Dita Von Teese To Dress Up Like You And Me For Halloween

When asked what she was planning on doing for Halloween this year, Dita Von Teese admitted she was going to throw on a pair of jeans and some bronzer. Oh the humanity! Does that girl even own a pair? :)

The actress considers the look to be a costume considering she would never in her life be seen in jeans under normal circumstances.


"For Halloween, I’m going to look like a normal girl, put some bronzer on, some spray tan on and wear some jeans. People will ask me where my costume is! I would never do this in normal life, that’s why I’ll do it at Halloween. It’s a bit funny and people think I’m not wearing a costume but I really am."

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Brianne says

    I agree with Genevieve. I think she looks fantastic. she’s not conventionally beautiful but she OWNS what the universe has given her, and I have to respect that. Her look is HERS and only hers, how many other women really pull that off? She is classic and timeless, I love it!

  2. Shootingstar says

    That’s funny, because I was going to dress up as a 1950’s era whore for Halloween.

  3. Anonymous says

    The Univesrse has given her black color in a tube and red lipstick. Since then she has lost her mind.

  4. Anonymous says

    SHE IS A SEX WORKER. SHE IS A STRIPPER!!!!! IS THIS A website about stripper-celebs??!!

  5. Monica says

    ahahah good one. Yeah, she needs to get over herself big time. A “normal girl?” Then what is she? Does she think she’s above normal? Her look is so unappealing. What a w h o re.

  6. mymiddlefinger says

    That is THE SAME EXACT thought that popped into my head. Why do some people choose to talk incessantly to the media about the most mundane things?

  7. genevieve says

    I can’t help it. I think she’s perfect. I so envy her look. I mean, I don’t have an opinion on what she’s like personality wise, but her look is just gorgeous.

  8. Anonymous says

    Gorgeous? I guess if you find Jay Leno gorgeous. She looks like his sister. You could serve a whole meal on that gigantic face.