Guess Who?

Guess which overseas celeb was caught in a little distribution and purchasing of the white stuff while outside Volstead nightclub. WOOPS!Wonder if this is enough evidence to arrest him?

Click on the continue reading link below to find out.

Rhys Ifans

Seriously, is that cocaine?




  1. Carmen says

    Pictures cannot be used as sole evidence that a crime has been committed because of programs like Photoshop and the inability to prove what exactly the white substance in the picture is (in this case).

  2. slackofalltrades says

    What the hell else would it be. Who takes powdered sugar to the club? And Tylenol comes in caplets. Its not the question of what it is that’s impressive, its the amount. Way more then an eight ball there. Prob about a thousand bucks in that little baggy.. And thats the packed lunch for one evening

  3. Anonymous says

    when i bought cocaine back a couple years ago, also in europe, it did not look like that. it came in little 1 gram bags. if he was buying it on the streets, that’s probably what they would be selling. that looks too big !!!

  4. cherryvanilla23 says

    um, yeah. that looks like toilet paper. i have never even hear of this joker so i dont care one way or the other.

  5. Stephanie B says

    no, Sienna Miller but I get those two mixed up too sometimes. They are both sketchy ladies.

  6. iowa girl says

    He and Kate Moss are best buds though, she was TICKED when Sienna dumped Rys, if i remember correctly

  7. Anonymous says

    can you really post pics like that…if that’s what it looks like or maybe its just a bc powder?!!

  8. Anonymous says

    well duh? of course it’s cocaine.

    he was also dating sienna miller, another coke whore, for a long time.

  9. Anonymous says

    If the paps are taking photos, there is no way a celebrity will be that dumb. But then again, drug users aren’t always the brightest.