Reporter Takes Out Chicken Drumstick From Pocket In Front Of Pamela Anderson

Animal rights campaigner Pamela Anderson was left shocked at a recent press conference in Australia – after a reporter pulled a chicken drumstick out of his shorts. Pammy was meeting journalists in Sydney earlier this week to promote her reality show Pam: Girl On The Loose, when the reporter tried to grab her attention by pulling down his shorts and asking the star to sign his red underwear.



And after happily signing her name on the semi-naked man’s briefs, the bizarre meeting turned sour as anti-KFC campaigner Anderson was confronted by a chicken leg the reporter had pulled from his pants!

The vegetarian star was clearly unhappy with the situation, especially when the man began to eat the chicken piece, telling her manager,

"This is what happens. See, I create this image and this is what happens."

In case you can’t make the connection, Anderson protested outside branch of fast-food restaurant KFC in Sydney last month in a bid to try and convince the brand to refuse to use factory farmed animal meat.

So, this is the first time someone did something outrageous to PETA instead of the other way around. Wonder how they are going to take it?

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Lea says

    Can she stop wearing so much make up!!!???Stop with the racoon eyes Pamela!! Youre not 25 anymore!

  2. Jamie123 says

    She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “””” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”””””” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now? ?????????????????

  3. Anonymous says

    that is so disrespectful. Cant we all just get along!!!!

    and she needs to update her makeup….its not 1995 anymore.

  4. Feebee :) says

    HA HA HA, that’s hilarious! Pity he didn’t think to have his fur jacket on at the time.

    I think this proves that worldwide, Miss Anderson is a bit of a joke.

  5. CapturingLife says

    I’m really curious to see how her kids turn out. She’s such a trainwreck but her kids will probably be totally normal. LOL

  6. Meagan says

    What gets me about this, is that she is carrying an Hermes Birkin bag, which is completely leather. I don’t believe they make ‘animal-free’ Birkin bags. If she’s going to get upset by a chicken leg, then she needs stop being a hypocrite by carrying around her Birkin.

  7. James says

    That guy who did that was an idiot. He should have been checked over before approaching her as he could have had anything.

    Anyway, she didn’t go to a KFC in Sydney (New South Wales) last month. She went to a KFC on the Gold Coast (in Queensland).

    More here: