Who Is This?

Does this photoshop team make house calls? Because I have a few shots that need taking care of as well.

Holy Merlin’s Magic Batman!

Here is Britney Spears in a new shoot to promote her next single, Circus. What do we think?




  1. Scorpion Princess says

    I don’t care how touched up it is, Britney is hot as hell and this pic is stunning.

  2. Anonymous says

    Agreed. She’s sold over 84 millions records worldwide. She doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone.

  3. Anonymous says

    I don’t know why the photoshopping is such a big deal. This is the Britney we’ve always known/seen. Its not like she’s suddenly trying to be something she’s not. In regards to the Beyonce comment earlier, I totally agree. I’ve noticed that she’s been trying to appear more “normal” and less over the top, but that’s not the Beyonce that we know. I love that Britney knows what works for her and doesn’t try to convince us that she’s “normal” or “edgy” or any of the gimmicks that other femal singers use. If its not broken why fix it?

  4. Anonymous says

    not many people need any proof. She is careless, reckless, narcissistic, shallow, spoiled, psychotic, made tons of money for herself and for the record producers singing stupid popsongs-a puppet, and should be under the care of her parents. I suppose your moral compass is hard on how much cash someone earns-this defines if they are worthy individuals or not in your book.

  5. Tiinnaaaa says

    I dont see what all the fuss is about. It’s not overtop, you can obviously see it’s her. ALL the celebs do it.

  6. saintdevil says

    No matter how much they photoshop her, for me the pics are always superimposed with Brit’s baldheaded umbrella-frenzy.
    Anyone who calls her “naturally” pretty must have low standards.

    They could at least try to leave her recognizable. Apart from her right eyebrow and her lips, there’s nothing left of her!

  7. Ella says

    I love this new cover. I don’t think the cover has photoshopped her face per se. If anything it seems like the “blurry” film to cover little imperfections.

    As for her face/body, I’m not seeing anything changed. It looks like Britney!

  8. Linda123 says

    This photo has a really cheesey look to it, unprofessional. It reminds me of those mall glamour shots people get. They pick out a theme (cowgirl, ballerina, etc) and this is what you get.

  9. sweet kiddo says

    they slim down her nose a bit , plump up her lips a tad and gave her Farrah fawcett hait but other than that ‘s exactly her …..

  10. xy mom says

    I think it’s Heidi Montag’s hair pasted on an over-photoshopped photo of Brit Brit. If it wasn’t for the eyes you couldn’t even tell who it was.

  11. Jen.number2 says

    See I think it looks like a painting kinda, where they take your photo and turn it into a painting.

  12. Anonymous says

    No this comment only proves that YOU are a shallow person who is so quick to judge a person that they’ve never even met before. That’s very sad that we live in a world filled with people with so much hate for people that they don’t even know.

  13. far says

    okkk. farrah fawcett hair.

    erm but what bothers me most is……. that thing under her chin….some feathery thing. take THAT out please, it’s hurting my eyes.

  14. Anonymous says

    but she made a good point that just because she has sold a lot of albums does not mean anything. and it’s true that she does write crappy little pop songs that are pumped out to the masses. she is not a real artist like Annie Lenox or something. she’s just a pretty girl puppet that exploits her sexuality and doesn’t have a message or motive other than fame and popularity and attention.

  15. Anonymous says

    Lol.. i think she just looks like the same “hit me baby one more time girl” took alot of photo shopping to get there but same chick..

  16. candyqueen says

    she looks like brit what are you people on about.
    yeah so they’ve tidied it up a bit or the effect is meant to be dream like blurry- giv her a break the girl can do no wrong in my book, she’s inspiration to us all.. even if you choose to ignore that..
    sure she doesnt look all burnt out at both ends.. and you people complain? c’mon..
    ………………with kisses from the CandyQueen

  17. Anonymous says

    Seriously, what singer DOESN’T photoshop the hell out of the pictures in their album. Just look at the Beyonce pictures that were posted some time ago. Anyways, Britney looks HOT on this cover, and seeing how AMAZING and un-photoshopped she looked at the VMA’s I really don’t think it’s TOO photoshopped. Obviously it is, but still they could’ve REALLY done something to her. Anyways back on topic, it’s a hot picture regardless of the “help”.

  18. exposition says

    Bahahhaha, it looks like one of those old record covers everyone makes fun of these days.

  19. ito says

    actually…i think that cover of her head photoshopped on tyra’s legs looked better than this!

  20. dyinggiraffe says

    OMG someone airbrushed an album cover!!!!! i, for one, think this is a great album cover.