Catherine Zeta Jones Vacations In Italy

The ever so glamorous Catherine Zeta Jones and husband Michael Douglas continued their Europe vacation with friends in Portofino, Italy. Catherine looks fabulous, per usual, in her dramatic wide-brimmed hat and earth-toned outfit.

She shows you can look amazing at any age. Seriously, has this woman ever looked less than fabulous?

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Miss_M says

    Yes, I’m 38 and I hate it when people say “she looks good for her age” about someone who is around my age or even younger. She is only 38, not 88!

  2. Anna Brandner says

    I think she always looks great, she dresses like a lady, always a little conservative, and she doesn´t show off her belly and her bum all the time…. no piercings, no tattoes… great style!!

    It seems that somehow puts her in the category ” still looking good for her age” – at 38??? Even so – think it´s still much better than “dressing like a teenage slut” like so many other celebrities between 15 and 50!

  3. melissa22 says

    LOVE HER. Hands down the most classy and beautiful woman in Hollyweird. 38 is VERY young these days so people need to stop with this backhanded compliment of ‘looking good for her age’ sorry to say it but she looks better then most 28 year olds that I see. Of course she is staying out of the sun, the sun kills you. Anything more then 20 minutes in the sun leads to all the yucky shit, wrinkles, skin damage, skin caner, burns etc. The sun is nowhere near as comfortable as it used to be. She is being smart.
    CZJ is what Victoria Beckham wishes she was glamorous, classy, beautiful and sheek.

  4. Passerby says

    There is no such thing as a healthy tan. She looks great and she doesn’t need any sun, she’s not that pale.

  5. Passerby says

    Umm..I believe Cathrine Zeta Jones is still in her 30’s “. “you can look amazing at any age”. Are you kidding me?

    Way to alienate a whole bunch of readers.

  6. autocat says

    first of all paserby she was born in 1969 so vera is right.. she does look amazing for her age– and second of all I love her hat!! ITS AMAZING anyone know where its from???

  7. Passerby says

    lol Well her husband is old enough to be retired despite her only being 38, so that’s one benefit of marrying a guy old enough to be your father. I guess it also gave her career a mighty boost marrying into a family so firmly established in Hollywood. But for all the glamourous posing, and holidays to Italy, I’m not sure I could hold it together with a guy so much older. You’d be on different planets. Somehow they’ve managed to make their marriage work, kids and all, so good luck to them on that one. Each to their own…

  8. Jan says

    My god she looks so completely anal like she never has any fun. I wouldnt want to be in her shoes for any money in the world. Pretentious is the word that comes to mind, not fabulous. And she has looked/acted way over her age for at least the past 10 years now.

  9. TheFitOrange says

    38 is young!! I would say that’s the best age and I’m so looking forward getting there. //

  10. Passerby says

    I love this site, but If I get one more advertisement and redirecting add I am freakin never comming back lol

  11. Passerby says

    God, I feel SO old if you youngins’ are picking on her for being 38! Anyways, it cracks me up to see in these photos all the “celebs” vacationing here in Italy right now–I was in Portofino 2 months ago!! CHE BELLA!