The Jolie-Pitt Clan Are In Nice

New York to New Orleans to Nice. Looks like the Jolie-Pitt clan haven’t slowed down one bit since the arrival of the new twins. After briefly staying in New Orleans, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their children: Maddox (b. Aug. 5, 2001 ), Pax (b. Nov. 29, 2003), Zahara (b. Jan. 8, 2005), Shiloh (b. May 27, 2006), Knox (b. July 12, 2008) and Vivienne (b. July 12, 2008) landed in Nice via private jet. Angelina opted for Graco car seats for the twins eh?

Looks like all the kids wore their pajamas on the flight so they could be nice and comfy.

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Anonymous says

    some people CANT move on!!! What are you gonna say in 5, 10 years!!? Cause they will be together… judging from pics, cause nobody here know them, they look happy, in love and great parents.

  2. kiki says

    they don’t know them, i don’t know them, and guess what? you don’t know them. “they look happy.” that comment reminds me of the old saying: “everything that glitters isn’t gold.” they could be the happiest couple on the planet or they could be the most miserable. NOBOBY KNOWS!!!!!!

  3. Josyane responds! says

    First of all, I am absolutely a trained psychologist. Secondly, diagnoses can and should be made after sitting down with the client, indeed. However, while perusing blogs, one can use intuition and I feel that I am absolutely right on this one.
    Further, Angie has a great relationship with her mom, indeed. It’s her dad that she detests and has a bad relationship with. This fits my theory to a tee, she is avenging her mom’s pain, not her mom. Her mom’s pain as suggested by various biographies, interviews stemmed from her husband being unfaithful to her several times and walking out on her.
    Finally, thank you to
    beinzaoli (not verified) said:
    Josyanne, you should write for a Soap Opera. That was a hilarious diagnosis only because it was so lengthy, obviously well thought through, made based on a few pictures on the internet, yet still, probably spot on!

    I do think I’m spot on! Will comment more as the time arises.

  4. Anonymous says

    Your right Josyane!!!!!!!! I just read this in US Weekly:

    Voight and Bertrand married when she was 21 and divorced when Jolie was just a toddler. In interviews Jolie has said she was upset by the fact that her father was unfaithful to her mother. They have been estranged since 2002 when Voight gave an interview to Access Hollywood saying that he wanted his daughter to “get help” for “serious mental problems.”

    Wow!! Stuff that happens when we’re younger and it has a life long impact on us. Yes, I do believe that Angelina is avenging her mother’s pain.

  5. xxxxxxxxxxx says

    It doesn’t take a degree of any sort to know Holie is a nutcase. And she’s not avenging what her dad did to her mom, she’s just a low-life that sleeps with married or attached men/women for kicks.

  6. Anonymous says

    Okay, isn’t anyone going to comment on poor Zahara? They have both said that they don’t know how to care for black hair. It is so obvious! Don’t they care enough to pay someone to teach them? This poor child looks like a street urchin. She is so beautiful. SOmeone give Brad and Angelina some grooming tips for this sweet child.

  7. Nimbus says

    Oh pleeeaaassee. Maybe you should start a column in a magazine… even better start you own blog… i suggest calling it ‘puedo-celeb-psychologist’. Do you not have enough clients of your own you feel the need to expose your ‘theories’ here. I could come up with a few theories of my own about why you feel the need to do this…. wonder what void you are trying to fill.
    Give me a break. ‘Will comment more as the time arises.’ gag

  8. Anonymous says

    Angie needs some color in her life, all she ever wears is black. Not a hater just stating the obvious. She has been photographed everyday since last Thursday and everyday she is wearing black. JMO

  9. Anonymous says

    She likes black but she also wear other things. Do you rember her at cannies film festval? she wore, green,white and some other colour.

  10. Josyanne says

    I think it reflects her black dark mood. Really, does she even look happy half the time?? She’s avenging her father’s unfaithfulness towards her mother. Very typical I can say as a psychologist, I see it all the time in practise. She nabs someone else’s husband as a way of seeking revenge. Off course the cycle doesn’t end there, because then the paranoia and anxiety of losing her new ‘conquest’ to someone else like her mother did starts again. Hence, the dark moods, black, etc. Off course, for now, anorexia and a manic sense of doing ‘good’ fills her void and helps her deal with the anxiety.

  11. Nimbus says

    WOW….. Either you have great insight.. or a wicked imagination… Have you even met this women???? Surely even a great psychologist actually needs to speak to a person before making such heafty statements… or are you one of those criminal profilers????
    What can you tell about me?? i wonder

  12. Nimbus says

    WOW… thats some heavy shite…. you either have amazing insight .. or a wicked imagination. Isn’t it important to actually have spoken to a person before making such fullon statements, or are you one of those criminal profilers???? What can you tell about me.. I wonder????

  13. saintdevil says

    I think as a psychologist you should be aware that people do not function like machines. Press button -> get standard result. But that kind of professional hubris is only too common. I pity your clients.

  14. Anonymous says

    oh please, She didn’t nab someone else’s husband . tThis shit is old and it is way past time to drag it . Take responibilty for once life happenings like once divorce and being childless at 40. Angie loves her late mom and her greif is normal . I think it is time for you diganosiss those of them who don’t get along with their mom or any family members except strangers.

  15. Rhonda says

    Just curious. What kind of psychologist can’t correctly spell the word “practice” (a word I think you would use a lot if you really were a psychologist)? What is the psychological term for someone who feels the need to self promote, lie, or inflate one’s own worth or job title in order to feel more secure or important?

  16. zaoli says

    Josyanne, you should write for a Soap Opera. That was a hilarious diagnosis only because it was so lengthy, obviously well thought through, made based on a few pictures on the internet, yet still, probably spot on!

  17. passingthru2 says

    Heaven forbid that I say something good about Angie, because i think she is one of the most overexposed people on the planet…but I have always kind of liked her minimalist style of dressing. She wears those Theory pencil skirts and flats and looks really good, I think. The style suits her. It wouldn’t work for everyone, but it works for her. I think it’s much more original (and she looks better dressed) than all the celebs walking around in jeans all the time.

  18. Anonymous says

    i agree i like her style, mostly i love her trenches, and sophisticated outfits. She looked great in those St John’s separates. And I love her color choices gray, black, beige, brown, sage green. The are my favorite colors.

  19. Jen says

    Josyanne I think your right. I have notice a pattern with her. THat is why she has so many children. She has a void to fill and she is filling it with children. They are already looking to adopt.

    She should know how her mom feels. She has did the same thing twice with Billy Bob and now Brad.

  20. Linda123 says

    Josyanne is not a psychologist. At the very least, a very incompetent one. A real mental health professional wouldn’t roam gossip sites giving diagnosis based on a few pictures. I love how people claim Brad and Angelina are always adopting. They have 3 adopted kids. It’s the tabloids who say they are adopting every week. Also if Angelina desperately needed kids to fill a void in her life, why did it take her 4 years to adopt Zahara after adopting Maddox?

  21. Amy says

    It’s cute the kids are traveling in their jammies. Angie said that her and Brad are exhausted and won’t be adding to their brood for a while.

  22. kiki says

    oh, please. give that crap about a childless woman a rest, ok. not every woman wants children or feels the need to have them.

  23. Anonymous says

    Uh…. In the UK, that *IS* the way to spell practice. With an s. I’m embarrassed for you.