Adrian Grenier And Isabel Lucas Split

Oh Shia! Such a trouble maker.

Adrian Grenier and Isabel Lucas have officially called it quits. The couple broke up right after the infamous finger crushing accident that took place with Shia LaBeouf in the drivers seat. Guess Adrien didn’t like that Shia was hanging out with his girlfriend late at night.

The pair broke up about three weeks ago, right after the accident that
left LaBeouf with a crushed hand. "It wasn’t working out," says a
source. "Adrian saw her with Shia and that was kind of it – the crash,
their hanging out. He obviously didn’t appreciate it."

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  1. Gee Gee says

    She’ll be fine, like every Hollywood whore, she’ll be silding her vajayjay on the next Hollywood hunk.

  2. lisaannex3 says

    she’s not a hollywood whore… half of hollywood hasnt even heard of her. shes an australian actress with a few years on a primetime soap under her belt. your comment really shows intelligence, oh good work.

  3. Ariceli_Collins says

    Wow..I love how Shia had nothing to do with this..but yet his name is still in the article just because he was attempting to drop her off wherever…i still to this day, do not think Shia is the cause of the split of Isabel and Adrien. Besides, Shia said himself that he wouldn’t date a co-star because of the fact that if they were to break up..then tension would rise and their energies would not be put into making a film together.

    As for Isabel being a Hollywood Whore..*sighs and shrugs* i have no interest in where her vayjayjay has been or will go. So if she is..then so be it..if not..then so be it.

  4. Rosa says

    Awww, so sad…..too bad, guess, Adrian’s back in the market. Ahhh….relationships’ tough, real tough. Better luck next time Adrian. *Hugs*

  5. Anonymous says

    @ xmas caulfield

    Aquaman is a fictional character!!

    Adrian Grenier IS A REAL ACTOR who played/playing a character named Vincent Chase in a TV SHOW CALLED “ENTOURAGE”. Vincent Chase, the fictional actor was “AQUAMAN” .

  6. xmas caulfield says

    yes, i am FULLY aware of the six degrees of separation from adrian grenier the actor to his entourage character vincent chase to the faux james cameron aquaman. “the star of aquaman, yo” was in response to someone asking who he was – i was (obviously) making an entourage reference… thanks anyway, asshat.

  7. Adrien Fan :) says

    Ok, i feel bad about the break-up. I am also a pretty nice chick and am normally a very positive person. However, what is up with this girl? Adrien Grenier having to dump her? Really? He is adorable!!! My Lord, what is she thinking, she clearly isn’t!! Even if she & Shia are just friends, there are details that we are not privy to. Also, if anyone else out there is not watching Entourage – I highly recommend it. I do not watch much television, but this show is really funny. I had to watch it for a little, for it to really catch with me, but now I am hooked. I feel like most women would take Adrien, Vince, or Aquaman. Hey, Isabel’s loss in the long run…

  8. Kathleen says

    Yeah, I coulda guessed that a breakup was inevitable. When your “girl” is found with another man, time to call it quits!