Guy Ritchie Doesn’t Follow Madonna’s Religion

So maybe there was some truth the rumors that Guy’s lack of committment to Madonna‘s religion was causing the couple to fight.In a new interview Guy Ritchie basically hinted that he’s just not that into Kabbalah.He is currently making a documentary about faith.

Ritchie is hoping his new film will help others understand exactly what
makes the ancient mysticism of Kabbalah so appealing to people like
Madonna and Demi Moore – even though he admits he’s not altogether
clear about the movement himself.

In an interview with U.S. news show Extra, Ritchie said, "It’s a
complicated subject… I don’t really understand Kabbalah as a religion
or a belief system." But he thinks his film will be of great interest
to those who are curious about Kabbalah: "It gets people rather hot
under the collar."




  1. Exotic Goddess says

    Please don’t leave out the best part. That’s the part where Abraham leaves Iran where polytheism is practiced after smashing the statues of the many other gods there. Instead of being punished or remorseful about smashing other people’s property, he instead decides to leave Iran because he doesn’t want to pay taxes. Taxes! He tells people he hears a voice speaking to him, telling him to leave Iran and leave polytheism behind and follow the voice of an invisible man who has no name. Abraham takes a group of followers and some domesticate goats from Iran ALL THE WAY to Egypt, on foot. In Egypt he sells his wife to the Pharoah under the false pretense that his wife is merely his sister. Instead of telling the Pharoah that the woman is his wife, he lets the Pharoah sleep with his wife. Then the good Abraham, listening to the voice of an invisible man who has NO NAME (not Yahway, or Allah or Christ until hundreds of years later) takes his wife’s servant Haggard (or Hagar) out of Egypt. He takes the Pharooah’s wife! Haggard was the Pharoah’s wife. But the “good” Abraham once again, gets away with crime and is rewarded richly when he sleeps with Haggad, the Pharoah’s wife, who conceives a son. The goodness does not end here. No, Abraham then sends his son and his mistress, Haggard, away, banishes them from being around his other son, by his real and lawful wife. He thusly makes his son a bastard, not once, but twice!

    There’s too much goodness in all this. Stop, I can’t take it. My heart runeth over with all the goodness that abounds in the Old Testament that Kabbalahism is based on. Stop, or my virtue and morals will flee out into the vast deserts of the Lavant where Eastern gods reward such crass and lawless behavior.

  2. JAGCATFAN says

    CATHY T.
    It is hard to be in a marriage where you don’t have the same religious beliefs. Best of luck to them.

  3. Kel Bel says

    Well they have been married for 8 years (in Hollywood that is a lifetime) so they must be doing something right!!

  4. EB says

    I’m not into Kabbalah personally, but I don’t think it’s up to you guys or Guy Richie or anyone else to decide what is a religion. So what, there are only those religions that you know and are comfortable with, and the others don’t count? Seriously. Religious intolerance is just as bad as racism. I think nowadays, when people are so shallow and concentrate on owning cars, pcs, huge houses and all… I think it’s good if anyone believes in anything spiritual AT ALL. What it is, I think they should pick. As long as they are not bombing people as part of their religious beliefs or making suicide pacts, I don’t see why anyone should care.

    And BTW, as long as it’s something spiritual and enough people follow it, they can call themselves a religion. Look it up.

  5. Anonymous kiki says

    Kabbalah is not a religion, and In time we all will see that there is only one God, One King and when he comes I’m so sorry for other false religion.

  6. madonna fitchick says

    i love u lol ur a really good singer and i just wanna no how old are im like 1 of ur biggest fans i come to every concert and i dont even no how old u are