Beyonce Is Bored Of Being A Pop Singer

"I’m over being a pop star. I don’t wanna be a hot girl. I wanna be iconic. And I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. I feel like I’m highly respected, which is more important than any award or any amount of records. And I feel like there comes a point when being a pop star is not enough."

Of course she is bored. I mean, all that world touring, stage time, screaming fans, award shows. I’m yawning even writing this! I mean, how does Beyonce stay awake during her life?! :)

Truth is, she’s accomplished it. She’s redefined it. She is what people aspire to become. So yes, I can completely understand when Beyonce says she is over being a pop star. I’m surprised Madonna is still kicking as hard as she is.




  1. gia says

    oh boo hoo beyonce…what makes her think she is worthy of being iconic?? why doesnt she strive to be more by doing more…for others rather than herself.

  2. Jan says

    What it must be like to have the world at your feet at -what is she- 25? Yes of course you are going to be bored. You have nothing to strive for. You can afford anything you want in life. The rest of us grunts are looking to save enough for a vacation, a house, a college degree, or hell even food on the table. I wouldnt ever trade my life for hers or any of those rich young stars who seem like they have it all. She could always take a page from Bill Gates book and start to donate all those gazillions her and the hubby have and make the world a better place. THAT would make her iconic and give her a purpose in life. Shakin your a$$ on stage doesnt in my opinion.

  3. Anonymous says

    I think she is the most overrated songstress ever. She has no class, and she dances like a lunatic. She tries toooo hard to be sexy. Sexy is never exerted, it comes naturally!

  4. Anonymous says

    Well she’d better get a move on because as a pop singer she’s peaked already. I wonder what it is about herself that she sees as deserving iconic status? Many people accomplish a lot in their lives and are respected for it, but unfortunately, more worthwhile pursuits than singing predictable pop songs and waving your butt around dressed in skimpy clothing, usually don’t attract such huge financial rewards. This woman should consider herself very lucky and is in dire need of a reality check. Very few singers remain “on top” for that long and eventually fade into obscurity. Maybe she feels that’s happening already, hence the unbelievable sense of entitlement.

  5. Andreacali says

    Maybe she should stop encouraging the slaughter of innocent animals in her “fashion” line that contains an unbelievable amount of fur. Maybe then she would actually MATTER to people – nobody cares about this self obsessed disgusting piece of garbage. Sorry if that came out harsh. I really hate people who hate animals so much as to promote them suffering and being killed – just so this waste of a life can “feel glamorous”. There are no words for how gross and pathetic Beyonce really is.

  6. Trevor says

    ^^^^OHHHH thank you for posting about how cruel beyonce is to animals by promoting – yes, I said PROMOTING!! having them executed so she can wear them on her back and make some more $$$$$

    I hope one day Karma catches up to her!

  7. Anonymous says

    Who really cares about this crap when we hve men women over sea’s fighting for us something has gotten really messed up here along the way our concern should be about the men % women who server our country everyday of thier lives. People GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND VOTE AND HELP THIS COUNTRY BE THE GREAT U,S, IT USED TO BE, VOTE!!!!! VOTE!!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    I agree since beyonce been a pop star I never seen her get humantarian award for giving back like the greatest icon of all time (Micheal Jackson) she need to have more than shaking her ass to be a icon to me she a opportinist pop star now we have great artist like keri hilson,ciara ect. that write there own songs and have a real love for music.

  9. Anonymous says

    Can she possibly sound any more vain? I sure as hell do not respect her. I think she lives in some fairytale world not based in reality…. ‘I want to be iconic’… Madonna is iconic- Madonna pushes the boundaries… Beyonce is just a girl that sings (and wears horrible over the top outfits) IMO :)

  10. Anonymous says

    Isn’t it up to her fans to define her place in history?!! I guess even being beautiful, rich & famous gets boring???????????????!!!!

  11. Anonymous123 says

    another ungrateful b!tch who loves complaining. she should be thanking her fans for where she is today.

  12. Anonymous says

    It doesnt sound as she’s complaining more so that she’s just tryna accomplish more things. I think she’s just being realistic in saying that it can get boring and thats when you have strive to meet other goals with your music and stuff.

  13. Anonymous says

    Want iconic, Beyonce?? Aaliyah. Now, there’s iconic. Talented, unique, modest, CLASSY. If you lack those things, you just can’t be iconic. If Aaliyah was alive she wouldn’t stand a chance. She would always be the girl from Destiny’s Child trying to go solo. Whatever….

  14. ~La AvA~ says

    Aaliyah?? Why is she “ICONIC”??? Because She Died?? ((Thats NOT Fair))
    YES!! “B” can retire, she’s bored with being the **BEST** (we’ve been tuned into the GREATEST!! She conquered the “Best Of BOTH Worlds” (and about 3 more) 😉

    Now she can chill, cuz she sittin’ on ((“A”-BILLI)) 😉

    I Love You “B”!! Happy “B”-Day From Your A-List Fan!!!


  15. Anonymous says

    Reread anonymous post. Especially the sentence that starts with talented and ends with classy. Things Beyonce never ever will be.

  16. Anonymous says

    Don’t you dare raise your mouth to disrespect Aaliyah again. It’s one thing to be a Beyonce fan, but to disrespect someone who paved the way for her with different, off the wall sounding tracks, unique dance sequences, exotic outfits and cinematography in her videos….on and on and on. Aaliyah’s style was so diverse, they chose her for the soundtrack of international hits like Anastasia and she captivated Asian culture with Romeo Must Die.

    Go do your history on the legend before you downplay her for what’s “IN”. Not to mention, Aaliyah did all this without floating half-naked in a Champaign glass pledging to be a naughty girl. Beyonce is famous for promoting herself like the term she coined, being “Bootylicious”. Without stripping and shaking as$, she is no different than the other hit pop singers of today.

    She’s talented, she can dance and sing, but she’s the music-child of Janet and Tina Turner. Been there, seen that. Aaliyah couldn’t be compared to anyone before her because there wasn’t anyone like her before her. She invented her own thing. The saddest thing is, she died too soon for us to know what else she had to offer the world. The pop music game was so devastated, they clung on to anyone with a tune to try to fill that void.

    After Alicia remained “Soul” and Ashanti missed too many high notes, Beyonce fired her competition from Destiny’s Child and became the beneficiary of a voided game. True talk.