Kelly Osbourne Lands A Book Deal

Everyone is writing a book these days.If you’re famous, related to someone famous or have just hung out with someone famous at least once, you definitely qualify for lucrative deals to pen your memoirs.Kelly Osbourne is the latest celebrity said to be publishing an autobiography.But hers, I would actually read…Meet the Osbournes was so crazy that I can only imagine what sorts of crazy things she can tell us about from behind the scenes!

The 23-year-old will reportedly reveal the secrets of her life, including
her two trips to rehab for addiction to painkillers and her infamous
feud with singer Christina Aguilera.




  1. Anonymouss says

    And she thinks anyone would want to read about a 23 yr old’s bad behavior because??? I’d rather watch paint dry, it would be about as interesting and fascinating.

  2. Sarah O. says

    I really don’t care about her life. I had a painkiller addaction in High School (back surgery), do I get a book deal too??

  3. anniedawg25 says

    I think Kelly called Christina a Tranny in an interview a looooong time ago. During Christina’s “Xtina Drrty” days. LOL But I had no idea it turned into an ongoing fued! This is one autobiography I would like to read, mostly because of the “Meet the Osbournes” effect. That was really one of the first (if not THE first) reality show about a famous person/family and it got very very out of hand. During the taping of that was when Kelly got into drugs, went to rehab…etc. Id like to hear her side of the story to that, because it was all very secretive at the time. ***annie***

  4. says

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