Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Living Separate Lives

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are breaking up. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are living separate lives. Jennifer Aniston is desperately calling Brad again.

How many times have we heard the same old stories? Yet, those are what’s big this week in the rags. What do you think, any truth to any of it or are the editors just digging for dirt because now that Britney has it together there’s nothing else going on?




  1. moviegoer says

    I dont buy nor believe this rags same way with many gossip sites and bloggers for stars. For celeb sources I only rely more on People magazine and Vanity Fair.

  2. Passing by says

    I agree with Moviegoer….People is the only reliable source out there. I don’t believe any of this crap unless they report it. I mean come on it has been how long since Jen and Brad were together….could we just move on already???? It is an old, worn out story and we are all sick of hearing it!

  3. Frannie says

    The tabs, as much as people distain them, eventually are proven correct in many instances — Brad and Jen’s separation for example. And don’t forgot they broke the John Edwards story.

  4. Anonymous??????? says

    Does anyone even buy magazines? I mean, really, what is the point? Anything worth knowing you can find it on the internet. And, of course, these articles are bull shit, but for angie and brad sake they better never break up because I can’t think of any man or woman who would take on a partner with six kids. But, then again, these are celebrities I am talking about; everybody’s looking for their meal ticket.

  5. kiki says

    Angie looks really good in that pic…..she looks like pre-brad because IMHO that’s when she was at her prime.

  6. mica says

    i think that these magazine use, Jen, Brad & Angie to sell there magazine. They dont care about their feelings or how it affect their lives. They just want the hate that the fans have towards them to continue.

  7. Hentai Lover says

    Oh geez, when will they ever give up? This bullshit stories have proven to be just that bull$hit, yet people keep eating it up.

  8. gia says

    it is such a load of crap!! why do people even buy that trash anymore when we have the internet? i guess if you are going to the beach or on a flight it would be convenient “entertainment”, but wouldnt a book be a better idea??

  9. LN says

    Seriously. Do they not care about their credibility at all??? I feel like these magazines have potential, but then they throw out bullsh*t stories like these. So dumb.

  10. gavintiegirl says

    It’s all crap but as long as people keep buying those rags, they will keep reporting crap. I stopped buying those magazines. I only bought them to look at pictures anyway and now I can do that online for free. I don’t want to continue to feed the lie machines any longer. It would be nice if we could get rid of all the tabloid magazines and just have the internet as the source, this way every story could be commented on and the lies could be corrected real time for everyone to read.


  11. iowa girl says

    omg – thank you for posting this! hahaha i needed a good laugh. OH MY GOD. Do we not see pics of Tom and Katie every day? I will believe it when the National Enquirer prints it – since they seem to be getting everything right! LOL