Vince Vaughn Has A New Girlfriend

Looks like Vince Vaughn is dating again. In Touch Weekly is reporting that the actor was seen kissing and holding hands with an unnamed brunette while dining with friends at Little Dom’s in Los Feliz. Afterwards, the group attended a Dolly Parton concert where a source witnessed the new couple’s affection for one another.

"They were holding hands and kissed a few times while watching the show with friends."




  1. Ha ha says

    as well grew up with her…ha ha ha…not been dating for months either Daniee – get your gossip straight!

  2. Noher2 says

    Grew up with her as well she is a very sweet country girl and beautiful – they came home a couple weeks ago and they seem cute together

  3. megan says

    This girl is a good friend of mine. He is a very lucky man to have a FRIEND like her.


  4. Lauren Malmberg says

    That girl is Kyla And my family is really good friends with her i know her very well

  5. Eve says

    obvious not well enough to keep her life private. You may thrive on publicity but she does not. Get a grip on reality and life. Like I said if you knew her at all you would have never mentioned her name. Moron

  6. D says

    Lauren is it, if you knew her that well you would have kept your mouth shut. Why can’t people just mind there own business.

  7. Anonymous says

    Saying some one’s first name? Who is the idiot here? She just narrowed it down to about a 1/2 million people. LOL wow some people are real drama queens.

  8. Anonymous says

    I would expect that people who willingly or naively post their names on sites such as these, have no ill intent to the people they speak of. Just because someone says a name doesn’t mean they are negative, maybe just excited for the person and didn’t understand what putting a name on the internet could mean. I guess if naively leaving a name means you have less of a “grip on reality or life”, or makes you a “moron” or disrespects someone’s “privacy” then this is a sad world. Maybe “private” people should choose not to date “Celebrities”! Kind of puts you right out there in the public eye and open to these types of pics, sites, etc…(oh does it say “Celebrity GOSSIP at the top of the page)? If you knew the person who posted their name, you would understand that no ill intent was meant and name calling and belittling only makes you look like a moron!

  9. Anonymous says

    It wont last long, which is too bad because she left a great guy at home in the dust …she will kick herself in the ass.

  10. Anonymous says

    did he go back to her hometown after coming back from Beijing? he was interviewed during the Olympics there

  11. Anonymous says

    he is acting to deal with the Mayer fallout questions. Vince is gay and in the closet. That is why he was FAKING IT WITH ANISTON.

  12. Anonymous says

    Hah!! I know this “lady”…she is the most disrespectful realitor ever! Has no respect for peoples property…it’s just all about the money money.

  13. Anonymous says

    the ex- great boyfriend dated a girl for 5 years and would not admit she was his girl- some great guy.

  14. Anonymous says

    That is such bullshit and you know it..
    She’s a sweetheart and youve got jelousy issues..
    And real estate in Alberta? Who isnt about the money

  15. Anonymous says

    That is such bullshit and you know it..
    She’s a sweetheart and youve got jelousy issues..
    And real estate in Alberta? Who isnt about the money

  16. BlackieGirl says

    That’s just it…you are jealous because she is gorgeous & successful.

    I grew up with her and she is a very genuine person, she deserves nothing but success & happiness.

  17. Anonymous says

    I couldn’t agree more with the gentleman who commented negatively on Kyla as a person and a realtor. Luckily I didn’t sell my house with her I would have lost $25000 -$30000, she wanted to list it for $420000, I listed with another realtor for $450000 and it was sold in 3 days at $446000. Not to mention that even though we have known each other for years she would not even give a small break on the commision fee. The other realtor did.!!

    About her looks, I’ve seen her in the morning more than once and she isn’t anything special. Any summer day in Calgary you can walk downtown and easily find hundreds of women who are better looking.

    Attitude, well she has always been a gold digger, I guess it’s payed off!!!

    No, I’m not jealous, I have my country girl with real country values who I know isn’t going to run away with the first guy who comes along with money to burn. I feel sorry for Vince.

  18. Chicagoan says

    I saw Vince and his girlfriend today at The Field Museum in Chicago around 2pm. She is a cutie!

  19. Anonymous says

    lol! I know her, when we moved to a new town she welcomed us in and we became friends. she left us a welcome hamper and everything, she’s lovely! good for her, good for vince.

  20. RosieS says

    Kyla is a great person – beatiful INSIDE as well as out. I have known Kyla as a realtor and friend for the last few years and no-one could have been more helpful to us when we bought our new house in Okotoks.

    To those who say she is a money-grabber or a gold-digger I have a personal story to tell. We arrived at our house in the early hours of the morning in the middle of December after a 30 hour journey from the UK to find that Kyla had decorated the outside of our house with Christmas lights, installed a bed and bedding for us and bought fresh groceries and wine to get us through. The following day she arrived on our doorstep with 2 sofas, crockery, other essentials and her friend Megan (who is also an angel) with literally boxes of toys which hadn’t even been opened for our 5 year old to play with ! WHAT’S MORE SHE WANTED NOTHING IN RETURN!!

    I think she is wonderful and deserves happiness because she would be the first person to try to make others happy. Vince is a very lucky man. Good luck Vince and Kyla.

  21. Anonymous says

    woo shes from okotoks, alberta, canada –
    the lady that does my nails also does hers.


  22. Ice-Ice-Baby says

    “the ex- great boyfriend dated a girl for 5 years and would not admit she was his girl- some great guy.”

    Anonymous @ SEP 15, 2008. I actually suggest you read this which makes Kyla look like she’s a gold digger and Vince look bad :(. I’m only saying this because people on the comments are bashing Kyla and calling her a “gold digger” when they don’t even know her, and they don’t even know anything about her previous relationship either with this other boyfriend she was with. I don’t know her and live in a different province than her but hey since you may know stuff about her previous relationship I thought you may want to come to her defense.

  23. coyote says

    She looks cute. I saw a front photo of her in another site. He upgrade while Jen goes down with Jhon at least vince didn’t photographed in the tub with a girl. When he cheated he cheated

  24. Scully says

    No, that can’t be. This is the first time I’ve seen pics of them together, I’m positive.

  25. PENDEXTER says

    @#@@@~~Cute couple. They appear to be happy. But I saw his personal ID on wealthy men personals site””””””C e l e b C u p i d.c o m””””” yesterday. What is he looking for on that site? Looking for sugarbabe?