Adrien Brody Is Ready To Settle Down

Adrien Brody is ready to get serious with his Spanish girlfriend of two years, Elsa Pataky.He really can’t even believe how lucky he got in love!

"She has an incredibly pure spirit. There are lots of
beautiful women in the world, but it is very difficult to imagine
someone with the physical beauty that Elsa possesses but who also has
the same beautiful soul."

A reporter asked him recently if the two are planning on getting married anytime soon and he responded,

"Hopefully. Sometimes, life helps you decide. This would be a remarkable place for a child to grow up in."

So it looks like a walk down the aisle and a little one are in the cards for Adrien.He’s such a great actor, if Elsa does get pregnant, that baby is getting some killer genes!




  1. Booyah says

    Sounds to me like he said sometimes life makes it happen, then bang, talk about a child. Mark my words, preggers already. Congrats to the stunning couple.