Fact Or Fiction: Michael Jackson And Pamela Anderson Dating

This story is so far out there that I can barely bring myself to sit here and type it.But, stranger things have happened, so here goes nothing…

Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson are dating.The two have been on several dates in Malibu, and like everything the King of Pop does, it was kepton the down low.

"It was all arranged by their people in total secrecy, very cloak and dagger."

The two have been out for drinks.

"They arrived separately at the Shutters Hotel on Malibu Beach so no
one would suspect anything and then had a few drinks in the bar.

They were very chatty. Pamela was being her usual flirty self and
Michael seemed to be responding. They are such a strange couple but
they seemed to really hit it off.

They went for a coffee at Country Mart in Malibu and looked very
comfortable with each other. They chatted about Michael turning 50, his
new album, their kids. And he seemed genuinely interested in Pamela."

Even if Pammy and MJ really did meet up, do you believe that they’re dating?If they were together for drinks, maybe they were just discussing future work projects?

So what do you think, is this fact or fiction?




  1. Anonymous says

    Ew! He’s totally NOT her type if this were true. She’s more into the hard rocker or white trash type of guy. MJ is too freaky looking.

  2. Bernadetteoc says

    Now that you mention it…they sort of look alike. Has anyone seen them both in the same room at the same time?

  3. Anonymous says

    How VERY Random…… but let me just take a second to mention how much her god awful show hurts my poor eyes. Everything is so darn bright and all that white! ok, off my soap box. Hope everyone’s Tuesday is going well :)

  4. SandiegoGirl says

    no that cant be TRUE she just needs ratings for her Tv show that no one watches……

  5. HarryHardon says

    Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson?! You do know what that means right? Somebody better call 911 casue there’s a ten year old boy trapped in Pammie’s stretched out vadge.

  6. Booyah says

    a fly on the wall may have heard:
    PA: but my dr won’t give me any more operations, he said I have body dismorph-something
    MJ: see, you go about this all wrong, tell them first you will donate for a wing in his name. Here, just start over with my doctor….

  7. Sherilyn says

    Plastic meets plastic… are they seeing each other for plastic surgery tips, maybe discussing doctors… UGH! This is one of those more disturbing stories I hope are fiction!

  8. Sporky says

    Hahaha, these comments are great!
    I don’t believe it. Wait, maybe I do. Oh I don’t know anymore! The weirdest stories end up being true, so who knows!

  9. Anonymous says

    As someone else aready said THAT is NOT a picture of
    Michael Jackson – some dumb dweeb taking pix for a hoax
    also the pedo jokes are getting old and are in bad taste
    but that is expected for people of bad character to make
    such DARK hateful remarks – Ill stick with Michael :)
    He is not what the rumours or hateful people portray
    thats why HATERS hate him becuase MJ has always
    been of good character loveing kind generous and
    talented – they cant stand it – The inferior always have
    to attack .. Michael is a good man – regardless of the
    constant attacks – all it does is show your bad character
    doesnt effect MJ’s – he would never do that – always
    gracious even when under persecution – if more were
    like him the wordl would be a better place and thats
    The TRUTH – hate all you want _ wont change the
    TRUTH and people are getting wise – and not letting
    the tabloids Powen or brainwash them any longer.
    except for a few Dmbasses

  10. wmeyer says

    I agree. Isn’t there supposed to be a MJ impersonator roaming around? I thought I saw something on ET or Extra about a homeless guy that was sponsored to be a MJ impersonator and now he has taken off on his “agent” and is roaming the CA/LA area.

  11. Jason says

    All the Anonymous users (except for one) go to hell you sick fucks over shit you will NEVER in your lives have any proof of. Sherilyn shut up. Booyah do yourself a favor and get a life. Theorist zip your mouth shut. soso his name is JACKSON not “jacko”.

  12. Jason says

    And to the person who wrote that article shut up and even if he has met pam and kept it on the down low would you rather him be public like tom cruise was?

  13. cherryvanilla23 says

    I think it looks more like Gabby Hoffman more than MJ.
    Just sayin…
    But whatever, that isn’t MJ, people.

  14. Irishgal says

    That is not Michael! Haters shut up. The paedo jokes are old, the trial ended 3 years ago. MJ IS INNOCENT. So get over it.

    Ireland loves you michael.

    I am going to Las Vegas on the 19th for a 2 week holiday. MJ is living there, it would be great if i met him :-) Im dreaming!

  15. Anonymous says

    Totally agree with absolutely everything you said. M Jackson has always been proud in who he is and the work he has created. People cannot stand someone they are jealous of and they cannot destroy.

  16. Anonymous says

    The paedo jokes are also insulting considering he was considered innocent. What I cannpot understand is that there are more jokes alleging he is a paedo than G Glitter, who actually was. Is it because people KNOW he is innocent, so therefore the joke? With G Glitter it’s a fact, so there is nothing to “joke” about.

  17. Anonymous says

    Yea thats defiantly not Michael Jackson thats a impersonator
    look at the guys nose and chin!

  18. Anonymous says

    Aww :( I’m heartbroken…
    The guy is innocent, an inspiration and a living legend
    Britain loves you Michael

  19. Anonymous says

    not only did i vomit, but i think i died a little bit just from reading this. the most horrific coupling i could ever imagine.

  20. Anonymous says

    The above comment had me in hysterics. I don’t believe it but then again I didn’t believe he and Lisa Marie Presley were together either (still don’t).

  21. Anonymous says

    ROTFLOL!!! I almost laughed to death for the comment above!

    I love Michael, but at the same time, his stories with women are barely believable…

    The only real relationship with a woman that I believed was genuine was with Brooke Shields, and that just because they dated A LOT, and Brooke was at the top of her career, and so did Michael so they didn’t need that extra publicity, and so I think they were dating because they really did dig each other.

    But Lisa and Pam………. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  22. kelly_o says

    It is so out there, it has to be fake ! Wasn’t she getting back with Tommy Lee (again) ?

  23. soso says

    Fiction, I hope. Besides, Pammy doesn’t look like a 9 yr old boy, why would Jacko be interested? IF (and that’s “if”) they met, it was for publicity, period. In light of how messed up Pammy’s life has become lately, I vote for an intervention.

  24. CapturingLife says

    She’d do it for publicity or money. He’s not totally broke yet. 😉 Nobody cares about her show so she’s try to stir up some controversy.

  25. Anonymous says

    well i hope it’s fiction
    I want Michael Jackson,so if he wantas a canadian girl with DD breasts,he should give me a call

  26. Anonymous says

    If you think about it, Mike has it going on… We look at him like he is not suppose to be with women… His religion is strict and his parents were strict.. The media fell in line with being strict on him… What others could do, Mike could not… I think Mike is a closet freak as far as with ladies… Because seriously, to get Madonna, Brooke Shields, and Lisa Marie for so long, he had to be doing something right… Mike is a playboy trapped by his religion and fans… I hope now that he is truly open with himself and not worry what others think… You go Mike!!!! Good choice Pam!!!

  27. FanofMJ says

    This tabloid rumor has already been confirmed FALSE.

    BTW: Pam has no class. That’s what you call a real W H O RE.

  28. Anonymous says

    Aren’t people quick to mention the child sex abuse charges MJ was cleared of – he’s a bullseye for an easy target. If he is seeing this woman who really needs to worry about it but the families that will be affcted in the long run. Michael Jackson is an unbelievable performer and philanthropist let’s leave those facts to be discussed in the public domain and leave his private life to him.

  29. Anonymous says

    Mj jokes are old and not funny! I dont think theyre dating, probably just friends you know how media always overhypes stuff..oh well best luck to the both of them

  30. julie cordova says

    “what the hell is going on here?” michael jackson and pamela anderson are not going out and they don’t even make a good couple. what the f that picture of that guy is not and totally not michael jackson just look at the face chin and nose. And also look at the wierd clothes he’s wearing!!!” michael made a better couple with lisa marie and they should of stayed together. pammy and michael have nothing in comon but michael and lisa marie have a lot of things in comon if not why do you think the 2 got married . so michael and pammy are not going out okay so don’t think they are cause if you do you are totally nuts!!!! michael and lisa marie made the bestest couple not michael and pammy!!!!

  31. Anonymous says

    Sorry guys, but the above picture is NOT Michael Jackson…. a person with no eyes could quite easily see that it isn’t him, so why didn’t the dumbass who used it not realise???

  32. Michael Jackson says

    Me and pam are not together we bump in to each other in malibu and started talking theres nothing going on

  33. Anonymous says

    that guy isn’t michael… michael looks nothing like that.. and i can’t imagine mj wearing a lv cap.. he likes fancy things but he isn’t overtly extravagant in terms of flashing brands.. not his style. unless it is mickey mouse. or disney.