Lily Allen Out With Grandpa

No matter how famous you get, you’re never too big to spend time with family. Lily Allen and her grandpa Edward spent a nice day together walking the pooch and getting a little coffee. It’s nice to see her look so relaxed after all the turmoil in her life.

Wonder how Grandpa feels about getting his photograph taken and ending up on the gossip blogs. :)

Photos by Bauer Griffin.




  1. C.Mo says

    I love Lily Allen. She’s not some stick-figure, over done twerp. She cracks me up too, the pics on her myspace of another celebrity blogger.

  2. kevin says

    No more cynical press for Lily Allen! the low profile nice girl from London, shows her true self. I knew it all along.

  3. Emily says

    she should really teach that dog not to tug on the leash and buy him/her a harness. the poor thing seems like he’s trying to go somewhere and his owner is just glomping along. poor thing. probably wants a brisk walker

  4. momster says

    He was probably trying to get at that photographer! LOL! Cute photo of Lily & Gramps! Enjoy them while you’ve got them!

  5. Jan says

    Well the reason I comment is because Vera actually listens to her readers and if enough people request that there be less coverage of someone she usually tries to oblige.

  6. Shawn again says

    No Blame the people that use information incorrectly. Don’t blame the girl. This page for example shows that Lily Allen is not always drunk, not starting fights with people, and not saying anything that can be manipulated by your Vera, or anyone else, so in that sense it’s relevant! Your addicted to gossip, if you think in terms of (“”ENOUGH PEOPLE) You love the person that writes the gossip and you hate the person that they’re writing about, when Lily Allen (in this case) has no control over these stories. your priorities are out of whack!So don’t blame the girl!