Ashlee Simpson Is Still Pregnant

I have to be honest here, I thought the girl gave birth quietly without telling anyone. But here is Ashlee Simpson is leaving Kamasaku restaurant looking rather worn out and in need of a good night’s sleep. I would say she has only a few more weeks of the restless nights. But we all know once the baby comes, it gets worse!


Photos by WENN


  1. Allison says

    I would hazard a guess that she is about a week off her due date- which would make her due around Halloween. My guess is that she’ll go over her due date, being a first baby.

  2. Amy says

    I wonder if she will have a nanny to help her. I guess she is not like her sister if she plans on giving birth under the radar. Jessica would probably have her contractions on a ticker at the bottom of your tv screen.

  3. Molly Mae says

    It’s Vera’s website. If you don’t like what she posts, go to the ten gazillion other blogs that are out there.

  4. -Nena- says

    i think she’s adorable, but pregnancy did something not-so-good to her face! she’s looking more like her sister!!!

  5. Anonymous says


  6. LaurenLovesNick says

    She is due on Halloween. She still has a couple weeks left.
    “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die”

  7. dyinggiraffe says

    they don’t look like extensions to me. i think she has a really adorable style and she looks really pretty all the time. i’ve been jealous of her hair since her career kicked off 4 years ago.

  8. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    I am NOT a fan of her or her icky hubby- but she really looks beautiful in that first pic. WOW. I wish she would ditch the scraggly extensions, though. They are just awful. I’d love to see her on a makeover show, and see what could really shine through with another style.

    And Victoria, sounds like you have magical babies. Sleeping through after the first few weeks? Good for you, but that is not the case for most of us.

  9. Anonymous says

    Whatever. . . MOST babies don’t sleep through the night “after the first few weeks.”

  10. says

    Ashlee looks gorgeous pregnant, love her red hair too!
    I don’t agree that once the baby comes it (sleep) gets worse though, when the baby comes that’s the best time.
    Babies sleep through the night after the first few weeks anyway, or they do if you know how to help them sleep.

  11. HeatherCA says

    Such a pretty girl. I love her look and also love how she has maintained her own sense of fashion while being pregnant!

  12. Anonymous says

    I dont think she looks worn out. She looks like she doesnt want cameras in her face, being she is so pregnant.

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