Naomi Watts & Alexander On Their Way To The Hamptons

A very pregnant and beautiful Naomi Watts was spotted leaving her home with her son Alexander to head over to the Hamptons yesterday. Naomi is another one of those cute pregnant ladies that make you rethink having another kid. :) What do you think of her bright pink dress with the low slung belt?

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Booyah says

    I like the assistant’s shoes! Fashion find? Ok, someone in the city answer me this, how do you deal with a car seat for the baby’s and the taxi’s? I never see the seats being used, and I wrong, I hope?

  2. Anonymous says

    The dress is cute, but Naomi needs to lose the Birckenstocks. There are comfortable AND stylish looking shoes out there.

  3. Booyah says

    SHE IS PREGNANT. pfft. People who say that have never tried them or Mephisto’s on when pregnant. Talk to me after your feet ligaments stretch, and it feels like your bones are coming through the bottom, and then tell me other shoes are comfortable. NOT. They feel so good your feet feel like prepregnancy, and not another shoe I tried (Which is TONS) felt the same. So, speak once you know. I had the same pair that Maggie Gyllenhaal had been labeled a fashion don’t pregnancy style by Glamour Magazine. I said, pfft, I am not listening to a size zero girl with zero pregnancies under her belt. PS, the pregnancy fashion “do”s were all less than 6 months pregnant, in skinny jeans, with stillettos. Yeah. based in reality.

  4. Anonymous says

    I wore Birckenstocks. At home. As I’ve said, these are not the only comfortable shoes ever made. But to each their own. So relax.

  5. Booyah says

    I am totally relaxed 😉 but, you are lucky if you were pregnant and didn’t have ligament problems in your feet. Not all of us were. My feet never recovered, they went from 8.5 narrow to 9-9.5 not narrow. Which meant I had to replace an entire wardrobe of shoes. My second pregnany I stayed in the dr recommended shoes, in the house and out, and my feet didn’t grow anymore.
    Don’t read more into it. I meant for pregnant women.

  6. annielovesfred says

    fine. I dont have kids….but i would still rather wheel myself out in a chair and heels than let those things touch my feet. – your situation sounds unfortunate – I hope your kids are good to you after all that!!! :)

  7. Ernestine says

    FORGET her. I can’t wait to get my new issue of Vanity Fair! That picture made me salivate a little with anticipation.

  8. Um, ok... says

    This outfit is TERRIBLE. Being pregnant does not excuse poor fashion choices. Bad shoes, bad belt, bad dress, bad sunglasses…Usually she looks cute though, so I’ll let it slide.

  9. Anonymous says

    Vera, you toss around the word ‘beautiful’ far too much. this woman has stringy hair and is pasty. plain jane. but, it is your opinion.