Carmen Electra Is In No Rush To Get Married

Carmen Electra is in no rush to get married to her fiance Rob Patterson.He proposed this April and people keep asking when she’ll be walking down the aisle, but she wants to take her time with this relationship.

"That’s the thing this time – we’re going to avoid everyone else’s
pressure and go at our own pace. It’s funny, everyone else puts so much
pressure, (asking), ‘When are you getting married?’ "Right now, we’re
just taking things really slow."

Really, what is considered a reasonable amount of time to be engaged?When you say yes after he pops the question, people generally assume that’s because you two want to get married soon.But, I do know people who got engaged and then waited years to get married!




  1. felicity79 says

    Me and my husband dated for 3 yrs before we got engaged, and was engaged for 4 yrs before we got married. We have been married a little over 4 yrs now. We have always taken our time with things and done them when we were truly ready, and tried not to let people pressure us. We are getting lots of pressure now to have a child, but we will do it on our own time. It took us altogether 7 yrs just to get married, so I’m thinkin it will be another 7 before we start having kids. You go Carmen, there isn’t anything wrong with taking things slow!!
    She’s so pretty, btw, love her!

  2. Anonymous says

    so true. there’s so much pressure into getting married if a couple has been together for a while. my bf and i have been together for almost 8 years now. yes we plan on getting married but when we’re all settled down (and have the money). we’re high school sweet hearts so we went to college together and all. we wanted to focus on our careers and see what happened. everything worked out fine. now friends and family pressure us. a few understand….the ones that are not married lol. then i have some ppl that say that those who last a long time as bf/gf, don’t last long in their marriage. i just roll my eyes cuz it really just depends on the couple. as long as we’re happy that’s what counts for me :)

  3. Anonymous says

    again, celebrity on marriage. Carmen should have never married in a first place. Everytime she decides to marry a freak, who cannot even be qualifies to marry in a first place. Did that transvestite or make wearing freak qualify to be called husbands?? Carmen is damaged goods and no man should even be remotely interested in having serious relationship with her. She is for one night stands.

  4. Anonymous says

    I say go at your own pace. People can be so pushy when it comes to getting engaged, getting married, having a kid, having a second baby, etc. It never ends. Misery loves company, I guess.

  5. Anonymous says

    Personally, I think it’s rather weird to be engaged for a really long time. What’s the point? I can understand taking things slow but jeez. You’re engaged. Engaged means “hey we’re gonna get married soon!” not, hey we might get married some time in the future. That is what being in an exclusive relationship is all about.

  6. Anonymous says

    My fiance and I have been engaged for over a year and aren’t getting engaged until 2010. It’s not like we sat down and thought “Hey, let’s have a three year engagement” but I am in Grad school right now and would rather not be in debt 20 grand for the wedding that we want. I don’t think people intentionally decide to be engaged for a long time, but sometimes looking at your financial situation and where you are in life, a long engagement is inevitable. Does this change our intentions? No, we have a date, location and everything picked out, it just happens not to be for 2 years for financial reasons.