Christina Applegate On The Set Of “Samantha Who?”

Christina Applegate looked adorable as she filmed a few scenes for her show, "Samantha Who?" in Los Angeles yesterday. I’ve caught a few episodes and thought it was rather funny.

I’ve liked Christina since, "Married With Children" and LOVED her in, "Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead". :) Anyone else a fan of her show?

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Robin says

    I love her. I also really love Samatha Who. She has great comic timing and the whole cast is great.

  2. Synthia says

    I agree loveshine1 she always wears the cutest clothes on that show! I wish I had about half of those outfits myself in my closet! I have curly hair and I love her hair so much I have been thinking of trying her style myself. It has been a couple of years since I have tried it like that, but I’m tired of the same old flat iron hair style.

  3. Amandine says

    She’s just so cute and seems really genuine. I’m totally admirative about her breast cancer fight. And Samantha Who is freaking funny!

  4. Athena says

    I love Christina and I LOVE Samantha Who. The cast is well put together and her clothes are amazing. Maybe you should start doing some Samantha Who Look of the Day.

  5. Anonymous says

    I love her and Samantha Who…

    and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead is one of my all time favorites!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    She looks amazing. She looks even more amazing knowing what she has physically been thru. Wow. I hope I am that strong and can bounce back if I ever have to face what she has. Wow. “Go girl” She still has it! I am just amazed. How wonderful for her. :)

  7. JaeBizzle says

    “IM RIGHT ON TOP OF THAT ROSE!” Haha I say that to my boss when he makes me mad…I actually started watching this show cuz Blockbuster accidentally shipped the first season and I must say…IM GLAD THEY DID! this show is awesome…

  8. Anonymous says

    We all love Samantha Who? & especially her clothing! Where the heck did they dress her from? I cannot seem to find that info anywhere! That search got me here! : ) any ideas?

  9. says

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  10. Gigglezgurl says

    Does anyone know on her show “Samantha Who” What kind of clothing lines she is wearing??

  11. loveshine1 says

    I think she’s so cute. I love her show – and she always wears the cutest clothes!

  12. darce80 says

    Yes, I love her show! I look forward to it every week. I love the whole cast, but she is the highlight!

  13. Ashes22 says

    I love the movie “Don’t tell mom the babysittters dead”! I thought i was the only one! And Christina is a great actress, I love her, but I’ve never gotten a chance to watch the show.

  14. sh says

    love samantha who?!
    i first saw her in ‘dont tell mom the baby sitter’s dead’.
    then i saw her in married with children…

  15. Anonymous says

    I love how she does her hair for that show. I have tried to make my hair just as perfect as that. Do you have her hair care secrets in your archive anywhere?? LOL

  16. bflogurl says

    LOVED “Don’t tell Mom the babysitters dead”….. Actually so much so that we used “I Only have Eyes for You” as our wedding song =)

  17. kam0520 says

    I’ve loved her since Married With Children, but I’ve actually never seen Samantha Who?. I did see Christina on Oprah a few weeks ago talking about her recent battle with breast cancer, and I must say, it gave me so much more respect for her. She’s such an inspiration (as are all survivors) especially to be so open about it, the interview was very touching and just made me love her all over again! :)