Hayden Panettiere At The Alfred Mann Foundation Gala

19 year old Hayden Panettiere looked gorgeous as she arrived to the 5th Annual Alfred Mann Foundation Gala in Los Angeles last night. Hayden certainly has a great sense of style though there are quite a few people who think she dresses too old.

I also find Hayden as someone who really pulls off red lipstick. I’m curious what you think of this particular look?

Photos by WENN





  1. Anonymous says

    that girl in white dress looks like she had her whole face redone. Kinda reminds me of a woman that I know who is 28 and already had 3 nose surgeries, lip augmentation, and botox overload likes to get on high society magazines in San Francisco and pretend that she is a part of high society. Should I mention her husband narrowly escaped deportation by ratting everybody in a drug deal case?

  2. Anonymous says

    She really should change her pose. Her body would look better. Now she’s hiding her waist and looking awkward.

    I do like her

  3. Riley says

    she looks great in this dress and she is very beautiful GO Hayden!

    Anonymous123: LINDSAY LOHAN and BRITNEY SPEARS r not trashy!!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    she dresses like she is 40 and always looks silly to me … beautiful dress, but come on, you’re like 18

  5. Em says

    she does dress way too old. she seems very mature for her age. almost disapproving of being young. hell, im older than her and im on the floor laughing if somebody farts.

  6. Anonymous says

    Gosh…she looks old! Its funny how, when we are young we try so hard to look older and yet, when we get old ,we try so hard to look younger…go figure.

  7. katgib13 says

    Two things I love about Hayden…1. She doesn’t let it all hang out and 2. She isn’t stick thin and scary skinny.. She’s fit and healthy.

    I love her dress.

  8. Anonymous123 says

    that dress is so much better than the last one she wore!! I don’t think she look that old, but she’s definitely more sophisticated then the average 19 year old – nothing wrong with that…now if she was 14 looking like that – that’s a different story. I think she’s beautiful the way she is. She is a classic beauty not trashy like Lindsay Lohan or Britney!!

  9. Nanea says

    Someone should tell her stylist how to apply age-appropriate makeup. She looks again like she’s at least 30.

  10. Anonymous says

    She does look well put together but if at 19 she looks almost 30, I wonder how she will look at 30 without the help of Botox. Why are these people are so in a hurry to look like they have been around.