Alessandra Ambrosio Has A Girl, Charlie Sheen’s Wife Is Pregnant

SO much baby news in the past couple of weeks, it’s crazy! Since we’re getting a little oversaturated by women with bellies I thought I’d throw these two stories up in one post. First off, Alessandra Ambrosio gave birth this weekend to a baby girl. She delivered in a hospital in her native Brazil. Her little angel’s name is Anja Louise Ambrosio and she weighed 6.3 pounds. Alessandra will be selling Anja’s baby pics to a major magazine with all proceeds going to benefit the MS Children’s Fund. Congrats to her!

And secondly, Charlie Sheen’s new wife, Brooke Mueller, are expecting!

They are so happy and excited. They are in love,
and this news makes things even better.”

So congrats to them as well! I wonder if Charlie told Denise before the story leaked or if she is finding out with the rest of us as well.




  1. Anonymous345 says

    this woman is so stupid. if she was smart enough, like anne hataway(sp?), she would have noticed the writings on the wall and would have gotten the hell out of there. she doesn’t need a crystal ball to know what’s coming… she just needs to look at denise. she is living it and she can tell her all about what’s to come. denise is absolutely no saint, but this man is utterly disgusting and i can’t stand him. i used to watch his show before i found out how really was. why doesn’t anyone ever mention his oldest daughter? oh, i know….because he never does. he will have two daughters in therapy before they are even tweens. why give him more kids to strew up. they don’t need to bring anymore innocent children into this freak show. but, just wait brooke, you time may be closer than you think.

  2. Hentai Lover says

    Anja? I wonder what it means? I’m sure she’ll be a cutie though Alessandra is gorgeous!

  3. CapturingLife says

    Gawd, I can’t believe Charlie’s going to be a dad again. Can you see that divorce mess coming? ugh.

  4. iowa girl says

    Congrats to both! Is Denise’s show cancelled yet? If not im sure she would have a whole episode dedicated to it. I can’t stand that broad, I bet she’s sitting in a bean bag chair thinking of new stories to tell the press about Charlie

  5. jyjhmy says

    EVERYONE knows about Charlie, it was everywhere…..also Vera why didn’t you use Anja’s last name? Its her fathers name not her mothers….

  6. ... says

    I don’t know which meaning she had in mind when she picked the name, but anjo, in portuguese (her native language), means angel…and some people use anja as the feminine form of the word, even though it’s not exactly correct. So who knows…

  7. Booyah says

    I just read that Jenna Jameson’s pregnant too. Poor baby. Can you imagine finding the movies she made, and she was your mother?

  8. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    I thought Charlie Sheen’s wife announced her pregnancy FOREVER ago. Am I getting mixed up?