America Ferrera Can Live A Normal Life In New York

Sure she’s a famous actress on a hit television series, but people in New York City just don’t care. And America Ferrera is happy about that because it means she can live a normal life. Ugly Betty’s relocation to N.Y.C. has given the whole cast a new outlook.

"I love shooting Ugly Betty here. I love New York. I feed off the energy. New York streets are so alive, it truly gives you inspiration. And the people? Incredible. They don’t care who you are. They recognise you, but go right on with their lives. Like, they see me and holler: ‘Betty, we love you… now move, you’re blocking traffic.’"




  1. wow! says

    I mean this in the nicest way possible:


    by the way, jordan sparks and her have an uncanny resemblance!!!!

  2. Passerby says

    my god. just give me 5 seconds with her..
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  3. TheFitOrange says

    What do you mean, anorexic? She’s not anorexic, she looks normal. And gorgeous. //

  4. melissa22 says

    People in NYC dont care about anything or anyone except making money. I find this chick to be beyond boring with a boring personality to match so why should any New Yorker care. We are too busy to care about ‘famous’ people they are all over this city and the only people who care are the really lame people who hang out at the lame places that the ‘celebs’ go.
    You best bet this chick is ano you know she is not eating cuz we all saw what she looked like when she was eating.

  5. Passerby says

    melissa 22 bitter much?

    She’s right about NYC. You see celebs walking around all the time and regular folks just go about their business. I saw celebs everywhere I went and after awhile you really don’t care. They’re just regular folks themselves.

  6. Anonymous says

    omg i didn’t know u live in nyc i live in nyc omg!!!! love that pic of u its sooo pretty (no homo)