Pete Wentz Gushes About Ashlee Simpson

I really think of these two as one of the more stable couples in Hollywood.They’ve been together for a long time and they might be young, but they’re in love and making it work!Pete Wentz recently did an interview and he gushed over Ashlee Simpson and how much he loves her.

It’s funny
how things can change.
My wife has brought a balance to my life that I could
never have described to anyone.She’s the giant beam that I walk across and holds me up. But she’s also
my safety net in case I fall. Being married has changed my life more than I
could have imagined.

That’s so sweet!I can see why Ashlee is crazy about him.

Pete also talked about being ready to be a dad.

Yeah. I’m as ready as I can be. I’ve spoken to other dads, read the books and
taken the classes with Ashlee. I’m as ready as I can be.

I’m on standby at all times to go racing back if I need to. The band don’t
have a plan in case she goes into labour. All I know is that I’m going to be
in that labour room.

And on style:

Well, as I said before, the eye-liner has now gone. I do like to trim my
armpit hair though. I like to be streamline when I’m going through airports.
I couldn’t shave my head though. In my passport photo I look like I am
carrying a bomb.


I’m looking forward to the birth of their little one!Of course, I can’t wait to see pictures and find out the name…I live for this stuff. :)

Photos by Bauer Griffin.




  1. Anonymous says

    Vera, get a real job. If you live for shit like celebrity baby names, something is definitely missing in your sad, pathetic life.

  2. Anonymous says

    what’s with the retarded comment about the armpit hair…like anyone needs to know that..

  3. Anonymous says

    I have to admit, Pete and Ashlee each seem way less douchey now that they’re all settled down and in the family way. Warms my cold, black heart a bit.

  4. CapturingLife says

    I love these two. A Halloween baby would be awesome. :) She’s seriously one of my favorite people – she doesn’t take herself so seriously and just seems so fun. :)

  5. Sammy_xx says

    I saw Fall Out Boy last week. rarr. I just had to say that. I love these two together. They talk about how much they love each other but there not on the coverof OK ever other week talking about it and showing of.

  6. Anonymous says

    Nomore eyeliner? Boy what an achievement and a sure sign of readiness for fatherhood. lol