Photos Of Halle Berry’s New Home

I had to share these pictures of Halle Berry’s new hoouse with you because it’s SO gorgeous.Check out her new home in Canada in the thumbnails. It just looks so peaceful and beautiful there, I can see why she would want to get away from Los Angeles for this!

But, there’s only one small thing…doesn’t this sort of look like the house in the most terrifying PG13 movie EVER, What Lies Beneath?That movie is traumatizing!




  1. says

    Certainly a really awesome house. Love the surroundings. So peaceful and tranquil. Just the ideal atmosphere for me. Thanks for the information Cheers

  2. says

    My dream is to have a house like that. What a view. Simply gorgeous. I love the lake. It’s so cool to have a place like that just outside a house. Really amazing. Thanks for sharing the information with us.

  3. says

    Such a lovely home! I’m sure her kids will love it there! It seems really relaxing and I bet it is a great place for her to bring up her kids. I guess all is well for Halle!

  4. Jeannified says

    Uhhh…this is NOT a good choice of house to buy, when you have such a little one. It is SO open, with places all over that the baby could crawl off of and get seriously hurt! What was she thinking?!

  5. acarroll says

    That is the first thing I thought of when I saw the pictures. The spaces on the railings for the stairs and the loft are to far apart and her lil one could fall through. I am sure they will pay to have it baby proofed. Because no matter how hard you watch a child they are quick and it only take 1 sec for an accident to happen.

  6. Booyah says

    This is a very popular lake style house in NH. I can assure you, they make babyproofers for all situations. We manage to have kids and live in homes like this, lakefront, etc. You can kidproof. When you have a home on water, generally they are as open as possible for the view is the decor.

  7. Anonymous says

    Oh my God this is the house next to one of my best friend !
    It’s not that expensive place to live, but so nice and quiet.

  8. Anonymous says

    i think the house is gorgeous. it looks so peaceful and quiet outside-that is my kind of house. also, i am sure they having somebody watching their baby 24/7. i really don’t think they would have purchased this home if they didn’t think it was safe for her. as the parents, i think they know better than anybody what is best for their child. just saying.