Cameron Diaz & A Friend Getting A Pedicure

The gorgeous Cameron Diaz and a friend were in Chelsea yesterday getting a pedicure and enjoying a couple hours of shopping. Cameron has such a great laid back style and I have to say I think her and Kate do the best California girl vibe.Anyone else you think should be added to the list? Ali Larter? Carmen Electra?

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Doris says

    I love Cameron’s style, but she spends way too much time in the sun. Her face is starting to look leathery and lined. She’s going to age badly if she keeps on this path.

  2. CapturingLife says

    Yeah, she isn’t going to age well. Between her skin issues and her sun-worshipping, it’s really taking a toll on her face. :(

  3. Stephanie B says

    I love her cute outfit. It totally reminds me of an outfit that Baby wears in Dirty Dancing. So cute.

  4. Megan M says

    I love cameron’s style, but I also think Eva Longoria’s casual look is so L.A, and I love Hayden P (when she’s just wandering around town, not when she’s out for dinner etc) too.

    Kate Hudson always looks comfortable too – but I don’t know about her sporting style, some of the outfits she wore to play tennis were a bit iffy!