Alicia Keys Dating A Married Man?

Uh oh, I smell trouble.Alicia Keys is rumored to be dating a married music exec called Swizz Beatz, who is now getting a divorce from his wife, Mashonda, of 5 years.A source talks about how Alicia’s birthday party for Swizz was the last straw.

She(Mashonda) was incensed when she heard about the birthday party Alicia
threw for Swizz at midtown’s Louis Vuitton store, where guests included
Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Robin Thicke.

"Alicia introduced
Swizz as ‘The man of the hour and my boo,’" says an insider. "Mashonda
has had enough. She put her career on hold to be a wife and mother.
She’s tired of pretending she’s deaf, dumb and blind to what’s going
on. She can’t believe how disrespectful Alicia is being."

Back in April the couple had issued a statement saying they were separating, but Mashonda had nothing to do with it.

"That was his announcement. She got sucked into it. She thought they
were trying to put their marriage back together. Meanwhile, he’s
apparently been telling Alicia that his marriage was over."

But, at least one person is saying that nobody has done anything wrong. A friend of Swizz states,

"His relationship with Alicia began after their separation. He hasn’t
kept it a secret. He still has great love for Mashonda and has promised
to take care of her and their son and support her career."

I am hoping that this is just the media making something out of nothing…I love Alicia and I just can’t imagine her being the other woman!

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Anony says

    alicia is, and has been for a while now, engaged to some guy. this is a lie and it is old. i have seen this on another site today. maybe, everybody is running out of stuff to write about.

  2. GoodnessGracious says


    Alicia and Kerry Brothers (also her business partner and longtime producer) have been together since damn near forever. They are still going strong and Kerry, as always, just accompanied his lady to the NYC premier of her new film “The Secret Life of Bees” this past weekend!!

  3. passingthru2 says

    Uh, the way I see it…if he is getting a divorce, he is not a married man any longer. If he was separated and planning a divorce, I don’t see what is wrong with dating, either. It’s ridiculous to judge this situation, because you don’t know all the details…how long they were separated, etc.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hmmmmm. I’m almost not sure who to believe. I love alicia, but I do think she dated him. But, knowing her personality, I think she snapped out of it and realized it was wrong and broke up the relationship. That’s my opinion.

  5. Anonymous says

    1st of all Alicia Keys is fine and sexy. There’s is absolutely nothing wrong with her legs or body. She is perfecto. Second all this he say she say has yet to really be confirmed so I don’t think it’s fair to make hasty assumptions. The truth will come to light.

  6. says

    what’s wrong if she went for a married man? she’s in hollywood – things like this happens all the time. celebrities are notorious for having flings on the side, so that’s not really news anymore.

  7. pleasure620 says

    Alicia is wrong, there is no excuse for dating a married man, whether they are separated or not. How disrespectful. Alicia has lost the little respect that I had for her, she’s a slut!!!!

  8. ashraf agabani says

    i love alicia and i never knew she whould involve hetself with troble like this she should ask her mum who she should marry to save her from embrassement and any hardship in the future. dont hold your breath our generation is getting on so seek the truth and you will find.

  9. Anonymous says

    first of all aliciakeys is a hoe for this she knew damn well that man was married an shes wrong breaking up an home he has kids with this woman and they been married for 5 years dats y her ass look like dat now fucking other people husbands she needs to find her own man and she wrong point blank and once she found if she didnt know she should of left him alone.

  10. divine says

    I Love Alecia Keys so much; and I am single woman; I look at her as a role model; I wanted all the rumors to be a lie; but unfortunately they are not; she let down woman; what she is doing is wrong and she is a home wrecker I wonder how she sleeps at night; not because she is pretty and famous, thats a gift that should be treasured but instead she used it to fuck people over, a marriage that involved kids. Alecia I hope you read this; how do you sleep at nights; I guess you dont have a conscience

  11. Rusoke Gabriel says

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  12. AnonymousDos says

    tell me how this is alicia’s fault, and how she’s the one who’s gonna look bad when swizzy told her otherwise? i’ve been there before, and how can it be someone’s fault when the man says he’s seperated. unless you PI every man you date you never know what they’re hiding. she probably just thought she got herself an established man…

  13. Rarr! Love it says

    we need to heed these words and not just call out every chiky pie dating a married man

  14. Anonymous says

    Seperated is not divorced in fact you are still obligated to one another as married persons. Also seperation leads one to believe that you may be getting back together. Everyone is different but I have to see papers. Divorcepapers

  15. Anonymous says

    separated does not mean divorced hizo. what do u not get?

    Sounds like YOU took advantage of a man who was going through a rough time. I hope he left you and went back to his wife. SNAKE! Yes anyone going through a separation is not thinking clearly since it’s a confusing time, women who chose to get involved are worse cuz they are thinking clearly going into this affair.

    AK is a homewrecking ho. It will come back to bite her fat ass!

  16. Hentai Lover says

    Ofcourse all her fans are going to say she didn’t know it’s not her fault and all the non fans are going to call her a homewrecker.

    I personally don’t give a flying fvck about this wretch I can’t stand those sleepy eyes of hers.

  17. Anonymous says

    I agree, I cannot stand this woman with limited talent. She can play the piano, becasue she really can’t sing and her fans love it becasue they really don’t have a clue to what real talent is. She knew that man was married and she’ll answer for it eventually.

  18. Booyah says

    this is so mean, but perhaps someone knows a word for when your shin is as big as your thigh, ie cankles for the big ankles, but when the knee is completely missing, what is that called? thin just doesn’t work for that….

  19. iowa girl says

    now people can rip into her like Sienna and start screaming slut and homewrecker at her – unless they don’t hold the same morals for everyone?

  20. Anonymous says

    you are soooo late with this post. this rumor has been out for MONTHS maybe even a year or so!

  21. Anonymous says

    who knows what lies (if any) this man has been telling her. now we hear the wife’s side and if it was a lie he told alicia then she will make her decision now.

  22. Anonymous says

    Just like Balthazar Getty right? I wish people would have given Sienna this amount of credit too.

  23. anothername says

    Oh this is so old and no she is not dating Swizz Beats who has been divorced to his wife a while now but that hit the fan just recently, Key has been with Kerry Keys the dude in the No one video for over 10 years now. come on now people keep up

  24. Anonymous234567 says

    it is so annoying how ppl is comparing this to sienna. there is no comparison. did you ever think that maybe ppl didn’t give her any credit because she, has for years, been known as nothing more than a certifiable SLUT? it has always been reported about how she jumps from bed to bed. this is not news to anyone. yet everybody wants to act like it is something new. she has never made the headlines for what she is working on but she is always in the paper for who she is fucking at that particular moment. and i say moment because she will be on to someone else in a month or two. just give it a little time