Celebrities Who Look Like Other Celebrities

A poster on ONTD thinks several celebrities look like one another and took the time out to compare photos side by side.I can see it… on most of them. Take a look and see which ones you think have a resemblance.

  • Alicia Keys and Jessica Alba
  • Rachel Griffith and Juliette Lewis
  • Lindsay Lohan and Madonna
  • John Mayer and Orlando Bloom
  • Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley
  • Jennifer Garner and Hilary Swank
  • Helen Hunt and Leleee Sobieski
  • Eva Pigford and Terrence Howard




  1. Bel says

    Keira and Natalie DEFINITELY look alike. I’ve mixed them up a couple of times, and once I saw a pic that was like half Keira and half Natalie, and I swear I could not tell the difference!
    Leelee and Helen look very similar. Like someone said, I’m surprised they’ve never been cast as mother and daughter!

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow, I’d be pretty p*ssed if someone compared me to a man. Yes, Helen and Leelee are twins, I’ve always thought that. The others, not so much…….they should have put the recent photo of Tom and Katie from behind, you can’t tell them apart.

  3. Anonymous says

    They are right on it! Esp Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley. I think Natalie is much more beautiful though.

  4. ottertri says

    Keira Knightley played the dressed up Queen Amidala in Phantom Menace when Natalie Portman was playing humble handmaiden (Padme?), and they’ve said that when they were in full Amidala makeup even their mothers couldn’t tell them apart.

  5. dyinggiraffe says

    i agree with all of them. while they aren’t all dead on, there’s definitely some similarities.

  6. Anonymous says

    common Sean Faris doesn’t look a little bit alike to James Lafferty Sean is waaaaaay too much handsome that James people say he looks like Tom Cruise when he was young but i think Sean is more handsome than Cruise!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    jennifer garner is so much prettier than hilary ‘teeth’ swank. i suppose she could be that attractive sister.

  8. Anonymous says

    How about James Brolin (Barbara Streisand’s man) and John O’Hurly (J. Peterman from Seinfeld)? I mix them up all the time.

  9. Anonymous says

    rachel mcadams and the actress who plays elizabeth on general hospital look a lot a like! i also have always thought that helen hunt and leelee look a like, they could be mother and daughter, ok, but but but, jennifer garner and hillary swank look NOTHING ALIKE, jennifer’s sooooo much prettier, and blake lively and kate hudson do not look alike, the same hair, but that’s it, this is a repsonse to one of the comments, kate hudsom as a child was seriously UUUUGGGGLLLLYYYYY, she actually resembled a fricking frog!!!! i’ve got a good one, david hasselholf and dan marino, former miami dolphins quarterback could be brothers. look that one up.

  10. Anonymous says

    3 lookalike sets I can think of: Stephen McHattie/Lance Hendrickson,
    Susan Sarandon/Leslie Ann Warren and Robert Downey/Jeff Morgan (aka the Comedian)

  11. Movie-watcher says

    I was watching ‘The Rookie’ (Dennis Quaid / Rachel Griffiths) a few weeks ago and noticed that not only does Rachel Griffiths resemble Helen Hunt in appearance, but her mannerisms, voice and facial expressions seem dead-on to those of Helen Hunt, in my opinion. They MUST be sisters. Go watch ‘The Rookie’ if you haven’t seen it in a while and you’ll see what I mean.

  12. Anonymous says

    Definitely agree, also in Time Traveler’s Wife in parts, and her interview segments in the special features… Really reminded me of Jennifer…

  13. Grandma says

    My Granddaughter looks exactly like Cameron Diaz….more so, than any of these stars that are supposed to look alike…can’t download a pik on here, or, I’d prove it…

  14. Anonymous says

    How about Mark Ruffalo and Hal Sparks ….. hahah or Jake Jylenhal and Toby McGuire? Anyone?

  15. Anonymous says

    A celebrity look alike that comes right from the top of my head is Simon Cowell/Charlie Sheen. Except for their hairstyles, they look so much a like. In fact, when I first saw Two and a Half Men, I almost thought that Simon Cowell had started doing sitcoms! Haha! But when I heard Charlie’s voice, I knew then that it couldn’t be Simon.

  16. Grandma says

    My Granddaughter looks EXACTLY like Cameron Diaz…more so than these stars who are supposed to look alike.. can’t download a pik on here, or I’d prove it…

  17. Anonymous says

    What about Jason Bateman & that guy from “Castle” Nathan Fillion? Those two could be twins!

  18. Anonymous says

    Okay I was looking on here because I was just watching spy kids. At the part where minion (tony shalhoub) took of his glasses I could have sworn he was hal sparks but I checked the credits and he wasnt. There are no hal sparks tony shalhoub look alike theories because they don’t really look that simmilar other than right then. So I was hoping it would be on here because it seems like you caught celebs at the right moments. Anyway if you want to see it its around 53 mins in the movie or you could probably look up a picture. Consider adding them to your post!

  19. Kris says

    I’ve actually mixed up Natalie and Kierea for a quick second a couple of times. Rachael and Juliette do look alike too!

  20. Riviera says

    Ok, so if they have the same hairstyle (Lindsay & Madonna) or happen to be wearing the same clothing (John Mayer and Orlando Bloom) they’re automatically look alikes?? It’s SO ridiculous! They are far from looking alike. ONTD has too much time on their hands. Seriously.

  21. Linda123 says

    I agree that some of these pairs are called lookalikes just because they have the same hairstyle or clothes. Some do look like relatives because of facial features. Rachel Griffith and Juliette Lewis, Helen Hunt and Leleee Sobieski, and Eva Pigford and Terrence Howard look the most alike.

  22. Booyah says

    I have always said that about Leelee and Helen, that some producer hasn’t casted them as mother and daughter yet is beyond me. Maybe it makes Helen mad if she thinks they could still be up for the same role. What I have seen for recent pics on Helen though shows time is finally catching up with her a little bit. She doesn’t look bad, just older than her mad about you days.

  23. Anonymous says

    a lot of these are just based on these specific pics…(for example, alicia keys & jessica alba usually look nothing alike). but i have alwayss mixed up helen hunt and leelee sobieski!

  24. Grandma says

    My granddaughter looks JUST EXACTLY like Cameron Diaz…more so than these celebrity stars that are supposed to look alike…I cannot post a pic on here or I would prove it.