bush attendec Harvard and Yale, among the world’s most prestigious universities, and his accomplishments have far outstripped those of most of his critics. Most of whom are regurgitating the media agenda of slanted stories ignoring or burying any positive information that would reflect well on this man, all to the end of bringing this country to third world status. May God have mercy on us all, because we’ll need it should “the one the world has been waiting for” gets elected.

  5. Ki says

    Its utterly amazing to me just how pathetically vicious and venomous the hatred is for the current president. The type of vitriolic diabribes that I’m reading on here is what blinds the liberals in seeing that its OK to disagree, really, it is, but that its blatantly sickening when you can’t get beyond your own “personal” issues. I won’t even go into the “issues” with Billy Boy and his immoral skirt chasing (in the “People’s Office,” nonetheless) and his own horrendous foreign policy (aka Bosnia, Somalia, et al for example…), but us conservatives masked our hatred for him in the one thing that doesn’t waste as much time as your name-calling nastiness…THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

    If you want to revert to communist tendencies, then Barama (oh wait…Barack HUSSEIN Obama) is your man. Bigger taxes hence big government…what’s wrong with that picture? Having someone else tell me they know how to spend MY hard earned paycheck better than I can is truly insulting. I thought there was some faith in the American populace???

    And I have met both Billy Boy and his wife HillBilly both in professional surroundings and social, and I was never impressed with either one of them. I obviously worked on the “opposing side of the aisle” and never saw the so-called appeal…so get off your high-horse you Bush-haters. We know you don’t like him..we get it, just get over it.

  6. Passerby says

    Hillary is a dyke and Bill is Bi. He’d have to be in order to be with something as ugly as Hillary and looks like a man. And let’s not even start on that ugly offspring………………..OMG.

  7. Passerby says

    Guess they’d rather have some coward in office that would let the US be attacked like Clinton did. Thank God for Bush!

  8. Ki says

    My pleasure…my point, I suppose, is that one doesn’t have to be rude, crude, nasty, and insensitive to get their point across, right? Just state your opinion, but bringing the dialogue to such a low and debased level is truly only speaking about the person themselves…

  9. Ki says

    You’re right…and considering how Billy Boy handled the first World Trade Center bombing more like a crime scene (and sicking the Justice Departmen on Bin Laden…sorry, a warrant for his arrest isn’t quite appropriate for a terrorist…) than an act of war and terrorism definitely set the stage for our need for somewhat of a “cowboy” when it comes to defending our nation.

    Some people just don’t understand that freedom is not free, and that it usually costs the lives of those who understand that concept. Some just don’t comprehend that all the rights and privileges we have as Americans are endowed to us by the Constitution, but also protected by our men and women in arms so that document may continue to thrive and grow…

  10. suffy_78 says

    Seriously, I would choose Bill over any other man in the world. Forget all the hollywood guys, it’s Bill for me.

  11. dadsurfah says

    It was just great to Liberals like Ernestine, who were so sure Gore, then Kerry would win, just crying in their f##king beer when their boys lost. What Ernestine doesnt get, being the self absorbed fool that she is, is that Democrats will kill this country if the people let them. Obama will bring back Carter economics, 22% interest rates and more Muslim attacks. Despite his rock star staus, he is neck and neck with McCain. I wouldnt bet my house and lot on Obama winning.

  12. Ellie says

    “the people?” So Democrats are not people? Muslim attacks? How ignorant. Can’t we all just get along and try to make this world a better place for EVERYONE instead of pointing fingers? Ugh, disgusting.

  13. Debby says

    Well thought out statement and I agree. We are all living in some scary times and I really don’t care if a Republican or Democrat is president. I just want someone who really cares about what is going on in this country to be president; someone who not only talks about the homeless in America, people with no health care in America, minimum wage being only $6.55 an hour in America, etc., but someone who does something about it. It really scares me to think about having an American President who will not put his hand over his heart when pledging his allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. I’m not bashing Obama and maybe I am not informed enough to state a valid opinion about him, but again, we are living in scary times and I just want what’s best for our country.

  14. Ernestine says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAA!!!! LOfreakingL!!! “May God have Mercy on us all,” indeed!! MOUNT RUSHMORE!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!

  15. Ernestine says

    Oh, OKAY. Go ahead and trot out the whole Barack “Hussein” Obama thing. That pretty much proves which media outlet you prefer and your xenophobia in general. We’ll all be going out in droves to vote for the *towelheaded Muslim* people like you and Bill O’Reilly so despise. And we’ll be laughing our ASSES off at Republicans when Obama wins.

  16. xmas caulfield says

    ki… you’re onto something here – if only clinton had responded in a way that resulted in trillion dollar debts, countless soldiers without limbs, and a highly polarized united states earlier then maybe our confirmed u.s. soldier casuality list would far exceed its current 4125. where’s that time machine when we need it???

  17. Ki says

    Again with the name-calling…how do you know what my heritage is? How is that you might not know that I am newly minted citizen as of the past 20 years? It would really behoove you not to make assumptions about those who are Republicans…we are not ALL white men in business suits. And you are the one calling Senator Obama that nasty epithet, not me. You need to step back and behave…I’m sure he would be mortified to know that tactless, rude, insensitive, and crude individuals like you support him…

  18. Passerby says

    I didn’t say anything about his being the anti-christ, although my comment was intended to draw attention to his speaking of himself as though he was who we’ve all been waiting for, and this being the world’s “moment” (Berlin). This certainly seems to me that he has a very grandiose opinion of himself. As for his ideas, I’d recommend a look at today’s Drudgereport article on a very promising new drug for Alzheimer’s, which apparently will not be available for England’s patients because, well, it’s just too expensive. So much for universal health care. No thanks, Barack.

  19. themuse says

    Ki — well stated, and I’m not even republican.

    Ernestine — your point, “And we’ll be laughing our ASSES off at Republicans when Obama wins” speaks to your maturity level. This is our COUNTRY. It’s not about winning or losing, but more about how we can come together to work our government so it works for us.

    I’m all for less government, and more people control. And I don’t think either candidate is going to be good for this country.

    *back to enjoying the show*

  20. Ernestine says

    SPEAKING of ALZHEIMER’S, guess what Ronald freaking Reagan HAD during his last years in office?

  21. Ernestine says

    Oh, go get fu*ked, you santimonious c**t. I’d say the same thing to you if you were standing right in front of me. YOU’RE the one who brought up his middle name — you must have learned such tactics from your saviors over at Fox News. I’m just making fun of ignorant people like you who look at a man and judge him by his race and his heritage. He doesn’t need your vote, anyhow. He’s got plenty of supporters.

  22. Ernestine says

    Oh, go get fu*ked, you santimonious c**t. I’d say the same thing to you if you were standing right in front of me. YOU’RE the one who brought up his middle name — you must have learned such tactics from your saviors over at Fox News. I’m just making fun of ignorant people like you who look at a man and judge him by his race and his heritage. He doesn’t need your vote, anyhow. He’s got plenty of supporters.

  23. Ernestine says

    If I WERE self-absorbed, as you say, then I wouldn’t care. Self-absorbed people don’t vote. They don’t campaign. And you’d better believe I wept when Bush stole the election. It was a national travesty. Sickening.

  24. Ernestine says

    If you honestly, truly believe that our current government has worked for the betterment of the American people for the past eight years, then you’re just as delusional as tons of other hordes of people. I guess you’re not alone. Take solace in that.

  25. Passerby says

    interesting, too, that he wouldn’t wear a flag lapel a while back, but now he manages to surround himself with flags at every speech and campaign stop. talk about cynical…

  26. Passerby says

    when will you folks ever stop with the knee jerk “selected not elected” mantra? try to look beyond the propaganda at what *really* happened.
    the florida supreme court tried to hijack the election by changing the rules in the middle of the election and the US supreme court said “NO”. as for trying to invalidate votes, how about the dems trying to stop military absentee ballots from being counted. shame on all of you. in spite of recount after recount, Gore never won any of them. so just who tried to steal the election?

  27. Passerby says

    Back to the topic. When was Gillian Anderson born? Yesterday? The tactics which she describes Clinton using are those used by every man who’s a player. They make you feel special and like there’s a real connection there, but it’s all a game. Clinton is an attractive man with charisma who’s perfected the art of womanizing. However, even one as “gifted” in the art as he is blew it (sorry about the pun) and got caught! Yes, it might seem flattering to have his attention for a while, but by the time he’s moved on to the next person with that last fleeting moment of eye contact, he’s forgotten about you! It would be interesting to know what he does to charm men. Probably you could find most of what he does in any self-help book on “being successful” and “winning people over”.

  28. charitygc says

    OMG VERA! Would you pretty, pretty please do a fashion find on those AMAZING SHOES she’s wearing! I literally gasped when I saw them because they are SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. I just need to know who they are so I can dream a little! They are such beautiful shoes!

  29. themuse says

    When did I say that our current government has worked for the meloriation of the American people for the last eight years? I said I’m not republican, and I think George Bush is a f*cktard. I think the delusion might touch a little close to home, to a person who invents arguments and speaks to them. I don’t need solace, I need someone who belongs in our government to stand the fuck up. I can’t BELIEVE that McCrap and Hussein are the only creeps ready and willing to accept the position of President. Ernestine, who taught you to be so disputatious? Did your mother not give you her teet enough and now you look for our government to act like a motherly figure? We need government who will listen to us, not tell us what to do. And if you are going to tell people to “get f*cked you cunt” — then…go kill yourself, you mediocre hippie.

  30. Johnnie R says

    Clinton, Shminton. Who cares when a guy has those amazingly hot pics of Gillian Anderson to drool over. Oh, my beautiful Scully, you rock my paranormal world, baby! You’re a FOX (not Mulder).


  31. Dela ferro says

    hmm im not going to say anything about all tha Bush.Clinton thing… thought it was interesting reading it 😛

    about this article… Gillian Anderson is gorgeous, she looks so beautiful pregnant, lover her outfit and her shoes….oh, and of course her interview…she is funny

  32. Ernestine says

    Better-looking than Bush, smarter than Bush, 3454 times less evil than Bush, isn’t a mass murderer like Bush, isn’t a psychoreligious nutbag like Bush…

  33. Ernestine says

    …more articulate than Bush, better dressed than Bush, has a smarter spouse than Bush, worked 345435 more days while in office than Bush…

  34. Passerby says

    He might be more articulate and brighter than Bush (I won’t argue with you there), but he is an adulteror. And I beg to differ on the spouse issue. Mrs. Bush seems like she is a very classy and intelligent lady and less of a pitbull than Hillary does.

  35. Ernestine says

    Laura has no role in the White House whatsoever, other than decorating rooms and smiling quietly. But that’s exactly how Bush likes his women.

  36. Ernestine says

    Oh, his legacy will live on and on and on — as the worst president in our history. Bush-bashers shouldn’t be quiet. We’re enraged for good reasons. But we ARE gonna vote our ASSES off in November for Obama.

  37. Passerby says

    My thoughts exactly, Mr. T. As Avenged Sevenfold would say:

    “All the way from the east to the west
    We’ve got this high society looking
    Down on their very foundation
    Constantly reminding us that our actions
    Are the cause of all their problems
    Pointing their fingers in every direction
    Blaming their own nation for who wins elections
    They’ve never contributed a fucking thing
    To the country they love to criticize”

  38. Passerby says

    Because that’s all everyone wants to complain about now-a-days. January 20th will only begin this process all over. No one will ever be “good enough” for some people

  39. Ki says

    That’s what I was wondering…that is just how liberals do things. They have to resort to crass and immature name-calling to make themselves feel like the bigger man (or woman)…*rolling eyes*

  40. Callie says

    Clinton is a sleezebag and I wouldnt touch him with a ten foot pole. Since when did men who got blow jobs from their interns (in the fking oval office no less) become sexy? Lets get a life ladies. You may not like him, but Bush is incredibly dedicated to Laura. And who ever said Laura isnt intelligent needs an IQ booster themselves.

  41. Jan says

    No he never did it for me either but then again I never met him in person. And OMG what WICKED shoes shes wearing. I love them !!

  42. Ernestine says

    I forgot to add: planet raper, women’s rights’ destroyer, education-annihilator, and foreign policy ruiner. But I’m sure I’ll think of way more.

  43. Ernestine says

    Agreed. I also find it highly ironic that Laura Bush — a former librarian — ended up with a total illiterate.

  44. Heli says

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Now this is the funniest thing I read for a while… I actually spilled my coffee all over my desk!!! Way too funny!! I emailed it to my hubby I hope you don’t mind :-)

  45. Freedom of Fail says

    You got me. Unlike the President if I’m wrong about something I’ll own up to it.

  46. Passerby says

    What did he do to you? Clinton fixed the economy, yes. I also agree he was a great president. HOWEVER, Bush has had to deal with far more many things than any other president has had to face in a LONG time. Im sure you’re voting for Obama because he is “trendy”…but wait til you see the massive amounts of fail he comes with

    and by the way, I have a brother in Iraq and a cousin who was killed there. He died for you and my brother is there for you. Im sure you hate Bush because of the war, but if werent there, youd be calling him a pussy. So again, if WILLING people werent there to protect us, who would be?

  47. Ernestine says

    Okay. First of all, what? “Im sure you hate Bush because of the war, but if werent there, youd be calling him a ****. ” This makes no sense. Second of all, I am truly sorry for your loss, but I will never, ever, ever believe that your cousin was meant to be in Iraq in the first place. He died for nothing. He died so a caveman could prove something to his daddy. And I’m voting for Obama because he’s not McCain — who is a geriatric warmonger who’s going to lose, anyway. And it’s not what Bush has “done to me,” personally. It’s what he’s done to this country. I fear a lot of the damage he’s caused may be irreparable. Keep on loving him, though. Whatever.

  48. xmas caulfield says

    what did bush do to me? he gave my generation trillions of dollars in war-mongering debt, took advantage of my country’s vulnerable state after sept. 11th, f’ed with my peep’s civil liberties, and created the most paranoid population the u.s. has seen since mccarthy – THAT’S what bush did to me.

  49. Ellie says

    Isn’t that closeminded? How can you put all “liberals” into that category? Have you met ALL of them?