Justin Bobby Speaks

I never hooked up with her. It’s all for the

Well, I guess that solves that.Justin Bobby told pals that he never hooked up with Lauren Conrad, and that any drama is strictly fabricated to keep you and I hooked on The Hills.Is it working yet?

Either way, it did seem odd that Audrina Patridge wasn’t at LC’s fashion show. Or who knows, maybe she went, but just made sure to keep a low profile so that there would be no spoilers.But, here she is, spotted on the balcony with Justin in Santa Monica just yesterday.If the rumors were true, wouldn’t she have dumped him?

Photos by Bauer Griffin.




  1. JesseD says

    First off. let me say I don’t think Lauren would do that. Period. I just can’t see it. She’s not perfect, but she has a pretty strong sense of loyalty. And a pretty strong dislike of Justin Bobby.
    Second, Justin Bobby is a lying liarly liar. Liar. Lie – er. He’s a freakin player and a bad boy, which is part of his charm, I’m sure. Audrina will either outgrow this (after being tromped on a few hundred times too many) or she won’t – speaking from the voice of experience here.
    One of my least favorite things on this show (and real life) is that any hookups become the fault of the female, not the male. Men are excused from any man-wh0re behavior. It’s disgusting.

  2. ania says

    Duhhhhhh. I just wish the show was truly real and Spenncer and Heidi come on. Is she that clueless to what a jerk he is????? Either way my dumbass is stuck watching the show, my husband even gives me crap about it. Go figure!!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Hahaha You’re funny! Just all about the jeans!!

    Lol but anyways!!….
    F you all!!!! 😛
    I absolutely LOVE everything about JUSTIN BOBBY!!!! <3
    It’s love! :)