Paris Hilton To Become A Cartoon Character

Paris Hilton is officially the hardest working girl in Hollywood. She just doesn’t stop. Fashion lines, fragrances, movies, TV shows, appearances, hair extension lines… Oy Vey!

Actually, I’ve created a superhero with [Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee], which is [based on] me, and we’re doing a cartoon right now with MTV”she tells San Diego’s CityBeat.

While on the subject, the interviewer asked Paris which superhero power she would like to have.

“To be invisible — that would be fun.”

Makes complete sense to me considering she would then be able to live a normal life once again.

I was JUST talking about this last night with a friend of mine. I said mine would be to communicate with everyone in the world. To be able to speak, read and comprehend every language known to man. That would be amazing!

What would be yours?

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  1. April says

    The superpower I would like to have is to be able to eat WHATEVER I want and not have to work out and not gain a pound!! :)

  2. Anonymous says

    hey yall this is the coolest person in the world (just kidding!) just wantd to say whats up!

  3. Amy says

    I would like to have the powers of Samantha on Bewitched. Just a twitch of the nose and……………………

  4. Passerby123 says

    I’ve always said that i wanted to be invisible too – so I can spy on people…LOL. Love your idea of being able to communicate to people around the world.

  5. GirlyGirl says

    Ha! Hardest working girl in Hollywood MY FOOT!

    Anyway, I think I would like to have the power to time travel, and to fly. Nobody said I couldn’t have two!! 😛

  6. MamaSarah says

    “Paris Hilton to Become a Cartoon Character” – I’m sorry, but isn’t that redundant?

  7. overit23 says

    are you done sucking paris’ clite now? she is the most vapid waste of life on the planet and yet you feel the need to glorify this refuse. i think that she would shrivel up and die if she lead a “normal life” – she feeds off the flashes of paparazzi’s bulbs. ick. get a life.

  8. Greg says

    For my superpower… control my pheremones and make women mad with lust for me, and they would do my bidding.