Rihanna Says Cutting Her Hair Helped Take Back Control Of Her Life

It’s no secret that when you start out in the music industry, you become whatever product your record company deems fit… even if it’s not exactly who you are.

Rihanna experienced this transformation and even lost the right to choose the color of her lipstick. She played along until the day she chopped all her hair off. A record company exec told her she had to put extensions in her hair, and she wouldn’t allow it. It was the first thing she did for herself to reclaim who she once was before fame entered the picture.

"In the past I had no say in how I was presented. Those decisions were made for me, right down to the colour of my lipstick. I was in Paris and I fancied a change of hairstyle. I had my long
locks cut off and came away with this cute bob. Someone from my record
company saw me and said, ‘It looks nice but it’s just not you. We’ll
have to put extensions in.’ I was completely crushed.

"That’s when I realized things had to change. I make my own decisions now."

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  1. Anonymous says

    RIHANNA needs to sit down with that b*llsh*t.
    It looks to me like somebody is starting to believe her own hype.
    What a joke.

  2. AGray says

    I don’t know about all that….But she should have stopped at the cut…Because putting blonde and blue streaks in your hair is Ghetto (with a capital “G”).

  3. Anonymous says

    BIG DEAL – Rhianna took her weave out. She needs to concentrate more on giving better performances

  4. Anonymous says

    She is a broke wannabe… As popular as she is in gaining number ones, her music should be selling off the charts like Lil Wayne, not releasing a new video and song every 2 months to stay in the public’s eye…

    Is her label worried she will be forgotten if she gave her songs a chance 2 sell and marinate? Is that why she keeps changing her hair, to keep the public interested?? Blue and Blond streaks? Come on Now!!!

    Is she only just as good as her last hit???

    So Ridiculously Clear, it’s Frightening… For her that is…

  5. Anonymous says

    AGray sounds like you have some identity issues!

    Every since when did blonde and blue streaks = ghetto? I’m born and breed in the hood and I don’t have a lick of color in my hair. Although my co-worker (we are both paralegals so bitch dont get it twisted) has purple, teal and white streaks in his hair and he couldnt point you in the direction of the ghetto.

    You get a STFU and Ho! sit down today.

  6. Lulu says

    I love Rihanna and her short do
    she’s beautful

    there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her singing, i put her in the same category as Shakira and Aguilera, they voices soundly similar
    Don’t hate on this girl, SHE’S FIERCE!


    the girl is smart!
    luuurve her

  7. Anonymous says

    I’m not diggin the streaks either but come on. So ignorant! Madonna and Gwen Stefani’s hair have been all kinds of colors…would you call that ghetto too?

    I’m going to start saying things are like, “soooo trailer park” and see what reactions I get. If I see Jessica simpson in ripped jeans…I’m going to say that’s trailer park with a capital T!


  8. What? says

    Shakira and Aguilera aren’t even in the same group??? What do you base singing on…apparently not talent…lol

  9. Anonymous says

    LMFAO, since when did shakira and aguilera have the same singing style…i heard about shakira way before she got popular and thought she sounded like the latina version of that rocker chick, i forgot her name but RiRi copied FeFe Dobson’s style, i did not even realize it til I read it somewhere on a blog, i just knew i saw that style before but could not figure it out…fefe had some big songs a while ago she was the light skinned, black girl with the rocker girl style…RiRi can not sing at all, she just found something where she can play into the role well and not have to sing as much as Mariah or Christina would…IMO RiRi is on the same level as Beyonce, except Bey has made a name for herself wayy before she broke it off with Destiny’s Child, she was just an average singer but shes a really good performer/dancer and her songs are catchy…

  10. Ms. Dee says

    WoW!!! Aguliera (talented one time trashy to classy), Shakira (not so talented), Beyonce (talented, she can sing and dance), Rihanna (talented because she uses the voice she has albeit enhanced at times, and she knows how to keep folks looking at her, i.e., “new hair cut”). Brittney (NO talent, other than being able to mimic Janet Jackson’s moves A LITTLE, and causing enough stir to make folks pay attention to her). That child couldn’t carry a tune from her house to her mailbox without a studio to enhance her voice AT ALL TIMES!!! And while I’m on Janet… she can’t sing a lick either, but she sure could dance her azz off (back in the day). Now she needs to hang it up and stick to acting (with lots of lessons in between).

    Back to the topic at hand… I, for one, LOVED Rihanna’s bob… and still want to copy it. I like the new cut, but I think it would serve her better if she would cover that “5-head” up more, because she looks a little alien-ish. Maybe the color is part of the reason for that…

  11. says

    B1tch please! You have only gone out ONCE without tracks & wigs. And that was before Fashion Rocks 5 rehearsals. Your baldhead azz sittin’ up there with tracks in ya head now just like at FR5 & VMA’s! TRYING to look like Kelis! Jut like you had wigs & weaves TRYING to be Beyonce! And that bob WIG TRYING to be Posh! GTFOH! Go take some mutha effin singing lessons you GOAT YODELER!

  12. Anonymous says

    some of you all are so hateful. I love Rhianna, and think she is a breath of fresh air. She did not steal anyone’s style. I googled FeFe, what I saw was a pant wearing rocker chick, that is kind of boyish. Rhianna’s style is very feminine. she is a chic girl who is not afraid to be girly girly. So how is she in anyway similar to fefe, besides the tattoo. You guys can’t even claim the hair, because people have been wearing bobs and short cuts for years. The girl was just simply going for the look she wanted. We change our style and hair often why should she be any different.

  13. Anonymous says

    Everyone one copies off each other but put their own twist in the mix. I love RiRi’s hair hair short especially with the blue and blonde streaks(not ghetto but style). It would be boring if every celeb had the same extensions. As far as music goes, not too many artist can do it all. RiRi knows how to keep her fans on their toes.

  14. Elllie says

    RITA! just because they wear wigs and weaves does not mean they are bald! alot of black entertainers wear extensions and stuff because constantly putting heat on their hair is not healthy. some black women dont have teh luxury of being able to straighten their hair everyday due to the coarse texture. constantly putting heat on hair from curlers, flat ironers, etc. dry out our hair and make it really brittle and dammaged.i myself have long hair (and i am black) but i choose on occasion to wear weaves because they are easy to manage and extremely versatile. plus, u have to remember that alot of the time when u see these women they have different hairstlyes. its part of their image and the process of “reinvention” that alot of celebs go through. u shouldnt assume that because they wear weaves & whatever that they are bald, that is very dumb.

    but anyways, i think its cool that rihanna wears her hair short. it really works for her and sets her apart from everyone.

  15. miss trini says

    riri is one bajan whore from long time she now playing miss good girl gone bad she bad long time anyone who knows her will tell you so and please bitch go take some vocal training you sound like a stiffling goat with your five head miss ET from lord of the rings fock off bitch

  16. Anonymous says

    Umm almost ALL celebs wear weaves and extentions regardless of race. Don’t make it seem like black women have weak hair or something..anyone’s hair would be damaged from all that styling.

  17. eunny says

    People im fucked up!! u know i f0lowed ririz foet steps..she won miss watever at her skul bck whn she was 15 ND IM ALSO 15 bcoz shez my role model i entered beauty pagient at our skul nd i won..im miss dzj 2008 now..nd im hated lyk iv done sumthn rong.ppl jus fyndin hard 2 congratulate sumone 4 being da best dan them..dats jelousy! mayb if u pul up ur socks u may bcum sumthn impresive bt if u evil nd nt born wit da fame..u cnt do it..nt evryone can b famous nd those wu r aint their choice it was jus meant 2 b..god made it hapen so leave riri nd suport her 4 wu she iz pigs!

  18. Aleah says

    Glad rihanna took control of her life. There is no real celebs any more just Rihanna and Hilary Duff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ON RIHANNA TELL THEM HOW IT IS!

  19. Hilary Duff says

    I talk to Rihanna all the time. She didn’t copy her hair off anyone else, its her own look. so can those people that are saying nasty stuff about her please stop, LEAVE HER ALONE!! Rihanna is a great woman and she can sing (better than me anyway) she is brillant i love her so much, we help each other out all the time. she is not the person you think she is. if you knew what she is really like you would love her soo much. she dose so much for her friends and family, and that is what means the most, not the way she dresses and sings in concerts and in videos!! I talk to her on the phone and on msn all the time. and i see her when she come down near where i live.

    Love you Rihanna.

    xx Hilary

  20. Hilary Duff says

    I talk to Rihanna all the time, and she is such a nice person, can all the people who are saying nasty stuff about her please stop. You only see her in videos and in concerts, and you might think thats the real rihanna, she is one of the best people i know. She dosn’t sat anything bad about people who don’t like her, so don’t say anything bad about her. she is a great person, and she has done so much for her famliy and friends and that is what matters the most. i talk to her on the phone all the time, and on msn, and i would see her when she come down to where i live.

    Love you Rih

    xox Hilary xox.

  21. Hilary Duff says

    Hi I’m one of Rih’s best friends, and you don’t even know the real Rih, I know Rih very well, what you see in concerts and videos is not the real Rih. iI can’t see why you have to be so nasty about Rih, she hasn’t done anything to you, Rih is one of the best people i know, I talk to Rih all the time on the phone and msn. She is such a nice person. Just leave her alone. everyone should be aloud to live their own life and do what they want without people casting nast remarks about them, even celebs!!! Rih did not copy her hair style of anyone, she dosnt even know that Dobson person, and she had her hair stlye b4 Kelise, Rih and Kelise are berst friends, Rih told Kelise that she was going to get her hair done, and Kelise said she would get the same thing done.

    Love you Rih

    Hilary duff xox.

  22. Anonymous says

    ya’ll just HATERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Anonymous says

    Rihana you are so pretty and elegant I love you and your style of fashion keeps me going I am a big fan

  24. hello kiko says

    wow what a bunch of shit. rihanna never had long hair and her management were the ones that gave her the cut. i think she said that so people wont call her a poser or a biter for jocking fefe dobsons hair style, look, and tatoo. she supposedly said fe fe was her idol what a coincidence that she phisically looks just like her

  25. getalifebitches says

    Fake hair or not…she has a lot more class than you. Sitting up here bitching about people.

  26. get a life bitches says

    What has Rihanna done to any of you?? Leave her alone. She’s only a young girl. And she’s handling her popularity pretty maturily for someone her age who has to deal with all the industry bullshit (like the JEALOUS females). Such poison and venom. What chance do we have of men treating us well if as women we treat each other like shit? If you can’t handle seeing “celebrities” then switch off the computer/television and go pick up a book….

  27. Rihanna Is Duh Shit says

    #1-All Yall Lamesssssss…That Is Hattin On Rihanna Need To Get Dha Fuck Off Dha Computer. Real Talk…That Is Some Flamboyant Shit. Rihanna Deff Is Not Copyin Nobody. #2-That Girl Is So Beautiful & Talent…..That Bitch Fefe Style Is No Where To The Same As Rihanna..& She Is Not Even Attractive. Rihanna Is Blazeddddddddddddddd. So All Ya;ll Hatiin Ass Clowns. STFU & Go Sit Down. Yall Is Lie Really Whack As Fuck! It’s A Specific Thing…Called No Life!

  28. tris says

    if u look at past pics of rihanna she had long NATURAL hair. wasnt a weave she put in.. and so what. all celebs wear weaves at one point or another.. even NON CELEBS WEAR WEAVES. whats the big deal???

    and i dont think she copied anyone.. i think she really was fed up of being compared to beyonce and being manufactured into the ‘next beyonce’.

    and the idiot who said she didnt cut her own hair its obvious SHE didnt..she went to a hair dresser and asked them to cut it..what the hell..its common sence.

  29. Didi says

    OH plz……..you all are just HATING on RIHANNA…as ”Anonymous” said …..ya’ll jus hatez… and i love Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Anonymous+++++++ says


    Dont dought this girl, if she wants to cut her hair, she can.

    Really because of her, I will be cutting mine


  31. Anonymous+++++++ says

    She is really talented

    would u care if someone random cut their hair and wore a different colour???????

  32. Riviera says

    It doesn’t surprise me. What music ISN’T manufactured today? It’s all about making the maximum amount of money and having total control over “artists”. Those who rebel and fight back are those who have talent (ie. Christina Aguilera) whereas those who have no talent turn into basket cases like Britney Spears.

  33. eddie says

    XTINA a rebel against the machine?? BULL SHT!! Fake hair, tits, no ORIGINALITY–sells her kid out for attention!!! Kelly Clarkson is a rebel with talent–Wake up!!

  34. Anonymous123 says

    what a fake world they live in….nothing is real these days. Glad she put her foot down.

  35. Anonymous says

    This is a little different from what she said a couple ofmonths back when she told an interviewer that the record company was freaking out when she told them she cut her hair over the phone, until they saw her and fell in love with the haircut.

  36. Anonymous says

    I heard the same story…it wasn’t rebellion then and it ain’t now. Her long hair was a weave anyway so she didn’t have much to cut to begin with///

  37. Eileen says

    I think a lot of women do that… cut their hair when they don’t feel that they have control over their life. At least that is something you can control.

  38. rita says

    it’s always sad to hear people saying that you looked better with your fake hair, nails, eyes or boobs. She’s one of the few black women in hollywood that has real hair and I think she is better “au naturel”. I mean I would give a lot to see beyonce’s real hair or enven tyra banks real hair ( both of them must be bald :=( )

  39. Anonymous says

    Just cuz her hair is short doesn’t mean it’s natural. It looks relaxed and she def wasn’t born with blue black and blonde hair. When she grows a fro or wears it curly then i’ll be impressedd.

  40. Anonymous says

    hahahahah whatever girl, her hair was weave from the beginning,
    “I cut my long locks” HAHAHAHAH puuhleeazeeee, and she stole her style from Fefe Dobson look her up, trust Rihanna is the BIGGEST music industry puppet out there.

  41. Anonymous says

    Put it in bold and all caps cause no one heard you speak the Gospel. She so deep in that labels pocket she dont know what to do.

    What these artists need to do is keep a file on the interviews they do so they want come back with lies like this.

    Her hair stylist said she did the cut, not on riri’s word but on her own. Riri is a puppet.

    Her whole look belongs to someone else…

  42. Wendy says

    Her hair does not appear relaxed. Probably her hair is actually like that and probably that IS her natural look. As for the color, she is just changing it up. If you look at most other pictures, her hair is all one dark color. Basically: stop hating.