Amy Winehouse’s Third Album May Not Happen

Actually, saying that Amy Winehouse’s third album may not happen is THE understatement of the year!The girl can barely get herself dressed in the morning, I don’t know how she would get it together enough to make music.Reports say that she’s only recorded two new songs (that are supposedly just so-so) in the past 6 months and that the label is thinking of scrapping the album.

"With all the problems surrounding her personal issues and addictions, we are really concerned it will never get finished.

six months produces two half-baked tracks, how long will an album take?
Unless she sorts herself out and gets some focus it might never

On one hand I’m disappointed as I LOVE her music and would really enjoy getting to hear new stuff from her.On the other hand, she clearly needs time to focus on herself and get better.But, so many things before that should have been wake up calls to her haven’t managed to turn her attitude around, so I honestly don’t think her album being canceled will have much of an effect on her.What do you think?




  1. BoN says

    Hmnnn, I wonder WHY!?!?!
    She should really try to get her life back on track.
    See kids, no good can come from drug use.

  2. LaurenLovesNick says

    They SHOULD cancel it! She needs to get better and I doubt focusing on an album is the best way to do that.
    “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die”

  3. Sarah O. says

    I think they should’ve dropped her long ago. It’s wrong to support such an addiction. They have tried to help, now it’s her own turn to try and help herself. It’s wrong to pay her millions of dollars when we so clearly see where it is going.

  4. socheeky says

    the girl can hardly get dressed at all! I agree that she should get dropped or put on probation from her record company. there should also be a clause that she can’t perform until she betters herself and sobers up. that way, there’s no income= no drugs. although, I’m pretty sure she’ll find a way to get it. addicts always do. its sad to see her spiral down. she has a powerful voice.

  5. Anonymous says

    I don’t think an intervention like that is going to make a difference at this point, maybe it would have early on. She’s not gonna get her act together for anyone else… if something is going to happen, it’s gonna be her choice and it sure as hell seems like she’s chosen the other direction.

  6. gia says

    she hasnt been performing well for a while now…i think people are just paying attention now because its like watching a train wreck…they need to drop her & then she will either want it all back or she will be depressed & give up even more. i guess its a crap shoot. right now she has it all though, her family seems to support her, her career is still going because she still gets gigs, and she has her drugs. something has to give to shake her up & maybe then she will try to get better.

  7. Team Valtrex says

    She should just focus on the drug abuse, that’s what made her famous. If we really need an approximation of her “singing”, we could always step on a cat’s testicles and try to find someone talented enough to rhyme the phrase “no,no,no” with “go,go,go”.