Mark Wahlberg To Marry In August

I was wondering why SO MANY quotes were coming out about Mark Wahlberg. I mean every single day I would get about 5 different press releases with one or two sentences in each. Turns out they are spreading out recent interviews to help keep him in the news over the new Max Payne Movie.

Here he is walking alongside his bride to be Rhea Durham during the red carpet premiere in LA. Also walking the press line were Mina Kunis, Nelly Furtado, Brea Grant (Heroes), Bai Ling, and Aisha Tyler.

During the rounds, Mark admitted that he is planning to marry Rhea, the mother of his three children in August. But don’t expect an invite in the mail. They haven’t gotten to that part yet. If Mark invites only family, he will fill the room as the youngest of 9!

"We’re talking about getting married in August," Wahlberg revealed at a press conference for Max Payne Sunday.
You must have a good reason for picking August, right Marky? "It’s a good month." Okay!

So Hollywood, pencil that in-but don’t check your mailboxes for that save the date notice. Adds Wahlberg: "We’re not inviting yet."




  1. ShanaBananaYo says

    I don’t really like Mark…he is always so rude about his brother Donnie, in NKOTB…Jealous much?!??! 😀

  2. Anonymous says

    i am normally a live & let live kind of woman, but i find this kind of ridiculous…after the three kids – I guess he feels it might work out? C’mon. i feel like his bride to be (Rhea) is always nervous waiting for something to go wrong. just a feeling on my part. mark is a great actor, but he seems like he thinks too much of himself. that concept is very old and boring to me…celebs need some new material.

  3. Anonymous says

    After all this wouldn’t it be sad if they get married and then get divorced in a few moths? lol