Store Employee Steals Private Photos From Jamie Lynn Spears

Police are on the hunt to find a store employee who allegedly stole private photos, including Jamie Lynn Spears breast feeding Maddie, after Casey Aldridge dropped off the memory card to have them printed.The employee made extra copies of the photos and has tried to sell them.

Snaps of new mum Jamie Lynn-Spears breast feeding her three-month old daughter Maddie have been offered to the media.

The collection of photographs also includes older sister Britney
holding her niece alongside her parents around Jamie Lynn’s hospital
bed shortly after the teenager gave birth.

What a terrible violation of privacy!I do feel really bad for them, but on the other hand, the temptation for those employees, knowing the photos have the possibility to make hundreds of thousands of dollars is too much.Couldn’t the Spears family just buy a printer and print out their family photos there?




  1. Tiinnaaaa says

    What selfish people. And the “temptation” is NO excuse. If they aren’t sad excuses for humans beings, then they would feel a little emotion, and NOT give in to such lame temptation.

  2. Sorcha says

    1. JL is stupid for letting those photos be taken in the first place. She’s from one of the most talked about families in the world – mainly because of Unfitney – commen senses says DONT DO IT, unless you have a a HOME printer, it cuts out this kind of risk. Do the Spears’ not have any brain cells at all??

    2. Why would ANYONE want to see an underage girl breastfeed? (Unless your a pedo of course) The person who made the extra copies & is now trying to sell these pics should be SACKED & the media should REFUSE to buy them.

  3. Anonymous says

    She is not a child anymore, if she was able to have sex and have a kid, she is a full woman to me. So desperate to grow……………

  4. passingthru2 says

    It’s more than just her breastfeeding..the photo shows one of her entire breasts exposed, which is more than what you’d show if you were breastfeeding in a public place. And the camera belonged to the dumb*ss boyfriend, Casey Aldridge. You’re free to take whatever pics you want in your own home, but I don’t know why you’d want a pic of the mother of your child with her t*ts hanging out for the world to see…especially if she is currently the country’s most famous teenage unwed mom…

  5. lilpyro2 says

    the spears faimly is nothing but nice kind people. yes’ they have had there ups and there downs but so has everybody else. so i dont see why everybody thinks they are bad people. because there not bad people.

  6. LU37 says

    im not being mean but if your old anuff to have a kid then your old anuff to be treated as a women not a child thats the mature way of looking at it

  7. Anonymous says

    i agree, they could’ve just printed the pics in the store and left taking the memory card with them. it is difficult, but this way they can avoid the temptation of prying eyes.

  8. gia says

    i know the pics are personal & private & that is completely wrong, but they are only breast feeding pics & candid family shots, its not like they were nasty porn pics or of her doing something embarrassing or illegal. breast feeding is completely natural & doing that for your baby is something to be proud of not an embarrassment. plus so much of their real dirty laundry is aired out in the media, this should be a piece of cake for them to deal with.

  9. Anonymous says

    the pics may be simple pics, but they are still her pics taht she does not want shared. we all have the right to privacy.

  10. Anonymous says

    who in the f would take pictures of someone breast feeding wtf is wrong with her? NASTY!

  11. C.Mo says

    Yeah breastfeeding is nasty . Crawl back under your rock.

    Ugh what a total invasion of privacy. I agree, seriously, get a photo dock at home.

  12. audrey says

    Are you telling me that with all the money this girl made from her tv show and selling her story and cover shots that she and Casey couldn’t afford to buy a printer and print their pictures at home?

  13. Sarah O. says

    They should just buy a printer and do it at home, but it is still 100% wrong that someone tried to sell them. Hey – Maybe Casey was in on it and was going to split the cash. We don’t know. I feel bad for saying that, but it’s a possibility. Oh, and there is NOTHING WRONG with taking a picture breastfeeding. It’s so normal.

  14. CapturingLife says

    Nothing wrong with breastfeeding pics BUT when it’s a teenaged’s just not right to have it being offered up to the media. Totally creepy and inappropriate. And not to mention the privacy issue. :(