Melanie Brown To Renew Her Wedding Vows For $400,000


Spice Girl Melanie Brown is to renew her wedding vows – reportedly earning $400,000 for her trouble.
The singer is said to have signed a lucrative deal with OK! magazine to cover the event, slated to take place at a high-class resort in Egypt.
Brown wed film producer Stephen Belafonte 15 months ago in a low-key ceremony in Las Vegas.
Now the couple is planning to celebrate their nuptials by throwing an expensive party packed with celebrity friends.
A source tells British newspaper The Daily Mirror,

"Mel and Stephen wanted a lavish do to celebrate their relationship. They agreed to allow the event to be covered by a magazine but are obliged to fulfill certain requirements. One of these is a certain quota of well-known faces – family and close friends simply won’t do."

Isn’t this… wrong? It’s like a planned wedding with a planned audience. Is it as special this way? Are we going to ooh and ahhh at Melanie in her wedding gown knowing these details?

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Willow says

    I can’t believe Scary Spice is actually renewing her vows, when she’s only been married for less than two years!! They’re still newlyweds for goodness

    There’s some superstition, some people say, about getting vows renewed before two years. I’ve been married for 17 months and was discussing with
    my husband about renewing our vows down the road.. That’s when he told me about the superstition he had heard from a few people.

    Supposedly it’s very bad luck to renew your vows if it’s been under two years. I don’t know why, and I don’t even know if I believe it… However, I wouldn’t want to take the chance to find out if it’s true, ya know?

    Obviously Mel B. is doing this just for the money and publicity. Such a wrong reason for such a sacred event! Is this going to be televized or featured in a
    magazine, does anyone know? I sincerely hope Melanie changes her mind b/c marriage should not be taken lightly nor should there be a price tag put on it… JMHO.

  2. the legend says

    if this is the chic that had a kid from eddie murphy and then got married before the kid was one. I say she was on the rebound and this fake crap may last one or two more years before one or the other find out some one is unfaitfull or not happy at all. typical trash relationship