Angelina Jolie Building AIDS Clinic In Ethiopia

Since little Zahara is from Ethiopia, Angelina Jolie has decided to build a medical clinic there so her baby can manage it when she grows up. It will be built through the Jolie-Pitt charity foundation. Angelina says,

"We will be building a TB
(tuberculosis)/AIDs clinic in Ethiopia. One we plan for Zahara to take
over when she is older."

And Maddox will also be paying a visit to his native country, Cambodia.

"The next trip for our foundation will most likely to be Asia
to follow up on the situation in Burma and our work in Cambodia. The boys have been asking to go so we will take them when Knox and Viv are a little bit older."




  1. Nicole C says

    Working with kids and health programs doesn’t make you an expert on anything. Besides, People ASKED Angelina what her next work with the JP foundation would be, and she said they would be going back to Cambodia. I’m sure the boys didn’t say “let’s go help people” I’m sure they want to go and visit their jungle house. Duh. Try not putting words into her mouth.

  2. MiaWallace says

    I’m not saying I’m an expert, I’m saying I’m actually doing things to help.
    Angelina said the kids have been asking to go. It’s quoted in the article above.

  3. Nicole C says

    Shall I pat you on the back and give you a cookie then? And you’re the one who was saying that the kids were saying they wanted to go to Cambodia help people. Like I said, putting words in her mouth.

  4. anon says

    I knew I wanted to help people when I was young. I guess it depends on how you were raised….and she’s not bragging about it in the articles. she’s asked a question, usually answers results from questions…and what was she supposed to say…oh look at my dress and I really love my shoes! I don’t see anything wrong when celebrities are genuinely involved in charity and they chose to talk about it….its better than talking about shoes, or how their tane and hair looks….

  5. MiaWallace says

    What? Obviously you can’t read (it says so in Vera’s post, not in my comment), you know what? I’m not gonna talk with you because it’s very apparent that it’s pointless.

  6. Nicole C says

    Can you not read? The original comment was, “the boys have been asking to go” to Cambodia. You added that kids don’t say “Hey, mum, shall we go to Cambodia and see if anyone needs our help there?” and THAT is what I was referring to.

    I’m sorry no one is interested in the work you do, but doing charity for publicity is going once a month to a hospital and doing a fundraiser. Becoming a Goodwill Ambassador, forming your own foundation, donating millions of dollars from that foundation, and building clinics in other countries – and she was doing it way before she started getting ATTENTION for it.

  7. Jan says

    Now if only the would move the whole family there and do their good deeds so we dont have to be assaulted with their images.

  8. Jolie-Pitt says

    HATERSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She obviously lets all her children know about their backgrounds and where they came from. She mentioned in another interview that she always speaks of where their from so they obviously have a curious mind to go there and see it….Use ur head people and stop hating

  9. Layla says

    I understand the point MiaWallace is trying to make, but I want to make a different point. When it comes to charity work it is easier to SAY what you are going to do than to actually DO what you said you are going to do. The saying goes ‘talk is cheap’. I have nothing against the Jolie-Pitt family, but I want to actually see the results of the work they say they have been doing. Does anyone have any links to in-depth articles from NON-GOSSIP websites/publications that shine light on their charities/UN work and what they have accomplished? Please post them here, so I can research that information. Also, someone mentioned Angelina’s work with Jeffrey Sachs, where did you find that information? Again, I just want to see it for myself. We don’t need to attack each other (people we don’t know) on a gossip site over people we will never know or be friends with, the Joilie-Pitts or any other celebrity. MiaWallace had an opinion and she expressed it.

    @MiaWallace – Mia I am sure the volunteer work that you do/have done is nothing to be snarky about and I am sure many people have benefited from your efforts. :-)

  10. Mela says

    Miawallace, I think people are attacking you because you come off as a cynic.

    Perhaps an outpatient lobotomy might help?

    I kid. I kid.

    I myself, would defend Angelina’s actions such as creating a clinic and raising awareness, and keeping her children in touch with their roots because I believe we should support people who do GOOD things. More power to Angelina for helping people. How can you criticize that?? I am not buying into the cynical, pessimistic, lack-of-faith-that-goodness-exists attitude that can justify criticizing a woman for adopting orphans, helping the sick and vulnerable…………….

    In this day and age, we can’t afford to have that attitude……Just IMO.

  11. Goodness says

    If you would like to know about some of Angelina’s work with the UNHCR, read “Notes From My Travels” written by Angelina.
    Angelina and Harvard macro-economist Jeffrey Sachs went on a mission together to Africa, which was filmed into a Mtv Documentary entitled “The Diary of Angelina Jolie and Dr. Jeffrey Sachs in Africa.”

  12. Roslina says

    Why negative thinking? An adult like me, wish that my parent planned for my future when I was little kid like how Brad and Angie did to their children. I am successful on my own but I believed if my parent done similar to what they did I would be better. And they took the opportunity of their names and fames by raising lots of money to give it away too the poor. Lets dont think so much of bads and ugly because there are many of hollywood actors and actress who did nothing but drinking, party and wasting money which they got it from us who watched their movies and listen to their music. At least this 2 people gave it back some portion to the world. Why critized them on such words, we all should be thank them for doing a right thing and encourage hollywood to follow their foodsteps. I think what Angie and Brad did for this past 4-5 years is awesome and honorable. Believe me, what they did is so much compared to those ugly words you said about them. Lets see people in the bright side instead of what we imagine they did.

  13. Isis says

    Eitherway it is good they are opening up a clinic-lets hope they keep the funds going to it after it is built so it doesn’t fail or have to turn people away.

  14. wiwiwi says

    I am not a fan of Jolie-Pitt but I actually think this idea is cool. I wish people look at it in a positive way.

  15. AnyGoodDeed says

    Doing good things for underprivledged people is payment enough in itself, but to feel a need to anounce it to the public , to me, is a cry for approval from the masses, UNLESS, you are enlisting help from them to achieve a worthy goal. Why so much press and book writing about good deeds? Why not spend that time actually accomplishing good things for those in need of help insted? I’d think much more good could be accomplished that way, but then you wouldn’t be considered a “saint” if you didn’t toot your own horn i suppose. I am sure there are very few who post here who haven’t done some act of kindness in order to help another, and made a strong effort at some expense of their own. I think it’s due to Human Compassion, and a normal act. HOWEVER, not everyone who posts here, goes out to the public to inform them of their charitable efforts, when or where they may be. I’d be more inclined to believe in her if she did more of her charitable works in a quiet and timely manner as so many other celebs do. Either way, Angelina Jolie will always do what she wants, how she wants, and where she wants….so be it. At least someone is getting help, at least until the publicity runs out….sure hope those acts of charity and aid have financial backing set up to last a lifetime on their own. And please remember, this is the United States of America, where each citizen is guaranteed the right to speak their mind….thank you

  16. Moreaces says

    That is really nice, Not sure if Zee will actually be interested in that field of work, but it a good thing none the less what she is doing for the people of that country..

  17. Moreaces says

    I think what Angie and Brad did for this past 4-5 years is awesome and honorable. Believe me, what they did is so much compared to those ugly words you said about them. Lets see people in the bright side instead of what we imagine they did.

    Very well said…

  18. Moreaces says

    I think what Angie and Brad did for this past 4-5 years is awesome and honorable. Believe me, what they did is so much compared to those ugly words you said about them. Lets see people in the bright side instead of what we imagine they did.

    Very well said…

  19. msupertramp says

    For the future what have you done to help criticizers: I am a member of the NRDC, WWF,DFGF and a wolf foundation (I give money yearly, all gifts to me are donations and I donate as a gift for others ,xmas and such, as well. Oh, and I worked at the Humane Society. Animals are my choice. Too many humans). I don’t like her. I never really have and never will. And as for being accused a hater (some of you say nasty things about J.Lo and others. Does that mean you are a hater and jealous? You accuse me I accuse you. Doesn’t mean it’s true). I still, even after all this time, doubt her motivations. And one thing is to say you are going to do something another is to follow through 10 years from now. She sells her children, her sex life, her personal life and anything else she can make a buck on. How much money have her endorsements made? I know people say that she talks about charity because is makes money for the cause. How much money and awareness has she actually brought to a cause (not including gossip mags)? And I’m talking about cold, hard, CASH. How many of you who are saying how wonderful have actually donated to any of her causes because of her or despite? Truthfully.
    And as for Zahara. Great way to remind her that her mother was said to have had AIDS by James Haven (AJ’s mouthpiece) when, in fact, she doesn’t.

  20. Just saying says

    She needs to let Zahara and her other kids follow their own passions, not predetermine them before they can even understand what they want. Ugh. So annoying.

  21. Passerby2 says

    All Angelina sees in her adopted kids is their skin color and culture. It’s like they’re like exotic little pets to her. I cannot wait until these children grow up and do something totally different with their lives, as they have the right to do. Not everyone has to be a world ambassador.

  22. Linda says

    These quotes came from the People/Hello baby shoot interview, not a press release. I don’t know why it isn’t sourced. Also both Brad and Angelina have said that Pax, Zahara, and Maddox are taught about their heritage. I can’t remember exactly but Angelina said they have a nanny or tutor from their home countries. It’s amazing how every other celebrity can promote a cause but Brad and Angelina get crucified for doing the same thing.

  23. chi chi says

    If everybody did what their parents wanted them to do, Angelina would be speaking to her father by now! The poor guy hasn’t even met his grandchildren.

  24. rhianna says

    My goodness someone tries to be a good guy and every word and gesture gets dissected and chewed up….I guess if she sat around tanning herself and shopping and spent all her time preening herself you small minded people would be cooing

  25. Passerby565 says

    o yes because anybody who hates angelina MUST be a fan of jennifer aniston. get over it already. it’s getting so damn old.

  26. wiwiwi says

    For once I’m gonna say this cause I’m so fucking sick and tired of people thinking that if you don’t like a celebrity it’s because your hate on them or are jealous of them. Let me tell you, you’re wrong. Of all the comment here, you’re the one who mentionnned Jennifer Aniston. Nobody has to be a fan of hers to disagree with Jolie. Just because we don’t worship celebs like you do and treat them like gods, that doesn’t mean we hate them or we are jealous of them.

  27. xxxxxxxxxxx says

    They’re both known for “saying” they’re going to do something and then never really doing it. Even going so far to say they “have” when they’ve not. All this is just for more attention on their part and they are the lowest of the low because they’re huge liars.

  28. greeeneyedwhwoman says

    I am an avid Angelina/Pitt fan and I respect her opening this cliniic, but I don’t think its wise to volunteer your daughter to something in the future.

  29. audrey says

    Wealthy families who have businesses to run and boards to sit on often direct their children into the family business. It doesn’t mean that they can’t follow their own dreams as well, but while doing that they have an obligation to the family thing.

  30. Tatiana says

    If one doesn’t hate another, and if one isn’t jealous of another, one should be able to give them credit for what the other does, regardless of how much the other gets on their nerves. I can’t stand Beyonce. Why? Because I think she’s overrated and full of herself. But the woman is a good entertainer. I’ll give her that. Why? Because I don’t hate her and I’m not jealous of her. Simple.

    I also think it is so funny that the people who claim to give to charity and to do volunteer work still complain when the media reports that Angie does it. First of all, you of all people should understand that informed publicity (not propaganda) for a cause is good. Second of all, you of all people should understand that when it comes to charity and to volunteer work it doesn’t matter the motivation, as long as the people in need are really being helped or the cause is absolutely being attended to, without an ulterior motive that would ultimately harm another person or group of people. I hate Paris Hilton. I’m not jealous, I just hate the vapid slut and I’m angry the media made her famous. You think I’d give a damn if the skank contributed a million bucks to help build a school in Africa JUST because she wanted to help her image? Hell no! As long as she actually gives up the cash and the school is built and children attend and later graduate, who cares? The kids sure wouldn’t!

    And msupertramp, just so you know, she does ‘give up the cold hard cash.’ But let me guess, you’re going to say ‘how do you know for sure?’ Well, you are questioning her motivations based on the fact that her charity work is publicized, and you’re ignoring that she is said to donate a third of her income, as well as the money she receives from ‘selling her children’ as you put it. There is a baby boom going on. How many other celebs who held photo-shoots with their children donated the money they received? As for people inspired by her, I can name a group of fans of hers who are currently raising the money to go towards the building of a school in Cambodia.

    Then you say ‘Oh, she does it now, but what about ten years from now?’ Ten years from now?? Lol! Sounds like a desperate hater grasping at straws to me. She has been involved with the UNHCR for, what? Five, six years already?

    Dislike her all you want, but I’m tired of people complaining about her humanitarianism. Give the woman some credit. At least someone might be introduced to a cause that might pique their interest. As long as you are speaking of them, highly or negatively, the celebrities will become and stay famous anyway so why talk negatively about something like that?

    As for Zahara, come on. It should go without saying that Angelina isn’t going to force Zahara into a career she doesn’t want. If Z doesn’t want to do it, all they have to do is hire someone else. You think if she doesn’t do it they’ll disown her and demolish the building? Don’t answer that, you probably do. Give me a break.

    I’m not even going to get into what you said about her mother. That was wrong on at least three different levels. But I’m done. Finally. Sorry for the length but I usually don’t even bother saying anything. And this is why.

  31. annoymous says

    they were asked did you read the interview?? I am sick of this haters ignorance. Them speaking about it also bring attention to the matter.
    have you heard some stars are weren’t they announce they are doing a cancer fund in september? why it is always cause ridiculus comments when this kind of things comes from b and a?

  32. annon says

    They teach their kids helping the less fortunate is good. Helping others in not a passion it is everybody who have the ablity should do.

  33. annon says

    If you were born to the matrialist parents you will continue be the same. If you were born to the family like this you be knowing the world issues and learn to involve to bring matter. You will be raised to be responisble.

  34. wtfareyoutalkingabout? says

    what are you talking about? you replied to the comment above but you went off on an entirely different subject. no where in that comment did that person say if you hate on a celebrity it means you’re jealous of them and i don’t know how you got the impression that person worship celebrities. btw, even though ja name wasn’t said it was implied and anybody with half of a brain could see that. all the comment said was just because a person hate angelina doesn’t mean they are a fan of ja. thats it. that’s all they were saying and i would have to agree with that. they are two different ppl; they have two different lives and different goals. IT’S GETTING SO DAMN OLD.

  35. Trailera says

    “We don’t need to attack each other (people we don’t know) on a gossip site over people we will never know or be friends with, the Joilie-Pitts or any other celebrity.”

    Bravo, you are so right. I never get it when people flip out over a celebrity as if you had insulted their own mother. They cant hear you defending them and they’re not going to commend you on your efforts or send you a nice check anytime soon. I also have yet to see results from all the work they claim to do and find that while we constantly “hear” about iot, theres no proof they actually do this.

  36. says

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  37. ThatisWeird says

    That is so weird and narcissistic. Her daughter is 3 years old and she’s already decided the daugther WANTS to manage an AIDS clinic in Africa? It’s like she treats these kids like they’re some kind of tool thru which to get worship for herself as in ‘not only am i a great humanitarian, but my kid is going be one too.’ It’s totally weird to try to pre-determine how your kid will live her life at that age.

  38. Sydney says

    I agree with the above comment – can you imagine going through your entire life being molded into a certain thing? I know it happens in a lot of families (the expectation to be a doctor, lawyer, etc), but it is so strange to admit it. It is so important for a person to feel free to explore who they are and to pursue their natural talents and interests. I guess we’ll just have to wait till Z is a teenager to see how things start shaking down.

  39. MiaWallace says

    How do we know about all their charity initiatives? Because they shout it out loud and clear for everyone to know. That’s a bit off. You don’t need to publicize your good deeds, do you?
    Oh, and “the boys have been asking to go”. Yes, I’m sure Maddox is despearte to go back to a place he can’t possibly have memories of, and if he does, I bet not very charming ones. And especially Pax, who is like 4 years old and very probably doesn’t even know where or what Cambodia is… he’s been asking to go too. Pah-lease!

  40. like you all are doing better says


    it’s none of your business how she raises her children. Some people would disagree with you and would argue that it is important that people get the opportunity to know where they cam from. Jealousy is an ugly thing people. Would you prefer Angelina to just kept her money to herself, help no one and lay out all day smoking cigs?

    P.S Miawallace, get a hair cut honey, you look a hot mess.

  41. passer by says

    Why don’t say to other like that? like when matt damon talk about his plans in africa , when your JA pr team annoucne she is goimg to be volentreeing for cancer etc.. It is jealosyThe same old JA divorce clouded your senses. Get over it .are you blind they were better off to begin with it was mistake now at least they are better of each other for the best of all . Get it and move on

  42. Victoria says

    Lighten up people………………’s the same as a family business. You own and operate it with the hope that someday your child will take over for you. If they choose to….great. If not, no big deal. They’re no different than any other family. As for Maddox, he has traveled to Asia as an older child and may very well talk about it. And Pax – it would not be surprising for him to speak of the only things he once knew. He hasn’t even been away from them that long.

    Just look at the reason their planning the trip…………work for their foundation. At least it’s for a good cause.

  43. Mela says

    one word: haters.

    Before you criticize Angelina for raising her children to be responsible global citizens, and helping the vulnerable people of this world I ask you….

    What have YOU done to help the vulnerable people in the world???

    Miawallace, sydney, and thatisweird…don’t throw stones when you live in glass houses.

  44. stefanie says

    What if Zahara doesn’t want to run an AIDS clinic in Africa? What if she become a total self-centered, self-absorbed American who has no connection to her African roots since her parents are NOT raising her as an African nor an Ethopian.

    While that is a nice thing to do, build a clinic, to say it’s going to be Zahara’s when she grows up is presumptive on Jolie’s part. I don’t believe in pre-destination. And either should Jolie.

  45. Cat says

    She shouldn’t believe in something because you don’t? Oh please lead us Stefanie and tell us what we should all believe!

  46. Miawallaceiscruel says


    Have you ever heard of the term RAISING AWARENESS??

    Ya think Angelina is announcing plans for her clinic to raise awareness about the lack of proper Aids/TB clinics in poverty-stricken countries??

    Maybe you should do a little research on the state of 3rd world countries and their desperate need for proper TB/AIDS clinics before you condemn Angelina.

    While I do not know the specifics of her clinics treatment regimen, Angelina has associated with some great economists and world leaders (Jeffrey Sachs namely), so she may be on the right track.

    I suggest you read “Mountains Beyond Mountains” and educate yourself on whats going on in the world. You won’t be so quick to knock people who are trying to help after you read the book.

  47. Nicole C says

    Miawallace, Maddox has a house in Cambodia in his name and the two of them have been going back there ever since his adoption. Do some research before you open your fat mouth next time.

  48. Passmethesaltplease says

    you are the fat one. and i’m sure you’re really ugly, too. because we all know how ino viewers look like.

  49. MiaWallace says

    Look, you people know exactly nothing about me and what I’ve done. You don’t know that I’ve volunteered many times both in education and health programmes. So maybe is not me who should shut her mouth or educate herself.
    As for the kids… I know 4 year olds, I work with them and it’s not like they would just come up with “Hey, mum, shall we go to Cambodia and see if anyone needs our help there?”
    Also, I’m perfectly entitled to think that if you do chariry and brag about it you’re doing it for the publicity (and maybe also for tax deduction).

    Oh, by the way, “like you all are doing better”… as for your comment “get a hair cut honey, you look a hot mess”… I’m gonna have to use your own words and say that jealousy is an ugly thing.

  50. Trailera says

    I agree with you, they use charity to get attention. And just because you give your opinion doesn’t make you a hater or jealous. No one is allowed to give an opinion that differs from nodding your head, smiling, and stupidly going along with anything because you’re automatically jealous. How obnoxious is that? We’re bound to differ, it doesn’t make us jealous.
    All these people defend her like they know her or like she did something for their asses. Its sad. Celebrities give back because they can afford to. When those of us who don’t have the money give back it should mean more because we are really sacrificing the little bit we have.

  51. Neil says

    While I myself got a little queasy about Angie’s comments about Z’s future, I think the earlier remarks from Victoria is probably about right; Angie and Brad may be actors and movie stars but their “family business” is social activism. And for all the doubters here remember Fox news researched Angie (probably with aim of exposing the truth behind her “charity”) and found out she really does “walk the talk”. You know if they found out she was a phoney they would have let rip.

  52. xmas caulfield says

    wow “like you all are doing better”, it’s good that you know “jealousy is an ugly thing” – what about attacking an INO user’s physical appearance on a public forum? looks like you still have some lessons to learn in the art of being a decent human being.

  53. Anonymous says

    Ok, so whether one is an Angelina lover or hater, I think her set of double standards would offend all…what if her parents had decided (when she was a child) that she should run a clinic? how would she feel about that? allow me to remind all of you that Angelina has said in past interviews that playing varying characters is what keeps her sane, otherwise she would have many, many issues. I do not begrudge her opening up a clinic, I think that is a beautiful thing to do…I just find it odd that such a “free spirit” is decided what her three-year-old daughter should do as an adult. Hmm…I know that I will probably get attached and called jealous, etc. However, I feel that Angelina is a control freak and needs to allow others (i.e. her children) the same freedom that she demands…

  54. helpthepeople says

    Angelina does NOT have an official myspace that she announce to the world what she does. These are interviews and questions she answers.

    But regardless, she can let other people know what she is doing so we the dummies can be aware and help out around the world.

    Why do you help someone and keep it to yourself when it’s a big problem.

    What about cancer, aids foundation, such? We are aware of them because it is publicize and people talk about it!!!

    So it is great that Angelina is teaching her kids of the problems in this world and probably teaching them to help out as well.

    And it’s also great that she’s teaching her adoptive kids their roots. I hate for Zahara to grow up thinking she is too good for the African Americans or Pax and Maddox are too good for the Asians… So for Angie to let them learn about their culture and roots, then that is the best way to be as a parent that adopts from abroad…

    I believe at this moment, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are the most famous people in the world!!!

    Angelina is almost as famous as Princess Diana…

  55. czarina says

    I’d like to point out, what nobody has seemed to notice, is that Angelina said she’d like Zahara to “take over” the clinic when she’s older. This does not mean ‘move to Africa and run it yourself’–it could mean that, in terms of their foundation, they are earmarking the clinic for Zahara to be spokesperson/ambassador for. That it will become ‘her’ project.
    Now, granted, Zahara might not choose that, but it isn’t as if they are picking her career or planning her entire life.

  56. chez girl says

    oh please,. This is not controlling her or picking her a carrier. They have carrier but still they have plan to do this right? If she doesn’t want to do it she can hire someone or something.It is simple but as usual this is a way of drawing controversy with angie’s sayings.
    Brad said once he would love to see mad or pne of his kids taking art That means if they don’t want to be in art he will cut them off? no way;
    David bechams said he wants to see one of his boy sto be a soccer player if they don’t want to be soccer players that means he wil cut them off or he is controlling their future? NO
    I can put many others who said similar things but ..what gives when one mind blind by…

  57. Wilda says

    You cacklin bitches sound like, blah, blah, fuckin blah!!!! So the fuck what who’s doing what for publicity, whores sake, for goodness sake or KARMA fuckin sake!!! You still will fuckin DIE in tne end and who the fuck, fuck, fuck will remember you???

    Now STFU, live your life and hope revenge, Karma or them chickens coming home to ROOST doesn’t catch up with you to soon; but it will catch up to ur ass eventually!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Sriracha says

    You guys are being too critical regarding that comment. Maybe the editor took out a few words or even changed the whole sentence. What if it read “so Zahara may possibly run the clinic when she’s older”

    Second, at least she isn’t raising her children as heirs and heirses to F&*% up ideals (a la the Hiltons) who eternally rape the poor. These are noble causes she’s hoping to enlighten her young children with. I’ve never been a parent myself, but i’m sure they expose them to many things in hopes of spurring an interest. How is this different from a parent buying their child a basketball hoop? It’s the same principle. Unless we live in their household, we have no right to say she’s forcing Zahara to run the clinic. Anecdotal gossip don’t cut it as proof.

    Finally, I’ve been an admirer of Angelina ever since she first adopted Maddox. I was critical at first because all I knew about her then was her blood necklace and the infamous Oscar kiss with her brother. I began to look closer at her charity endeavors, (although i’m hesitant to say “charity” now because I feel she’s more of an activist). Through out all her interviews and travels she came across as 100% genuine. I too am critical about celebrities with causes, but she struck me as an individual who is dedicated to her cause for the REST of her life. As a Cambodian and child of former refugees, I can only commend her. She singlehandedly brought attention to the plight of refugees when NO ONE of her stature and fame ever did. She isn’t Madonna and she isn’t hanging out at fancy “charity” dinner parties. She goes out in the field, many times on her own. Now thats genuine.

  59. claudi says

    and i am agreeing with the orignial poster about angelina being presumptive in this situation….

  60. Passerby123 says

    If only the poor stop reproducing, we wouldn’t have this problem to begin with. Not even the famous Angelina and Brad Pitt can solve the problems. We are quite aware of all the crisis that is going on on this planet…third world countries, war, famine, hunger, AIDS other diseases etc have been around for over 1000s of years. Angelina can brag all she want but as you can see the result, nothing has change. I mean there are over 2 billion people in the developing countries!! war will never end, poverty will always exist and we may found cure for some diseases, but then there will be new diseases – it’s a way of life. I really wish people stop drooling over them and stop acting like they’re gods.

  61. second time around says

    ok, one more time. i posted and was critisized, as i knew that i would be. i think it is WONDERFUL that Angelina is opening up a clinic. however, i still find her comment rather controlling. i find any parent who states that they want their children to do something to be rather controlling, including david beckham. once again, angelina does not seem like she listens to anyone, why would she have so much influence on others. this what i cannot stand about those who try to come of as very “open” and “liberal” they are often very controlling. i, on the hand, and very open and liberal, but would not try to influence the actions of others. just because she gives money away, that she has in spades, which is lovely, does not make her immortal. she says ridiculous things and is therefore called out on it. i understand the fine print and that just become someone oversees something does NOT proclude them from pursuing other interests. like most others, i have many flaws. however, i am a very keen observer of behavior and i assure you that when one is dealing with Angelina – she is the boss and everyone goes along with her ideas. if the comment about being blind, was directed at me, i really do not appreciate that. i am very bright and very sincere. why is no one allowed to critisize Angelina? freedom of speech!

  62. Haters Move On says

    Her dream is that her child will pick up the mantel and give back to her country! They are philanthropic people who believe in passing on the ideal to their children. Nothing wrong or narcissistic about that!! But because you people are such fckin haters you can’t see the message in what she is saying!! Its no different than your mom saying she wants you to be a doctor or a lawyer when you were born we all have asperations for our children.

    These people didn’t ask for fame or notoriety, the world is so damn nosey they follow them everywhere go through their garbage and spy on them. If they use it to be good people instead of being vapid and clueless its a problem. People like miawallace/sydney/that’swierd, need to stop being so damn judgemental.

  63. Tired of the generalizations says

    Please read some of the above posts! Many people agree with the generosity of Brangelina to open the clinic. However, many people are saying that she should not pre-determine causes or passions for her children, as she had mentioned for Zahara. You are being pretty irrational. Calling others haters and dropping the F* bomb – grow up! Others are allowed to disagree with you, which is why people post. Before you call people clueless and vapid – you should read the actual words of others. Most people do have aspirations for their children and that doesn’t make it right, either. Thank goodness you are not my mother, you don’t listen (or read) with an open mind.

  64. Natalia says

    Oh how dare Angelina do good for someone other than herself? How dare she build an aids clinic instead of club hopping every night, exposing her nipples for media attention? Some of you need to get mental help. Maybe Angelina talks to her children about where they come from, and maybe she takes them back there to visit, have you ever thought of that? Maybe that’s how Maddox and Pax know they want to go back to visit? And how horrible of her to think that some day her daughter Zahara will want to go back and live among her people and help them get cured. It would be a terrible and unlikely thing if Zahara grew up and felt the need to go back to her hometown and help her people now that she is able to. Oh Jeez, Angelina is such a bad person, I can’t think of anyone with a colder heart.

  65. LOL says

    I find it very funny to see people making such a great fuss over the fact that Angelina Jolie is going to build an AIDS clinic in Ethiopia so her daughter can run it. Really, who cares?