Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson Not Having Twins

The happy couple is not having twins.Pete Wentz’s good friend Tyga was asked if Ashlee Simpson was eating for three and he said yes.But now Pete is backtracking. At the VMAs he said,

"It’s going to be a big disappointment when it’s only one!"

I love the celeb twin trend…more cuties for us watch grow up!But, Ashlee and Pete will still have their hands full even with one. :)

Photos by WENN.




  1. Kaitx says

    I don’t actually like Ashlee Simpson very much, but I have to say she makes a beautiful pregnant lady!! I will be such a state in like 50 years when I decide to get pregnant!! lol!

  2. Gee Gee says

    Just like Jessica, Ashley is pathetic. she is behind the rumors of twins, anything to keep herself in the tabloids. Have your kid with your gay husband and go away, you don’t have talent, your’re fake and nobody cares. The sad thing about it is that you know nobody cares..

  3. Moxie says

    All Ashlee feelings aside (I’m not a fan or her or the bobblehead husband) but pregnancy does seem to agree with her. I think this is probably the best she’s ever looked. There. I said it.

  4. Anonymous says

    Celebrities are nutzo! Once they discovered they could produce multiples via “in vetro” , they all began to have doubles! Gotta keep up with the others i suppose…..what a joke! Since multiples naturally come from the mother producing more than one egg at a time to become fertilized, it matters not how many sets of twins, trips, etc. run in the father’s family. Ergo the in vetro to guarantee one pregnancy and delivery for more than one child….great idea for ….collectors

  5. Jack says

    What are they going to say when two babies do come out. I remember when they first found out and Pete mentioned “they” as in the babies…. but then he turned around and said it was just a mistake. They do this to keep relevent and I wouldnt care if all i saw were pictures of her. I love seeing knocked up woman i think its beautiful, but the way they fuel this “baby” fire is enough to make me not want to see her anymore.

  6. NotBlonde says

    I hate that every time a celebrity gets pregnant the gossip rags scream “ZOMG TWINS!!”. Not everyone has twins. Everyone said J.Lo was having twins. Everyone said Angelina (in the first pregnancy) was having twins. Halle Berry was having twins. Jennifer Garner was having twins. Jesus christ, one is enough.