Michael Jackson And The Kids Have A Normal Halloween

Michael Jackson cannot go anywhere without getting MOBBED by A. the paparazzi and B. fans.That’s why I don’t really know why he decided to take his kids trick or treating… and why a day early?

Perhaps he is just having them walk around in masks because we all know he doesn’t like having their images in the press.

This family manages to stay calm during the storm though. In all the photos, Michael and his family look relaxed and like they’re having fun.I guess the kids are probably just used to all this by now. :)

Photo by Bauer Griffin.





  1. Anonymous says

    I’ve seen pics of him out with the kids before when they were wearing masks. I think he does it to hide their faces from paps.

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  4. Scotti says

    Actually if he is in Vegas (since he does own a house here) A LOT of people went out tonight in costume or just in mask even . I dont know why but in my haunted house about half the people actually were in costume that came through and it was like half their party would be and the other not.

  5. KLL says

    I feel a bit sad for his children. What if your dad was ridiculed by the rest of the world? That can’t be fun.

  6. Joey99 says

    Some neighborhoods do their trick-or-treating early. I have a friend in Michigan who’s kids already went out on Sunday!

  7. Anonymous says

    I don’t think they were trick or treating…he’s wearing the V for Vendetta mask. None of the three are carrying bags either…I think this IS their normal.

  8. Daniee says

    Yeah, lots of neighbourhoods do this a day or so early. I don’t blame him AT ALL for wanting to shelter his children from the press…..look at what the press did to him!!

  9. says

    If you were ever embarrassed by your parents Im sure that nothing which they did could top this. Imagine, you’re trick or treating and everyone things your dad is dressed as Whacko Jacko, except your dad really is Michael Jackson and its not a costume. Im sure years from now when his kids are teenagers drinking and acting out we won’t be critical of them like we were of paris and lindsay, we’ll say its to be expected- perfectly understandable, they had a traumatic childhood.

  10. Qbee says

    I didnt see anything in your comment that would
    show Michael is effecting the children adversely
    It is your hateful hurtful comments about their dad
    is what is going to hurt the children not their father.
    your comment says much about you and but nothing
    about MJ except that he is Michael Jackson – your
    opinions of Michael jackson are tainted by the craploids

    Those who know him and are close to him say
    he is an excellent father _ the kids are happy
    YOu are the one who is NOT .. oh well

  11. Anonymous123 says

    I doubt that they were trick and treating….not everyone will have candies ready or even have their pumpkins carved or have their house all decorated! I mean if kids came to my house early – I’d be a little ticked off and tell them they will need to come back on Friday if they want candy bars!!