Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson Don’t Have Name Picked Out

This makes total sense to me.I know some people have names picked out for their children since before they are even pregnant but Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are choosing to wait to meet their little one before they choose a a name for him or her.Pete says,

"I want to meet them first. My brother was almost a Duncan,
and he’s Andrew now. I think it might have ruined his life more if he
was a Duncan."

The name just needs to work whether the baby grows up to be a "a rock star or a senator."

As for how Ashlee is doing right now,

She’s "excited, she’s anxious…I think she wants it to be over. She just
wants to not be pregnant any more. She wants to have it because it’s,
like, a struggle to go up and down the stairs…going out in public’s

"She’s hot all the time," added Wentz. "She’s like ‘I wish I was in
Canada right now.’ Our room temperature is set to, like, 34 degrees.
It’s insane!"

Pete added that he’s "permanently on call," and that the birth could be "happen at any point now."

Let’s take guesses.Is this baby going to end up with a true celebrity name…like Zuma or Apple?Or do you think Pete and Ashlee will choose something more traditional?





  1. Anonymous says

    Why did he say “them”? They keep denying that it’s twins, but Pete has referred to the baby in the plural several times!

  2. Anonymous says

    They will go with a crazy celeb name. They seem like the crazy off the wall type to do that.

  3. Anonymous says

    God, Zuma is so feminine! I always forget that Gwen actually had another boy, everytime i read the name i think of the child as a girl. I hope they choose a sensible name.

  4. Janitza says

    I agree. It’s so cute that he’s so excited. Then again a lot of guys are the first time around. I think they’ll go for something normal, maybe spelled differently. I mean, she’s the zillionth Ashley I’ve heard of just the only ‘Ashlee.’

  5. Miss_M says

    I know! That’s what I thought as well. True celebrity name like Zuma or Apple? I would have rather said true silly name like Zuma or Apple. What next, Melon? or Pomegranate?

  6. Anonymous says

    You know, if she wants to be cold she could easily go to North Dakota. It doesn’t have to be Canada! Do people not know anything?

  7. lis says

    I see them picking a classic but not common name. As much as Ashlee and Pete get knocked over on the blogs…. I think Pete’s a pretty great guy. Ashlee too, but she’s usually fairly quiet in interviews.

  8. Rhonda says

    Me too lis. I love Pete and can never understand why people love to hate on him. Oh well, to each his own.

  9. Deemarie says

    I dont see them picking a common or traditional name…something more with some edge.

    Dee Marie.

  10. momster says

    I agree with Deemarie. If they want the name to work if their child grows up to be a senator, they will have to go with something a little more traditional than Zuma or Apple, but still with an edge….

  11. socheeky says

    I can relate to her. I feel like I’ve been preggo forever & I still have a few more weeks to go till I meet my new baby.
    I really think its cute that he seems to be so excited about this baby. It makes me happy that he’s being responsible. I wouldn’t have thought he would take a pregnancy so serious…seeing as there’s so many girls (& yes, there are) after him.

  12. Anonymous says

    My point that North Dakota is that it can get just as cold there as it can in Canada. We don’t live in Igloos despite what some may thnk!!!!

  13. Anonymous says

    Also, do you really think if you were eight months pregnant and lived in Canada there would be a difference in North Dakota? Think again.