Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer Break Up

Eh… it’s from The Mirror so let’s not get excited. John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston have split according to a British tabloid. What started as a break has turned into something more permanent says a source.


"There’s been a bit of
tension for some time," says a source close to 30-year-old John.
"They initially opted for a break, hoping a trial split might make them
stronger. Sadly it doesn’t seem to have worked. John took the decision to end
things as he felt he just wasn’t ready for the level of commitment that
Jennifer deserved."

Remember those rags claiming that Jen wanted to marry and have children? The Mirror is suggesting that they weren’t entirely false. Jennifer was looking for a plan from John about those life events and he just wasn’t ready to give that to her.

"Contrary to reports, Jen didn’t want to have kids or marry this year,
but she did want to set a timetable for their future together. She also
wanted him to assure her he would cut down his tours in the future when they
did eventually have children. Initially, Jennifer was furious when he told
her of his decision but now she’s simply sad – not to mention a little

"They have spoken on the phone since the split and are trying to remain
on good terms. But unless John has a dramatic change of heart, it’s unlikely
they’ll rekindle their romance."

Like I said in the beginning… eh. Jen’s rep wouldn’t comment.

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  1. Jenaswell says

    Him in mexico and her off having girl’s lunches? Yeah- i’m tending to buy this one. A 30 year old isn’t going to be settling down anytime soon. Not a narcissist, anyhow.

  2. Anonymous123 says

    personally I hope they do break up….John Mayer is too fvcking ugly. They don’t make a good match. Jennifer can do much better than that.

  3. Moreaces says

    I have no idea what she was thinking from the start, I really hope she did not think that play’ya boy John was going to settle down, He dates them for maybe 3 months if that,, and then goes on his marry way,, she really just maked her self out to look completely desparate.. I truly don’t like this woman,, I think she is fake, and not who she makes herself out to be to the public… but at any rate,, everyone one deserves someone to love.. Never thought I would say this,, but Keep you Head up Jen.. I hope you find someone that wants you for you,, and not for the publicity it will bring.

  4. operaghost says

    Hot and heavy in the beginning, now . . . not so much? I can see this as being true.

  5. Anonymous says

    I may be bias because I have this weird crush on John Mayer, but I think she’s looking too hard. She seems clingy, needy, and desperate. Based on what I’ve read about John, she’s not even remotely his type.

    He needs a beautiful nobody who worships the ground he walks on, yet gives him his space. Um, good luck finding that. Until then, its serial banging (not that there’s a problem with that).

  6. betany says

    I thought they were a match made in heaven. He is a serial dater she is a serial dater , she is aritfical and he is well…all kidding aside, every body knows she put this up untill cannies and a twins story to be over. and now the contract is over

  7. shytown says

    He is just trying to see how many hot celebraties he can put down in his little black book.He reels them in and has his way with them,gets them to fall in love with him(that’s the whole challenge),and then dumps them.It’s quite an entertaining game for him.You’d think women would see this and cut him off with a simple no thanks (I’m just not into you)from the begining.He’s……Ok looking(nothing great)but his personality comes to light eventually and he’s just crude (which makes him UGLY).Anyways,girls just need to stop letting him fool them and don’t even give him a chance.A challenge with him isn’t even worth it.He certainly is no Brad Pitt!

  8. AnonymousPerson says

    Why is she so hesitant to settle down and have kids? She’s not getting any younger. Maybe she is just not the type to be a mother.

  9. Krild says

    Well, it does take 2 people to make a relationship, and if she could keep one of them long enough, it would probably happen.

  10. tbtrfli says

    Ughhhh, nooooooo! I want her to be happy and sooo in love!! Not that I know her personally to say that, but I think you all know what I mean…

  11. Doris says

    Considering the source, I’m taking this story with a grain of salt. But I wouldn’t blame Jennifer if she wanted to “set a timetable” for her future. She’s nearly 40, so if she wants to have kids, she has to know she’s with a man who wants to have them with her sometime sooner rather than later. I have a friend who’s in the same kind of situation. She’s with a guy she really loves, but he’s a lot less stable financially and emotionally than she is; and even though she doesn’t want kids right now, she knows she has to start planning for them. So I understand why a woman like Jennifer Aniston might want to make sure her relationship is going in the right direction…

  12. Amy says

    I always thought he was just a summer fling for her. Even considering the source, I am believing this one.

  13. gavintiegirl says

    I agree with you on this. They may be really good for each other but sometimes the timing is not right and she is older and I am sure thinking about being more committed and wanting children and he is so young and is probably not thinking about being committed and having children. Also, the media storm that follows them is probably getting a bit tiring. I believe this one.

    On the other hand, perhaps this is a ploy to throw the media off.

    I think it is true. They were cute together but never lasting material. Not now at least. :)

  14. Stephanie B says

    I think it is probably untrue. They haven’t even been together very long at all. Who has a trial separation after you haven’t even passed the honeymoon phase of a relationship? If it is true then they both must be super annoying to be around.

  15. gia says

    i think jen should stick to someone like a producer or writer or someone behind the scenes, but still involved in the business.